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Antonio Brown, Dolphins tanking and Week 1 preview (Any given Friday Podcast)

Antonio Brown
Photo Credit - USA Today

Antonio Brown – The most magnificent drama in NFL history

First, there were the feet, then the helmet, and now the Instagram post. The Oakland Raiders fined Antonio Brown for the second time since he was traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers fans on social media have been reaping the rewards as he has the possibility of being suspended now.

Both Adam Shefter of ESPN and Ian Rappaport of NFL Network reported the potential suspension on Thursday morning. If Brown gets suspended, there is a major possibility that the Raiders will attempt to recoup the $30Mil signing bonus and Brown could end up off the team.

Giants vs. Cowboys – The team picks a winner

In a new weekly segment in which the podcast team picks a game of the week, Kai’Chien and Eric talk about the New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys. Unlike the years past, this game will be played on Fox at 4:25 pm EST. One of the debate topics was about Ezekiel Elliott and his potential impact on the game. Elliott got his new deal with the Cowboys and will most likely be on a snap count on Sunday. The more important news that Eric was interested in is the potential of seeing Daniel Jones on Sunday in the event Eli Manning is pulled.

To tank or not to tank, that is the question

One thing is evident to our podcast hosts; the Miami Dolphins are not tanking. However, don’t take this the wrong way. The belief from our hosts is that the Dolphins are rebuilding and not tanking. They can be compared to the same thing, but tanking involves little to no talent. It is argued from both hosts that tanking in the NFL does not work as it does in the NBA. The difference in 40 players, 13 in the NBA and 53 in the NFL. The NBA makes it easy to tank and potentially hit the lottery. There are 53 players on an NFL roster, however, and they aren’t going on the field to lose. Tanking in the NBA takes 3-4 years. In the NFL if you hit it right, i.e., the 2018 Cleveland Browns, you start to get back into the groove. The Dolphins did make an effort to go away with how they do business, and in the past, they would’ve traded for Antonio Brown. A step in the right direction.

Questions from the podcast team

  • Is Antonio brown going to be an Oakland Raider in three weeks?
  • Could the New York Giants win in week 1?
  • Does tanking exist in football?
  • Will the Miami Dolphins tank work?

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