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Ezekiel Elliott possible holdout and Melvin Gordon (Nosebleed Seats Podcast)

Ezekiel Elliott
Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA-today-sports

Cowboys Conversation 

Ezekiel Elliott has been a dominant back in the league since he came out of Ohio State. With his rookie deal expiring soon, will Zeke hold out of training camp in hopes of a new contract? Zeke is deserving of a new contract from his on the field production. However, the issue resides in his off the field antics.


The pros of offering Ezekiel Elliott a new contract would be the pure fact that the Dallas Cowboys drafted Zeke with the number four overall pick in his draft and his on the field dominance. Since entering the league in 2016, Zeke has led the league in rushing two out of his three years. The only year, his sophomore season, in which he didn’t get over one thousand yards was his suspension season where he played in only ten games. Even in that season, he rushed for 983 yards and seven touchdowns.


Off of the field, history is now kind to Ezekiel Elliott. Although he is an elite back on the ground, he isn’t as elite off it. His off the field antics led to his first suspension in 2017, and if Zeke is not careful, he could soon get another one. No one can deny his talent on the field, and I’m (Kai’Chien Chisholm), not afraid to say he could become a future HOF.

NFL Housekeeping 

Diving into some minor NFL news from this week. Grady Jarrett is expecting a new deal, Robie Gould got a new contract, and Melvin Gordon asked the Los Angeles Chargers to put up or shut up with his deal.

Melvin Gordon

Unlike Ezekiel Elliott, it isn’t a 100% certainty that Melvin Gordon deserves a new deal. To compare the two running backs careers thus far, Gordon has rushed for 28 touchdowns and 3628 yards in his four NFL seasons. While Zeke has rushed for 4048 yards and 28 touchdowns in his three NFL seasons.  Zeke has played in 40 NFL games (including his suspension), and Gordon has played in 55 career NFL games. Zeke also has 309 rushing yards and two touchdowns in his two playoff stints (three games). While Gordon has played in two NFL playoff games with a total of 55 yards and two touchdowns.

The difference between the two has been the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. However, one could legitimately argue that Ezekiel Elliott is a more talented back. Zeke does provide the skill needed on the field but does have his off the field issues. Gordon doesn’t offer the same dynamic ability that Zeke has but is better as an off the field player. The Charges will be in a sticky situation regarding their running back position if Gordon does eventually request a trade. Unfortunately for Gordon, this isn’t the NBA, and NFL teams will not always say yes to the trade requests of players. It isn’t the NFL motto to “do good by the player.”

Questions from the podcast team

Does Ezekiel Elliott deserve a new contract with the Dallas Cowboys? Should Melvin Gordon prove his worth on the field instead of in the media?

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