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    Moving Travis Kelce and 3 other amazing players to the NFC West (Gridiron Throne Podcast)

    Travis Kelce added to the Rams

    The Los Angeles Rams added a powerhouse player in Travis Kelce in Corey’s segment. The Rams had a dominant offense last season and in the fictional world, adding a talent like Kelce creates a new aspect to their offense. Running the football was elite, the passing game flourished and having a dominant tight end would help.

    Travis Kelce is a central part of the Kansas City Chiefs offense. He’s a dominant tight end. In the 2018-2019 NFL season, Kelce got 1,336 yards and ten touchdowns. Adding to a stellar past two seasons with the Chiefs. In 2017 and 2016 with quarterback Alex Smith at the helm he accumulated 2,163 yards and 12 touchdowns. When new quarterback and NFL most valuable player Patrick Mahomes was given the starting job, Kelce had his most productive season yet. Jared Goff isn’t Mahomes, but Goff has an “offensive guru” as his head coach and someone that could use Kelces skills to the fullest.

    Xavien Howard making the new legion of boom

    Xavien Howard is one of the best cornerbacks in the league and what have the Seattle Seahawks lacked in recent years? A dominant corner. Howard plays tough press coverage football and something the league of boom was known for. Dominant defensive pressure and excellent coverage. With players like Earl Thomas, Byron Maxwell, Cam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman all gone the Seahawks could use help.

    Xavien Howard has been a mainstay since getting healthy for the Miami Dolphins and has recently signed a new deal. In Corey’s fictional world, moving him from the Dolphins to the Seahawks is a slam dunk for the former legion of boom. Howard has the injury history which would be typical of defensive backs in Seattle but has stayed healthy and if he continued to remain healthy and in this experiment was a member of the Seahawks, he would be their best defensive back and could potentially bring them out of their defensive rut.

    Questions from the podcast team

    If you had to take one player from the NFL and place them into the NFC West, who would it be? Is Xavien Howard a top corner in the NFL?

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