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    Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb Discusses the Biggest Change in Dallas’ New Offensive Scheme

    Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb gives insight into the most significant and immediate change in the team's offense.

    Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb talked to 105.3 The Fan about stepping into the starting receiver mindset, what the current wide receiver room can do, and what to expect from the team’s offensive changes.

    CeeDee Lamb Talks About Dak Prescott and Dallas’ Offensive Changes

    In an interview with the radio show, Lamb discussed Dak Prescott’s on-the-field presence and what makes the QB impactful, aside from his leadership.

    “He’s looking for the deep ball now…so if you’re not gonna back up, this is a warning to everybody; if you’re not going to back up, good luck,” Lamb said.

    How will the offense look under Mike McCarthy compared to former Cowboys play caller and newly-minted Los Angeles Chargers offensive coordinator Kellen Moore? Lamb said that there isn’t much difference, but things are simpler now. The offense is all “in Dak’s hands now.”

    “However he’s feeling versus the coverage, if he likes the matchup, we’re gonna call that play. If he likes whatever he likes versus zone, he’s gonna call that play. So technically, it’s all in Dak’s hands, and we’re moving much faster at a different pace,” explained Lamb, who described the team’s offensive mindset as playing freely now.

    According to the star wide receiver, Prescott will be making more changes compared to the past three years.

    “Going into the line of scrimmage, us, as receivers, we know the other two or three options that he has to change to,” said Lamb — adding that all of this opens up the game and Prescott’s mind, making the real matchup “Dak versus the defensive coordinator.”

    As for the communication issues that plagued the offense last season, it’s something that the entire team has been working on since the team’s loss to the San Fransisco 49ers in the Wild Card round.

    Although Lamb says the communication was always here, the nonverbal was lacking, which would’ve allowed them to switch the play without saying anything.

    “Being on the same page is probably the most important thing in the NFL because everybody’s good, everybody’s talented, everybody makes plays. The only edge that you can have has been [being] on the same page and having a crazy time and timing. Timing beats anything,” said Lamb.

    Regarding the narrative surrounding Prescott’s interceptions (Dallas’ starting QB was tied atop the league in interceptions last season with 15), Lamb says much of it was on the receivers not being on the same page.

    Lamb Discusses the Cowboys’ Wide Receiver Room

    Lamb discussed the potential of Dallas’ retooled top WR trio, which is comprised of the talented wideout himself and veterans Brandin Cooks and Michael Gallup, saying that he wouldn’t compare them to anybody and would let “the numbers do the talking.”

    Of course, Lamb had to make mention of Cooks’ speed, saying, “just to see him just float past guys when the ball’s in the air, it’s amazing. You don’t really see that too many times in a player or in a receiver, especially of his stature, and then at the year that he’s in, he’s in Year 10 still flying by guys.” He also gives all of the credit to Cooks for how he prepares and takes care of his body.

    Lamb says to keep an eye out for KaVontae Turpin, who will get plays designed for him, saying that the team agreed that Turpin is “too explosive” not to be on the field.

    Lamb’s Mindset

    Lamb says being the starting receiver is a mindset and a responsibility.

    Lamb explained that, as the WR1, he must be aware of the fact that he’s the focal point and manage double or triple coverage, handle guys being more physical, and not get as many calls during games.

    “I’ve always looked at myself as [number] one [receiver]. I’ve always been a one no matter what offense I’ve been in, and, man, I like to win. So I feel like by me just having the mindset that I’ve already had, I always felt like a one,” said Lamb.

    Dallas’ top wideout admits that he was in his head much more at the beginning of last season. But getting Prescott back in the game from the thumb injury that ailed the QB last year helped Lamb return to the mindset of just taking the field and doing what he loves with the guys he loves. He said that’s been the same mindset he has kept to this day, and he’s just trying to go out there and “get a ring.”

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