Redskins and Trent Williams, Daniel Jones, and Adam Gase (Fantasy Fixers Podcast)

Washington Redskins 

The Washington Redskins have had an average/bad week. Their hopeful future franchise quarterback in Dwayne Haskins had a lousy preseason debut, and Trent Williams continues to holdout. The Redskins are in a lousy situation currently. Haskins will develop in the future, and unless we see a significant drop, he shouldn’t be the primary concern. The issue lies in their team as a whole, from management to the field.

Trent Williams has allegedly said that he will not play another game for the Washington Redskins. This lies from the medical staff to the ownership. The ownership has been an issue in the media in what seems like forever. For Williams to come out and say this means a lot for fantasy owners. Training staff issues would cause players to get injured easily, and with their ownership, anything can happen. Travis and Dennis advise against taking a Redskins player.

Adam Gase – What’s the deal?

Adam Gase is, without a doubt, the most exciting head coach in the NFL. From his weird eyes, him sniffing something before a game, and his daily notes about his coaching Gase is just fascinating. The New York Jets will be a fun team to watch on the field this year, and with Gase, it makes it even better. The videos and pictures that will come out of Gase and the Jets will be massive as long as he is the head coach. What would make their season even more interesting would be them making a trade with the Washington Redskins for Trent Williams.

Questions from the podcast team

Is Trent Williams right for not wanting to return to the Washington Redskins? Is Adam Gase the craziest coach in the NFL?

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