ESPN Analyst Bart Scott Ripped Online After Disgusting Comment Following Trevon Diggs Injury

Fans were not too pleased with ESPN's Bart Scott after his disgusting remarks regarding Dallas Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs and his season-ending knee injury.

In this media climate, where everybody has a take and a stance on current events — for the most part — what is understood to be acceptable is clearly defined. On Friday morning, many fans across social media felt that former NFL linebacker and current ESPN analyst Bart Scott crossed that line.

Scott was asked about the state of the Dallas Cowboys after star CB Trevon Diggs suffered a season-ending knee injury in practice on Thursday afternoon, and how he answered felt insensitive and unwarranted to most.

Bart Scott Ripped Online After Disgusting Comment

There are some things you just don’t joke about or make light of, and injuries in the NFL fall squarely in that category. It looks as if someone forgot to tell Scott that, and fans were not too pleased with his words.

Scott chimed in on the matter with a lack of awareness or compassion for the situation and, as a result, made a puzzling comment that left the rest of his cast members unhappy. “This is a major, major blow for Dallas, and like Stephen A. always said … just wait … something bad always happens.”

Immediately upon finishing his sentence, fellow colleague and former NFL player Ryan Clark swiftly said, “No, don’t start that,” before Stephen A. himself said, “First off, I wouldn’t do that right now in all seriousness.”

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“This is a season-ending injury, so I’m certainly not going to joke about that.” Smith continued.

As you may expect, fans and even NFL players took to social media to share their displeasure with Scott’s comments.

Diggs’ Teammate, Micah Parsons, Chimed In About the Troubling Comment

There seems to be a real outrage when it comes to the distastefulness Scott showed on Friday morning, and that doesn’t just include fans — Diggs’ teammates commented as well.

NFL megastar Micah Parsons took to “X” shortly after and voiced his opinion on the matter, and as many would expect, he was clearly angered by the words.

Will There Be Fallout for the Comments?

What happens now after Scott’s unsettling comment is unknown. The assumption is in the coming hours or days, Scott will be forced to either take to social media or even a statement will be released, apologizing and explaining that he did not mean for it to come off how it sounded.

Following the assumed apology, what happens next is the real question. Is that it, or is there further action from ESPN higher-ups to reprimand Scott for the mishap? We’ll have to wait and see to find out how it all plays out. Either way, it is a tough moment for the show and the network.

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