NFL Strength of Schedule 2022: Eagles have easiest schedule, Chiefs and Rams are among the hardest

What are the NFL strength of schedule rankings for 2022 based on the currently projected win totals released by the sportsbooks?

The NFL strength of schedule (SOS) rankings for 2022 are certainly intriguing. SOS can make a huge difference for NFL teams in terms of making the playoffs or earning a first-round bye. Let’s take a look through the full 2022 SOS rankings for all 32 NFL teams.

2022 NFL Strength of Schedule Rankings

There are a number of ways to look at a team’s strength of schedule in any given season. Using last year’s results is a method deployed by many. However, utilizing projected win totals for the 2022 season is a far more accurate measure regarding the expected strength of opposition.

Of course, that all changes once teams take the field, and some of those projections are thrown out. Something else to consider is the potential travel schedules for each team. A difficult travel itinerary can turn even the most manageable schedule into a slog. Meanwhile, a light travel schedule can be a massive boost to a team, especially when fatigue sets in late in the season.

NFL SOS Rankings 2022 | 21-32

32) Philadelphia Eagles
31) Indianapolis Colts
30) New York Giants
T28) Washington Commanders
T28) Detroit Lions
27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
26) Jacksonville Jaguars
T24) Chicago Bears
T24) Cleveland Browns
T22) Baltimore Ravens
T22) Seattle Seahawks
21) Denver Broncos

The NFC East appears to have no excuses this season. Three of the four easiest schedules this year belong to teams from that division. Dallas Cowboys fans look away now because it is all three of their rivals that benefit. If the Cowboys stumble, the Giants, Commanders, and Eagles could all find their way into contention for the division with a relatively simple schedule.

The Buccaneers sitting at 27 is absolutely fascinating. The Super Bowl LIV champions do not need much help with Tom Brady back under center in 2022. However, the sixth-easiest projected schedule (the projected easiest in the division) gives them a huge chance to clinch the No. 1 seed in the NFC. The Seahawks are worth a note. While their schedule looks simple based on projections, they will travel a league-high 29,466 miles and change time zones 34 times.

2022 SOS Rankings 2022 | 11-20

20) Dallas Cowboys
19) Minnesota Vikings
18) New Orleans Saints
17) Carolina Panthers
16) Green Bay Packers
15) Los Angeles Chargers
14) Miami Dolphins
13) Buffalo Bills
12) Tennessee Titans
11) Atlanta Falcons

This set of 10 teams is intriguing because it splits in half based on AFC and NFC. After the offseason we just witnessed, the AFC is looking tough. That is reflected in all five teams between 11 and 15 being from the AFC. It also makes it 12 AFC teams in the top 15, demonstrating how strong the sportsbooks view the AFC.

The two teams that stand out in the AFC are the Cowboys and Packers. The Cowboys’ schedule looks beneficial at 20th overall based on projections, and if they have a strong season, that gives them a shot at a high playoff seed. However, we already touched on three other AFC East teams below them. The Packers have a huge bonus in ranking with easier schedules than the 49ers and Rams, but the Buccaneers’ easier schedule balances that out significantly.

Strength of Schedule Rankings 2022 | 1-10

10) San Francisco 49ers
9) Houston Texans
8) Cincinnati Bengals
7) New England Patriots
T5) Las Vegas Raiders
T5) Arizona Cardinals
4) New York Jets
3) Los Angeles Rams
2) Pittsburgh Steelers 
1) Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs and Rams certainly have a tough task ahead of them this year. Two of the last three Super Bowl champions have two of the three projected toughest schedules in 2022. However, the quality of both teams means that you would not count against them.

The Steelers schedule certainly looks tough when it comes to projected win totals. However, the travel situation is somewhat going to change that. The Steelers have the lowest travel distance in the league and do not play outside of the Eastern time zone once in the 2022 NFL regular season.

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