Washington Redskins injuries and fantasy info (Future is Now Podcast)

Washington Redskins – Derrius Guice

The Washington Redskins have been dealing with injuries for years now. Last year they had quarterbacks go down and most notably Alex Smith. Now they have new injuries to both running back Derrius Guice and potentially Josh Norman.

The Washington Redkins were without running back Derrius Guice for the whole year last year. Now, Guice is dealing with another injury. Reports came out that Guice pulled his hamstring but has said that it is nothing to be worried about. For the Redskins, Guice had a torn ACL last season and although the hamstring is not a knee issue they should be concerned. Losing Guice for more time this season would not be ideal for the Redskins.

Adrian Peterson had a resurgent year in 2018, but he is 34 years old. Relying on a 34-year-old running back to produce another one thousand yard and seven touchdown season is touchy. Most thought Peterson was done after his stint in both Arizona and New Orleans. He surprised them with the season he produced last year, and if he surprises everyone again then it’s a win-win, but the Redskins should not rely on it.

The other notable running backs on the Washington Redskins roster are Samaje Perine, Chris Thompson, and Bryce Love. The Redkins are stacked if a problem does arise, but they do need a running back from that group to show themselves and become more than what they are now.

Washington Redskins – Josh Norman

The Washington Redskins are thin on the cornerback side of the football. Now add star corner Josh Norman jumping over bulls in Palomo, Spain and you have a whole other situation. Norman has had his injury issues in the past and jumping over a bull in Spain was not the wisest idea that Norman could’ve had. Hopefully, the star corner is okay, and he did not sustain any injuries. It will be something to watch from the Redskins though to see if any punishment is on the table for Norman.

Questions from the podcast team

Do the Washington Redksins need Derrius Guice? Is Josh Norman crazy for jumping over a bull in Palomo, Spain?

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