NFL Week 11 Predictions From Pro Football Network: AFC East Clashes and Heavyweight Bout Between the Eagles and Chiefs

The PFN NFL Week 11 predictions don't diverge much, but that doesn't mean the slate lacks pizazz. There are interesting matchups in each window.

The Week 10 slate provided us with ample entertainment. In fact, 11 of the 14 games were within one score. The PFN NFL Week 11 predictions do not diverge much, but there are a few incredibly interesting matchups throughout the week’s card.

Pro Football Network’s Week 11 NFL Predictions

How did the selection committee fair in Week 10, and who is the new leader in the clubhouse throughout the season?

Year to Date

  • Dallas Robinson: 98-52
  • Dalton Miller: 95-55
  • David Bearman: 92-58
  • Adam Beasley: 90-60
  • Jay Morrison: 87-63

Last Week

  • Robinson: 10-4
  • Morrison: 9-5
  • Bearman: 8-6
  • Beasley: 8-6
  • Miller: 7-7

Remember, these predictions are simply deciding between winners and losers. There are no point spreads here. For that, head over to our Week 11 betting predictions.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

  • Beasley: Ravens
  • Bearman: Ravens
  • Miller: Ravens
  • Morrison: Ravens
  • Robinson: Ravens

Joe Burrow and the Bengals’ offense haven’t found much success against Mike Macdonald’s defense. Although they’ve gone 2-2 in their previous four games, it hasn’t been because of outstanding offensive output.

The Ravens’ defense gives Burrow a lot to deal with on obvious passing downs, and have found success in those situations.

The Bengals are also 1-25 in night games on the road, which paints an ugly picture of Cincinnati’s chances against the Ravens on the road in a short time frame.

Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

  • Beasley: Cowboys
  • Bearman: Cowboys
  • Miller: Cowboys
  • Morrison: Cowboys
  • Robinson: Cowboys

This game has “bloodbath” possibility in it. The Cowboys’ pass rush is dangerous, and the Panthers’ offensive line has been less than stellar in 2023. Dallas’ cornerbacks are talented, and Carolina’s wide receivers lack separation ability.

Additionally, the Cowboys’ offense has been on an absolute tear since their bye week. Only the Eagles’ offense has been more efficient, and they’ve only played two games in that stretch compared to Dallas’ three.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

  • Beasley: Steelers
  • Bearman: Browns
  • Miller: Steelers
  • Morrison: Browns
  • Robinson: Browns

Losing Deshaun Watson for the season after he opted for season-ending shoulder surgery is a tough blow, but the best long-term decision for himself and the franchise, given his age and the money Cleveland has sunk into his contract.

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The Steelers aren’t impressive on offense, but a Dorian Thompson-Robinson-led Browns offense might be even less impressive. Cleveland’s defense, much like the Jets, will keep them in most games, but the Steelers are professionals at winning ugly games.

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

  • Beasley: Lions
  • Bearman: Lions
  • Miller: Lions
  • Morrison: Lions
  • Robinson: Lions

The Lions are coming off an exciting win against the Chargers. Defense was optional in that matchup, and it might be against the Bears. Although Detroit is the superior team, the return of Justin Fields throws a wrench in things for the Lions defensively.

Detroit struggled against the Lamar Jackson-led Ravens offense, and Fields’ is a similarly talented runner. The Bears’ offensive line isn’t as talented, and the offense isn’t structured as well, but if they can protect for Fields, Chicago could compete in a shootout.

Los Angeles Chargers at Green Bay Packers

  • Beasley: Chargers
  • Bearman: Chargers
  • Miller: Chargers
  • Morrison: Chargers
  • Robinson: Chargers

The Chargers are in a weird spot because this was supposed to be the year that they took the leap. However, they’re closer — much closer — to finishing with the worst record in their division than competing for a playoff spot at the moment.

The Packers have had an up-and-down year, which should be expected with their unbelievably young offense. Although young, there’s also no denying that the offense is talented, and they’ve proved it on a few occasions. Considering the Chargers’ defense often shows it has more leaks than a soda can that’s taken 20 shots from a BB gun, this game could be interesting.

L.A. absolutely needs their pass rush to get home. The problem is that Green Bay’s offensive line is coming off a stellar performance against T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith, so that could be a tall task.

Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans

  • Beasley: Texans
  • Bearman: Texans
  • Miller: Texans
  • Morrison: Cardinals
  • Robinson: Texans

Kyler Murray won his first start back against the Atlanta Falcons. He was far from perfect, but his presence helped push Arizona past Atlanta in a close game.

