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Brevin Jordan, Tight End, Miami – NFL Draft Player Profile

After a breakout sophomore campaign, Miami tight end Brevin Jordan is looking to raise his NFL draft stock even in his junior season.

Brevin Jordan, Tight End, Miami - NFL Draft Player Profile
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - SEPTEMBER 19: Brevin Jordan #9 of the Miami Hurricanes runs the ball against the Louisville Cardinals at Cardinal Stadium on September 19, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

In a turbulent season, the Miami Hurricanes are back to being a ranked team in the NCAA. A historic program, the Hurricanes may not have the talent or reach the teams’ heights in the early 2000s, but they are still cruising along with many future NFL players on the roster. Quincy Roche, Cam’ron Harris, and Jaelan Phillips are a few names that jump out, and Gregory Rousseau is a likely future first-round pick that opted out before the season. However, Miami’s top NFL Draft prospect on the offensive side of the ball is tight end Brevin Jordan.

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Jordan is the latest tight end in a string of talented players that have gone to the NFL. David Njoku, Chris Herndon, Jeremy Shockey, Bubba Franks, Greg Olsen, and Jimmy Graham are just some of the names that Miami has launched into the NFL in their history. Jordan finds himself in the driver’s seat to be the next highly touted and sought-after tight end from the “U.”

Brevin Jordan NFL Draft Profile

  • Height: 6-foot-3

  • Weight: 245 Pounds

  • Position: Tight End

  • School: Miami (FL)

  • Year: Junior

Starting for Bishop Gorman at tight end in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jordan found himself on a standout team that was consistently competing in the biggest spots that High School Football had to offer. During his entire high school career, Bishop Gorman went to the State Championship every single year. It was a talented team and has been the cream of the crop for Nevada High School football. Jordan received playing time early on in his career as a Sophomore, where he racked up an impressive four touchdowns.

Over the next two seasons, Jordan would rack up over 1,500 receiving yards and 21 receiving touchdowns. In his Senior season, Jordan put up 1,111 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns. A team captain that year, Jordan led Bishop Gorman to a State Championship where he put up nearly 100 total yards and a rushing touchdown. That same year, he received an invitation to the prestigious Under Armour All-America Game to compete with some of the nation’s best recruits.

A consensus four-star recruit and the top-rated tight end in the 2018 recruiting class, Jordan was sought after by most top programs around the country, including LSU, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and more. Ultimately, Jordan went to “Tight End U” as he committed to Miami. Citing their longstanding tradition of producing tight end talent that was routinely selected in the NFL Draft, Brevin Jordan was on his way to South Beach.

Arriving on campus

Prior to his Freshman season, Jordan’s dad, Darrell Jordan, tragically passed away from a heart attack. A ninth-round pick by the Atlanta Falcons in 1990, Jordan’s father was a linebacker at Northern Arizona and played for Bishop Gorman in the 1980s. Jordan is someone who grew up around the game and has football bloodlines. His father even helped him pick Miami during his recruiting process.

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As a freshman, Jordan stepped onto campus and immediately became the starter, as he started 12 of 13 games in his Freshman year. Putting 287 receiving yards and four touchdowns that year, Jordan earned Second-Team All-ACC honors as a Freshman. Against Florida State, Jordan caught a game-winning 41-yard touchdown that put him on the map of everyone watching. It was a promising Freshman year that brought intrigue. Jordan proved he was an athletic mismatch that teams would have to deal with.

In his sophomore season, Jordan rose to prominence as one of the best tight ends in college football. A fantastic season made him a Mackey Award Finalist and a First-Team All-ACC selection. In the first game of the season, Jordan put up 88 receiving yards and a touchdown on Florida. It was a game where Jordan proved his rare YAC ability for the tight end position, including breaking a tackle on his touchdown. Multiple other solid performances dotted his resume this season, but his 136-yard explosion against Virginia Tech has been his best collegiate game up to this point. It was the perfect mesh of everything Jordan has as a prospect, including his vertical ability.

Brevin Jordan puts up a strong showing vs. Oklahoma State

If you are a fan of Brevin Jordan’s game, the Oklahoma State contest showcased a little bit of everything from his skill set. The junior tight end logged two touchdowns and nearly 100 receiving yards on the day. The Cowboys did not manage to find any answers for Jordan.

Jordan showcases versatility

On display were the obvious things that make Brevin Jordan the NFL Draft prospect he is.

