An Exclusive Look at How Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb Prepared for the 2023 Season

Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is ready to level up his game. How has his offseason training prepared him to do that?

The time for CeeDee Lamb to step into his own as the top receiver for the Dallas Cowboys is now, and he’s been putting in the work to do just that.

Throughout the offseason, Lamb has worked with trainers on his own time and at the “Dakyard” with Dak Prescott and the other Cowboys receivers.

Craig LeBlanc, a skills trainer with 2 Live Culture, has worked with and seen Lamb grow during that time. He talked with PFN about the strides Lamb continues to make.

CeeDee Lamb Stepping Into His Own

LeBlanc said that Lamb is coming into himself and that everything he and his wide receiver trainer, Delfonte Diamond, have been working on keeps him growing steadily. He also discussed Diamond’s gift of “bringing the best out of people,” and Lamb being the perfect example showcasing that.

“He’s been really consistent with that and just constantly getting better and better and better, and he’s very intentional with everything that he does,” said LeBlanc.

There were several questions early last season if Lamb had the confidence built to be Prescott’s top receiver. LeBlanc says that confidence has never been an issue for Lamb but that taking all of the reps he can is beneficial, and Lamb has been doing just that.

CeeDee Lamb and the Addition of Brandin Cooks

Last season wasn’t the Cowboys’ receiver room’s best between the overwhelming playbook, players returning from injuries, and lack of a veteran presence. But with the offseason coaching and duty changes on the offense, players having time to rest and recover more, and the addition of wide receiver Brandin Cooks, this will be a well-rounded receiver corps.

Between Cooks having the benefit of learning different offensive styles within his career, to talking to the guys about taking care of their bodies, it should all start to click for Dallas’ offense.

Cooks was an essential addition to the Cowboys, bringing in veteran experience and leadership to give Lamb that final push to greatness, teaching him how to be even more of a weapon for Prescott.

“A guy like [Brandin Cooks] coming in, a veteran guy who’s been around the league for a long time and is clearly a valuable asset to any team… I think it’s definitely helping CeeDee in the sense of [understanding] his role a little bit better and responsibility as far as being that guy,” said LeBlanc.

The Best Has Yet To Come for Lamb

Without giving away too much of the sauce, LeBlanc discussed what changes we can expect from Lamb going into training camp. Simply put, you can expect a bigger, faster, and stronger version of CeeDee Lamb.

“I think he’s a little more twitchy than he’s been… He’s just more fluid, way more fluid. I feel like the tops of his routes will be really well situated, and I think the routes that he’s going to run are going to more suit his style,” said LeBlanc.

When asked what one word to describe that Lamb will be this season with no hesitation, LeBlanc said: “spectacular.”

“I think it’s probably the best I’ve ever seen him. And I think he’s going to have a phenomenal year.”

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