However, Houston’s offense will present an entirely new problem, and it will take a nearly perfect game from Murray if C.J. Stroud and the Texans’ offense shows up like they have been.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Beasley: Jaguars
  • Bearman: Jaguars
  • Miller: Jaguars
  • Morrison: Jaguars
  • Robinson: Jaguars

As TicTacTitans said on X (formerly Twitter), the Titans have to collect all seven Dragon Balls and hope that Mercury is in retrograde. Tennessee’s offensive line is a tragedy, and Will Levis looks like a rookie who is taking his lumps.

But Jacksonville needs to figure out their own offensive woes. If they can’t, this game could remain much closer than it probably should. And anything can happen late in a close game.

Las Vegas Raiders at Miami Dolphins

  • Beasley: Dolphins
  • Bearman: Dolphins
  • Miller: Dolphins
  • Morrison: Dolphins
  • Robinson: Dolphins

The Raiders have won consecutive games since firing Josh McDaniels, but that trend likely ends here. The Dolphins’ defense is improving, and their roster is getting healthier for the back stretch of the schedule.

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Las Vegas feasted on a horrific Giants roster and outlasted an impossibly bad Jets offense. Miami’s offensive speed will be the most difficult test they’ve faced yet.

New York Giants at Washington Commanders

  • Beasley: Commanders
  • Bearman: Commanders
  • Miller: Commanders
  • Morrison: Commanders
  • Robinson: Commanders

The Commanders are far from the best team in the NFL, but the Giants are probably the worst, at least while starting Tommy DeVito behind that offensive line.

Sam Howell is figuring things out as he goes. Although Washington lost against the Giants last time around, Howell hasn’t been taking nearly as many sacks, and he’s done well to avoid devastating mistakes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco 49ers

  • Beasley: 49ers
  • Bearman: 49ers
  • Miller: 49ers
  • Morrison: 49ers
  • Robinson: 49ers

The 49ers trounced the Jaguars a week ago. Their new-look pass rush brings their defense back to a point where they feel comfortable sending four rushers at the quarterback and playing coverage behind them. Meanwhile, San Francisco’s offense toyed with a Jacksonville defense that was ranked inside of the top five in efficiency before the game.

Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers can compete, but they haven’t been particularly consistent defensively in 2023.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

  • Beasley: Bills
  • Bearman: Bills
  • Miller: Bills
  • Morrison: Bills
  • Robinson: Bills

Even when the Bills were healthy, they lost to the Jets in Week 1. Buffalo’s defense has crumbled due to injuries, and their offense has underperformed over the last few weeks.

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The Jets’ defense is incredible and will likely make things difficult for the Bills’ passing attack. But if Buffalo wants to remain in the AFC playoff picture, they absolutely must win this football game.

Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams

  • Beasley: Seahawks
  • Bearman: Seahawks
  • Miller: Seahawks
  • Morrison: Seahawks
  • Robinson: Rams

Matthew Stafford looks poised to return in Week 11, making this matchup more interesting unless you were hoping to see Carson Wentz take live snaps.

Seattle hasn’t played well recently, and if that current form continues, they’ll likely lose to the Stafford-led Rams. In fact, they’ve already been down this road once in Week 1. But at some point, they’ll prove whether they can legitimately compete in the NFC West or if they’re pretenders.

Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos

  • Beasley: Vikings
  • Bearman: Vikings
  • Miller: Vikings
  • Morrison: Vikings
  • Robinson: Vikings

Two weeks ago, this matchup looked as dull as a shattered ring light, but each organization has been revitalized in that time. The Broncos have won three straight, and Joshua Dobbs has made the Vikings look legitimately impressive.

Denver’s defense has seemingly completed a full 180. Pat Surtain II locked up Stefon Diggs a week ago, and Russell Wilson has played much better this season than last.

Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs

  • Beasley: Chiefs
  • Bearman: Eagles
  • Miller: Chiefs
  • Morrison: Eagles
  • Robinson: Eagles

The top of the AFC meets the top of the NFC in a Super Bowl rematch. With both teams coming off a bye week, this is the perfect game. They’ve each had multiple weeks to prepare, just as they did heading into the big game last year.

Although the Chiefs rarely lose at all, Andy Reid has been particularly successful coming out of the bye. He’s won 87.1% of games in that situation.

It will be fascinating to see if Kansas City can take advantage of Philadelphia’s defensive weaknesses and if the Chiefs’ defense can find an answer for A.J. Brown, Jalen Hurts, and the “Brotherly Shove.”

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