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    NFL Team Travel Totals: Who Travels the Most and Least During the 2023 NFL Season?

    With the international schedule set, we now know how much each team is traveling this season. Who travels the most, and who travels the least?

    A perhaps underweighted factor in schedule fairness is team travel distance. Now that the NFL has revealed the full slate of international games, we know how far each team is traveling during the 2023 season. So, which teams are spending a lot of time in the air? And which teams lucked out with more games close to home?

    Which Team Travels the Most in 2023?

    Adam Schefter tweeted out a chart displaying each of the 32 NFL teams’ total expected distance traveled for the 2023 season. The Seattle Seahawks will be racking up the most frequent flyer miles, traveling a total distance of 31,600 miles.

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    The Seahawks will be traveling just over 1,600 miles more than the No. 2 team, the San Francisco 49ers.

    Rounding out the top five are the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams, and Los Angeles Chargers.

    Which Team Travels the Least in 2023?

    On the other side, we have the fortunate teams that won’t have to travel as much. The Cincinnati Bengals won the scheduled travel lottery. They will travel a mere 11,942 miles. That’s nearly 20,000 miles fewer than the Seahawks.

    The travel gods also smiled favorably on the Green Bay Packers. They are only traveling 14 miles more than the Bengals.

    Rounding out the bottom five are the Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers, and Minnesota Vikings.

    Full List of Team Travel Totals

    • Seattle Seahawks: 31,600 miles, 36 time zones
    • San Francisco 49ers: 29,958 miles, 36 time zones
    • Miami Dolphins: 27,110 miles, 18 time zones
    • Los Angeles Rams: 26,332 miles, 34 time zones
    • Los Angeles Chargers: 26,102 miles, 30 time zones
    • Baltimore Ravens: 25,442 miles, 28 time zones
    • Arizona Cardinals: 25,126 miles, 26 time zones
    • Kansas City Chiefs: 24,156 miles, 30 time zones
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 23,746 miles, 26 time zones
    • New England Patriots: 23,299 miles, 26 time zones
    • Dallas Cowboys: 22,260 miles, 22 time zones
    • New York Giants: 22,614 miles, 20 time zones
    • Las Vegas Raiders: 21,546 miles, 34 time zones
    • Denver Broncos: 19,930 miles, 32 time zones
    • Buffalo Bills: 19,028 miles, 18 time zones
    • Atlanta Falcons: 18,228 miles, 22 time zones
    • Philadelphia Eagles: 17,549 miles, 16 time zones
    • Washington Commanders: 17,498 miles, 18 time zones
    • Tennessee Titans: 17,022 miles, 24 time zones
    • Jacksonville Jaguars: 16,854 miles, 16 time zones
    • Pittsburgh Steelers: 16,525 miles, 20 time zones
    • Indianapolis Colts: 16,403 miles, 16 time zones
    • Houston Texans: 15,262 miles, 14 time zones
    • Cleveland Browns: 14,792 miles, 18 time zones
    • New Orleans Saints: 14,490 miles, 14 time zones
    • New York Jets: 14,282 miles, 12 time zones
    • Detroit Lions: 13,923 miles, 8 time zones
    • Minnesota Vikings: 13,226 miles, 16 time zones
    • Carolina Panthers: 12,357 miles, 12 time zones
    • Chicago Bears: 12,253 miles, 12 time zones
    • Green Bay Packers: 11,956 miles, 16 time zones
    • Cincinnati Bengals: 11,942 miles, 12 time zones

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