For one, the unique YAC ability he displays every game was apparent yet again. Miami designed multiple screens and rollouts to get Jordan in space. Working a wrinkle, Jordan even made a throwback to D’Eriq King across the field on a bubble screen. His quickness and contact balance are exceptional for a tight end.

Jordan moves like a massive wide receiver, and that makes him especially dangerous. Miami uses him in that Y-receiver role, and he is a menace for defenses. The ability to trust your tight end to win on the horizontal planes is excellent. It gives you multiple game-planning options as an offensive coordinator. For example, against a team that blitzes a lot, Jordan can catch a drag route and work his magic after the catch. It is incredibly blissful when that player is 6-foot-3 and 245 pounds.

However, working horizontally is not the only thing Jordan did well on Tuesday. The vertical aspects of his game were entirely on display as well.

On his first touchdown, Jordan displayed his athleticism. Stemming to the outside like it was a corner route, the safety bit, and Jordan was wide open on the skinny post for a score. When a guy like Jordan can run routes effectively, it is hard to match them. Safeties do not have the size, and linebackers do not have the speed to compete.

Some weaknesses show through

Still, some weaknesses from Jordan’s game did rear their ugly head. For one, he is a bit too inconsistent in contested catch situations. The obvious question is, well, why is he so inconsistent there? Most of it comes down to catch technique.

Jordan lets the ball eat up his frame instead of plucking it outside his frame. He has wide hands that invite defenders into the catch point to knock the ball out. On a critical fourth-down in this game, that is what happened to Jordan. That catch technique is going to lead to hapless drops in those congested areas. It lowers Jordan’s ceiling as a red zone threat as long as he has that weakness.

As per usual, most of Jordan’s production comes on those manufactured touches. The route running is improving every year. This season was no exception to that rule for him.

Still, there are improvements to work upon here. Mostly that would be his efficiency. It feels at times, Jordan tries to outdo himself in the route running department. Instead of just getting vertical and using clever stemming, he tries to dance too much. Everything has to be on time in the passing game, and Jordan rocks that boat a bit.

Regardless of these negatives on top of his questionable blocking, Brevin Jordan is quite the talent, and his NFL Draft stock sets as high as it’s been all year. This game was a cherry on top to a football player who can be a significant difference-maker at the next level. He is far from perfect, but when thinking of a player comparison, think of Jonnu Smith. A hyper-athletic mismatch that is phenomenal in space. That is what Jordan can be at the next level for any team willing to take him.

Brevin Jordan explodes against North Carolina

It was not a great day for Miami as North Carolina blasted them. However, star tight end Brevin Jordan, inching closer to the NFL draft, was phenomenal. With 140 receiving yards and a touchdown, he torched the Tar Heels defense all day. It was statistically his best game of the season. With great players like Chazz Surratt on the other side, this was no easy feat for Jordan either. He was proving, once again, that he belonged with the best of them.

Brevin Jordan is a security blanket

Five of Jordan’s six receptions went for a first down or a touchdown. In an otherwise tough day for the Hurricanes, he was a sure target over the middle. His first catch came on a quick slant to the middle of the field. Jordan extended outside of his frame with soft hands to pluck the ball from the air.

No matter what, that is a plus trait to have as a pass-catcher. Strong, dependable hands were something Jordan showed all game. On a deep curl over the middle, Jordan held onto the ball through hard contact. With his back turned to the defense, he was in a precarious spot. Jordan was fearless and made a key catch despite the circumstances.

While NFL teams will love this, they will love Jordan’s big-play ability more. It was a deep post pattern that Jordan took to the house. As an offensive coordinator, you can match Jordan up against a safety, and it is game over. The schematic issues he presents for a defense are enormous. There is ripe opportunity to be had over the middle of the field with Jordan. His smooth route running fooled the safety as he accelerated back inside after his initial stem. With his aforementioned impressive YAC skills, he broke one tackle and was off to the races.

Jordan proves to be a consistent bright spot

Over the years, Jordan has been Mr. Reliable for Miami. Whenever everyone else has a bad day, he seems to produce. Saturday was no different. Jordan gave some security to D’Eriq King while he was running for his life in the backfield. Teams will value the ability to run 11 personnel with four receivers if Jordan is in the package. Miami did that several times, and that is where they found most of their success. Jordan was the catalyst of production out of these packages. The screens that have become a Jordan signature were another bright spot.

Without an ACC title game left, it remains to be seen if Jordan will play in a bowl game. If he does not, Jordan will still have left his mark. The injury history may ward some teams off, but Jordan’s talent is undeniable. The North Carolina game illustrates the mismatches he can create out of multiple looks. That in itself should earn him a lengthy NFL career.

