Antonio Browns a Patriot, wide receivers deals, and Cowboys (Handle your business Podcast)

Antonio Brown – (New) New England Patriot

Antonio Browns a New England Patriot and got what he wanted! He is no longer an Oakland Raider OR a Pittsburgh Steeler. Brown is a New England Patriot! The NFL can cheer! Realistically this is the most controversial signing we have seen since the Patriots traded for Randy Moss. Except at that time he was an Oakland Raider, had off the field issues, and the Raiders mainly got nothing for him. Yes, this situation is precisely the same. The only difference is the Patriots getting him for free. The whole situation seems staged, but it is just another chance for Bill Belichick to outsmart the competition. If Brown can be a different persona while with the Patriots, they are Super Bowl favorites. 

Tyreek Hill and Julio Jones’ significant contract extensions

Although he got hurt on Sunday, Tyreek Hill got his extension. The other wide receiver that got an extension this weekend was Julio Jones. Jones kept things honest about his potential contract, and it seemed inevitable that the contract deal would be done. These deals are also now more expensive than Brown’s contract in New England. 

Dallas Cowboys – Zach Wolchuk of the Nosebleed Seats

The Nosebleed Seats co-host Zach Wolchuk joined George to discuss the latest Ezekiel Elliott deal and potential deals for Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott. Prescott is the most likely to get his contract and after his performance on Sunday against the New York Giants. 

Questions from the podcast team

  • Did Antonio Brown pull off a robbery? 
  • Did the New England Patriots tamper in the Antonio Brown situation?
  • How much will Dak Prescott sign for?

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