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    Penei Sewell Rumors: Could he fall out of the top 10 in the 2021 NFL Draft?

    With the completion of the Oregon Ducks Pro Day yesterday afternoon, every potential 2021 NFL Draft first-round prospect healthy enough to participate in a pro day has done so. Now, the rumors are swirling around where offensive tackle Penei Sewell, one of the draft’s highest-rated prospects, ends up in the first round of the NFL Draft.

    Penei Sewell grades highly, but could he fall on draft day?

    Outside of a few exceptions, Penei Sewell is graded as a top-five player moving towards the Draft. He’s presently listed as the third overall prospect on my big board here at Pro Football Network. Yet, due to no fault of his own, Sewell could potentially drop out of the top 10.

    With five quarterbacks likely to be crammed into the draft’s initial 10 selections, along with three wide receivers, potentially one cornerback, and tight end Kyle Pitts, Sewell could be the odd man out. As foolish as this would be, in my opinion, it is a possibility that must be accepted.

    Which teams are in consideration to draft Sewell next month?

    So where could the top-rated left tackle fall? After speaking with people in Eugene for the Oregon Pro Day, here is what I gathered as of Friday evening.

    The belief is that quarterbacks are likely to go 1-2-3-4 in the draft. If the Falcons don’t take a signal-caller with the fourth pick, they are expected to select Pitts. Hence, we begin at No. 5 overall, the Cincinnati Bengals.

    5) Cincinnati Bengals

    Leaving today’s workout, most felt that the Bengals would ultimately draft Sewell. They were happy with what they saw today, especially offensive line coach Frank Pollack, who coached Sewell during position drills.

    Sewell also fills the void of protecting the team’s franchise quarterback, Joe Burrow, who’s coming off a severe knee injury. However, what if the Bengals pass on Sewell and take a pass catcher such as Ja’Marr Chase?

    6) Miami Dolphins

    It is doubtful the Dolphins draft Sewell. If they surprise everyone and take Sewell, a source at the workout told me the belief is Miami would move Austin Jackson, their second pick in Round 1 last April, to right tackle and keep Sewell on the left side.

    7) Detroit Lions

    If Sewell and Ja’Marr Chase are available, Chase would likely be the choice. If it’s just Sewell, the scales lean in his favor as Detroit’s selection.

    8) Carolina Panthers

    The Panthers want a quarterback, but if the options aren’t there, Sewell would be hard to pass up if available.

    9) Denver Broncos

    This was the only hard “no” I received on Sewell. Garett Bolles has finally lived up to expectations, and Ja’Wuan James returns after he opted out of the 2021 season.

    10) Dallas Cowboys

    I was told bluntly, “The Cowboys will take Sewell if their cornerback is not available.”

    11) New York Giants

    This was another hard “yes” on drafting Sewell. There was no speculation on where he would line up as the Giants selected Andrew Thomas with the fourth pick last April.

    12) Philadelphia Eagles

    There was no definite yes or no at this spot but the feeling today is the Eagles would consider Sewell due to Andre Dillard’s inability to stay healthy and live up to expectations.

    13) Los Angeles Chargers

    I was told the Chargers would be overjoyed if Sewell falls into their laps, no surprise there.

    Things can and will change over the next three and a half weeks, but it is interesting to see how much speculation there has been over where one of the draft’s best prospects could land.

    Austin Faoliu and Jordan Scott also participate in the Oregon Pro Day

    Two of Sewell’s teammates, defensive linemen Austin Faoliu and Jordan Scott, could not participate on Friday due to leg issues. Faoliu badly pulled a hamstring last week and won’t be ready to go for at least a month. Therefore, he won’t train before the draft.

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    Scott suffered a calf strain a few weeks ago and hasn’t been cleared to sprint. He is planning to work out on April 20 in Naples, Florida, where he’s been training.

    Both players are graded as late-round picks on my board.

    Want more 2021 NFL Draft rumors and prospect news beyond Sewell?

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