Brevin Jordan shows why he is a walking mismatch

Miami blew Duke out of the water this weekend, and after a lot of injuries this season, Brevin Jordan is back doing what he does best. He’s using his athleticism as a weapon that defenses can not match up the seam vertically. The injuries are still problematic and will be going forward, but this is why he will go early in the NFL Draft. Teams love guys who can use their athleticism as a huge wide receiver and actively create mismatches. It opens up the offense and gives the offensive coordinator a ton of schematic flexibility.

Duke has no answer for Jordan

Jordan torched the Duke defense whenever he was split out, logging four receptions for 75 yards. The most potent example was his touchdown. Playing flexed out at the Y-spot in the slot, Jordan ran a post route where the safety had no chance to guard him. Jordan’s size-speed combination forces smaller players like safeties to overcompensate by trying to predict where Jordan can go, and that makes his stemming lethal.

Jordan took an outside stem and made it look like he was heading to the pylon rather than coming back over the middle. Once the safety turned his hips, Jordan stuck his foot in the ground and exploded back to the inside. D’Eriq King fit the ball over the linebacker, and Jordan had an easy walk-in touchdown as a result. Jordan’s history and wide receiver-like skills are why Miami loves using him so much.

Jordan’s YAC skills were very much on display, too. After King hit Jordan in the flat, Jordan made a man miss and fought another defensive back in the open field for another seven yards. Even with guys like Kyle Pitts playing at an incredibly high level, Jordan’s YAC skills are something that separates him. It is a special skill to have for a guy his size. Miami runs designed screens and short routes to get him in space for a reason.

Jordan improving stock down the stretch

Miami is playing North Carolina next week, and that is an important matchup for the Hurricanes. For Jordan, that will be a key game to elevate his draft stock further. Continuing to prove he is a willing blocker is similarly important down the stretch. Still, Jordan’s continued strong play will convince teams to take a chance on him, despite a perilous medical history.

No one is expecting Jordan to be a phenomenal blocker; that is not his game. But if he can be a willing one, he will earn himself fans. The effort to “lose slowly” has to be there from Jordan. Thus far, it seems to be present. Jordan’s motor is relentless and is a crucial trait to showcase. His receiving assets are more than enough for teams to select him and be okay with his below-average blocking.

Brevin Jordan returns with an unspectacular, but fundamentally solid performance against Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes improved to a 7-1 record after a narrow victory over the Virginia Tech Hokies, and it was with their star tight end on the field. After missing three games with a shoulder injury, Jordan’s presence was nice to see for both fans and scouts alike. However, if you were expecting a flashy game from Brevin Jordan to boost his NFL Draft stock further, you were likely disappointed. Jordan’s stat line was mundane, with only two catches for 22 yards on the day.

Jordan’s one big catch was off of a reverse flea-flicker-esque play. That play showcased strong hands and a willingness to take on contact to make a tough grab. Jordan extended for the pass with a defender bearing down from his left and secured it into his frame, in teach-tape catching technique.

Everything on display looks simple to the casual fan, but it is fundamental stuff that scouts will love to see. Not making a body catch and instead, using his hands is a big plus for Jordan’s ability to replicate tough catches in traffic at the next level. Jordan’s catch technique was just one fundamental of the tight end position that Jordan did at a high level on Saturday.

Hand placement

If there is one thing that is improving every week, it is Jordan’s hands while blocking. Jordan’s upper body technique is coming along quite nicely. His hands before striking are tight to his chest, allowing him to land precise and accurate strikes. Jordan may never be a high-level blocker, but he does not have to be.

On Saturday, he lost slowly, and for a tight end who was blocking lots of edge rushers, that is all you can ask of a guy like that. It is really compounded by the fact that Jordan is more of a receiver anyway, but his hand technique will give him more staying power as a blocker than he previously had.

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The biggest thing that Jordan is showing in the blocking game is a sense of balance and control. He’s not flailing around with no strategy to winning a given rep. He is staying square and disciplined and, at the very least, stunting defensive ends, especially as an H-Back who sometimes blocks across the formation.

Many tight ends will block with their shoulders into a defensive end holding the edge, and it can cause the play to get blown up before it ever starts. Jordan is using his hands and practicing the technique that is taught in practice. It’s a conscious effort to improve as a blocker.

