Laremy Tunsil, Jadeveon Clowney, and Andrew Luck (Handle your business Podcast)

Laremy Tunsil – possible trade

With Andrew Luck retiring and Jadeveon Clowney nearly traded, this weekend had it all. To accompany a long weekend of information, PFN Owner Matthew Cannata and PFN draft analyst Tony Pauline reported through the PFN twitter that Laremy Tunsil could be available at the right price. Before this article goes further, I will quote a specific piece from an article Cannta posted on Saturday night. “But before we go on, let’s make this clear. Our news is not that Laremy Tunsil is being traded. Lots of trades materialize and then die. Any football fan knows this. Our news is that Laremy Tunsil is even on the trade block, to begin with, and that the Dolphins are listening to offers.” 

With that being said, during the article, George explains why the Miami Dolphins might want to trade a player like Laremy Tunsil and the impact it could have on the Miami Dolphins. With Andrew Luck retiring and Jadeveon Clowney nearly traded, this weekend had it all.

Andrew Luck retires

The stone-cold stunner of the year award goes to former Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck. Adam Schefter reported in the middle of a Colts game on Saturday that QB Andrew Luck would announce his retirement from the NFL on Sunday. After all the shock and crazy tweets, the game ended and Luck went to the podium to announce his retirement and gave his speech. Luck has been injured for four years now and has been on and off the injury train.

During his speech, Andrew Luck talked about why he decided to give up the game he loved playing. He explained that he needed to find a way out, injuries were getting to him, and the issues with playing the game of football. Luck further told the media that he just felt stuck in the injuries and it was taking a toll on him. Instantly fans, media, and players went on twitter to console Luck and to wish that he finds his peace. It was a sad moment for the NFL, and it’s fans as they lost a great QB. There were the boos from the crowd, the media members being rude on twitter, and fans booing jerseys, but the support on twitter from players shows how great of a player and person Luck was.

Jadeveon Clowney – One foot out the door in Houston

Not only was there Laremy Tunsil news over the weekend but again, PFN Owner Matthew Cannata and PFN Draft analyst Tony Pauline reported that the Miami Dolphins were making a strong push for Jadeveon Clowney. This was also tied into a report on Sunday that the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills could be interested in pursuing Clowney themselves.
Something that will be key to look out for in the trade talks is if the Miami Dolphins jump the gun and offer Laremy Tunsil in trade talks for the star pass rusher. Adding someone like Laremy Tunsil to the Houston Texans will be crucial, but the Dolphins will have to jump on this for it to become a reality.

Questions from the podcast team

Should the Indianapolis Colts draft a QB this year or rely on the future of Jacoby Brisset? Will Laremy Tunsil be traded before the start of week one? Could a Laremy Tunsil for Jadeveon Clowney deal be in the works in the next few days?

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