Is Jimmy Garoppolo in a Relationship? Closer Look at the Las Vegas QB’s Dating Life

    Is Jimmy Garoppolo in a relationship? Let's take a closer look at the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback's dating history ahead of Monday Night Football.

    Is Jimmy Garoppolo in a relationship? Inquiring minds want to know, and the answer isn’t so crystal clear. The NFL veteran is currently in his first season with the Las Vegas Raiders after an extended stay with the San Francisco 49ers and being drafted by the New England Patriots.

    While Jimmy G has not secured the ultimate prize of winning the Super Bowl as a starting quarterback, he has enjoyed a successful career, especially regarding his wallet. Garoppolo has made over $55 million in his career thus far and has done well on and off the field.

    However, as many fans he has for his on-field play, there seems to be a very large group of people interested in the quarterback off the field as well.

    Let’s take a closer look at Jimmy G and see if there are thousands of disappointed fans who hope to be the lucky person to date him or if he is still a free agent in the dating world.

    Is Jimmy Garoppolo Single?

    While one would think that in today’s day and age of social media — and the amount of attention a situation like Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift attracts — it would be easy to figure out whether a starting quarterback in the NFL is in a relationship or not. However, despite Garoppolo’s claims that he is currently not involved in any relationship and is allegedly single as of now, the world doesn’t know if that is actually true.

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    Over his time in the spotlight, Jimmy G has been rumored to have been involved with a few different women but has always denied or brushed off questions regarding his personal life. Garoppolo hasn’t tweeted anything since 2019, and he doesn’t post much on Instagram except for 49ers content and advertisements

    Understandably, he prefers to have a private lifestyle and has stated that he does not like his private matters to be a hot topic in the news.

    Who Is Garoppolo’s Latest Rumored Girlfriend?

    While he contends he is no longer dating anyone, the latest known name he had been linked to was back in 2017 during his time with the Patriots. At that time, Garoppolo was rumored to be with Alexandra King, a college student he had met while in Massachusetts.

    While it appears that the relationship is in the past, it just speaks to the privacy and quiet nature that Jimmy G chooses to live his life and that there has been virtually nothing to speak of in this area since then.

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