A drive to get better

Honestly, Jordan is by no means an impressive blocker. Yet, the commitment to the fundamentals of blocking is such a refreshing thing to see. I really do not think Jordan will ever be a highly capable blocker, but he is improving to a competent level. With his athleticism and receiving skills, that is all he needs to be for a team.

There seems to be a genuine will to improve that aspect of his game, which bodes well for any other weaknesses. Jordan’s work ethic is showing up on the tape. The injuries are a concern, and I still believe he goes in the second round, but Jordan, as long as he can stay healthy, should be a long-term starter in the NFL.

Brevin Jordan missed a third straight game with a shoulder injury

After exiting the game against Clemson with a shoulder injury, Brevin Jordan has now missed three straight contests. Whatever the injury is, it is clearly lingering around. Miami Head Coach Manny Diaz said he is hopeful that Jordan can return Saturday against Virginia Tech, but there is no guarantee that he will suit up.

It is the latest injury in a long line of them for Jordan during his career at Miami. The top of the 2021 NFL Draft has some talented tight ends that Brevin Jordan was hoping to leapfrog, including Kyle Pitts and Pat Freiermuth. Unfortunately, this injury is a massive setback for Jordan.

Ability versus availability

Jordan has missed time before with injuries. It was revealed that he missed the latter portion of the 2019 season with a bad foot injury that required surgery. Jordan had to endure physical therapy sessions this offseason and get back into shape for a key 2020 season. The shoulder injury is another obstacle that sets Jordan a little further back from the top of the pack.

He has to get back onto the field to showcase his blocking ability, but he can only do that when he is healthy. As mentioned earlier in this profile, Jordan suffered a knee sprain that kept him out for most of the summer before his freshman season. An ankle injury caused him to miss one game that year, too. The areas where Jordan has to improve have shown flashes this year but no consistency. As the season carried on, that is what he was striving to show.

As it stands, Jordan is a day-two pick with a lot of starting potential, but his injury history could drop his stock from being as high as it could be with a clean bill of health. Here’s to hoping he can return this weekend and prove his improving skillset has some consistency to it.

Brevin Jordan has a solid showing vs. Clemson but exits with injury

In a highly anticipated matchup for the Hurricanes that would be a litmus test to prove how real they were, they were crushed by Clemson 42-17. Jordan himself had only a modest three receptions for 31 receiving yards. That is by no means a flashy stat line, but looking beyond that stat line showcases the skills that allow Jordan to really thrive as a Top-50 prospect heading into the draft.

For one, Jordan’s hands are natural. A converted wide receiver in high school, Jordan showcases those abilities he learned on the boundary and becomes a fixture of movement in the offensive formation as a result. If the ball is thrown his way, Jordan will more often than not come down with it. Having that security blanket is huge for any quarterback, and Jordan let his strong hands show up sufficiently.

Developing the blocking game

However, aside from his versatility, Brevin Jordan’s NFL Draft stock will only increase if he can show more in the blocking game. Many teams are shunning this part of the tight end skillset in favor of that oversized receiving tight end, but having it in your repertoire makes you more attractive to various teams catapulting draft stock. Jordan is starting to lose slowly better than ever before in his college career. By no means is he spectacular, but you can tell there is a little more muscle on his frame, allowing him to hold his ground.

Jordan’s hand placement is still inconsistent, but that is a step up from where it was in 2019. Jordan’s grip strength has never been an issue, but he still gets too wide instead of driving through the middle of the defender’s chest. This is not a guy you want staying in-line to help block a star edge rusher, but at the very least, he can hold them at bay for a bit in the running game. For a receiving tight end, playing him in-line is not a complete waste.

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If anything, it is that willingness to block that will drive teams closer to him in the draft. Jordan showed that against Clemson in spades. He is willing to get out there and compete and get better at his blocking. For a young guy that you are looking to be a building block in your organization, a willingness to work and get better is all you can ask for from a guy. Jordan has that, which will attract teams.

An injury to Jordan’s shoulder

Unfortunately, Jordan suffered a shoulder injury in the third quarter. He missed the next two games against Pittsburgh and Virginia, but he does have a chance to return after Miami’s bye week against NC State on November 8th.

Jordan has a history of injuries. Before his freshman season, Jordan suffered a knee sprain. During that season, he was knocked out against Virginia Tech with an ankle injury, and he also missed the Pitt game with that injury. Last year, he played through an undisclosed injury. Now, this is a shoulder injury that pops up. It is a pattern to keep an eye on with Brevin Jordan heading into his NFL career and entering the draft.

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