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    Kareem Hunt involved in a second incident and QB and RB arguments (AFC North and Goal Podcast)

    The Kareem Hunt situation

    Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt has been given an NFL second chance at life. For Hunt, he was given the opportunity by the Browns to capitalize on his recent mistakes in life. To provide a TLDR on the Hunt situation, Kareem Hunt was suspended and then cut by the Kansas City Chiefs at the tail-end of last season.

    On November 30th, 2018 TMZ released a video that involved Kareem Hunt in an altercation with a woman in a hotel hallway. Hunt was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list and later cut by the Chiefs. The Browns then signed hunt on February 11th, 2019. He was subsequently suspended for the first eight games of the 2019-2020 NFL season. Now, he was seen in another video from TMZ talking to police after an argument with a friend.

    Where does this leave Kareem Hunt, the NFL, and his NFL future?

    For Kareem Hunt, this does not necessarily fall under what Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey considers an action to be cut for. So far, this has stayed true. Hunt is still a member of the Browns and will continue to be so until Dorsey says otherwise. This does leave the NFL in an awkward situation now considering the recent incidents involving Hunt, Ezekiel Elliot, and of course, Tyrek Hill.

    This is now three separate incidents in the past months and with three big names. Rodger Goodell will need to decide on all three players very soon. It does, however, look like Hunt will not be punished for this event. With the information we currently have, it seems as if this was a small incident that was blown out of proportion by the NFL media.

    There will be pending information considering this is a TMZ leak, but Hunt looks squeaky clean for now. He’s been a standup guy since signing with the Browns, and as long as he is still on the roster, he will need to be that same guy. Dorsey has made it clear that Hunt will not be on the team if he doesn’t fall under his rules. Kareem Hunt will need to stay true to his word to save his NFL career.

    Carson Palmer or Ben Roethlisberger?

    The great debate! Or is it? When you think of the two quarterbacks the Super Bowls for Ben Roethlisberger come into the equation. However, with Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson on the roster and before his tragic injury in the Cincinnati Bengals playoff game, Carson Palmer looked like he was going to be a Super Bowl winner eventually. The Bengals teams were good enough to make it, but after Palmer’s injury, the team and organization were never the same.

    With Big Ben, he won two Super Bowls, is a sure-fire NFL Hall of Famer and a Pittsburgh Steeler legend. The one difference between the two has been the leadership at times from both quarterbacks and the plain fact that Big Ben has stayed on the Steelers his entire career and Palmer was a Bengal, Oakland Raider, and Arizona Cardinal.

    Questions from the podcast team

    Will Kareem Hunt get cut eventually from the Cleveland Browns? Who would you rather have at the helm of your favorite team, Big Ben or Carson Palmer?

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