2022 NFL preseason schedule: Dates, start time, live streams, TV channels, and more

Let's take a look at what the 2022 NFL preseason schedule looks like for the remainder of the month as we inch closer to the start of the regular season.

The NFL preseason schedule enters its second full week of action with five consecutive days of preseason football beginning on Thursday. Here is a full list of start times, live streaming options, TV channels, and more for every preseason game. You can also check out the preseason standings for the games that have been played so far.

2022 NFL preseason schedule: Dates, times, live streams, and more

The full NFL preseason schedule was not announced with the regular-season release on May 12. However, in the following weeks, teams agreed on their schedule with each other and the various networks involved. Outside of the national broadcasts, local networks will pick up the rest of the games.

Week 2 of the preseason will include a national TV quadruple-header on Saturday to be broadcasted on NFL Network. The Broncos and Bills kick off the day at 1 p.m. ET. That game is followed by the Chiefs vs. Commanders at 4, Bucs vs. Titans at 7, and Cowboys vs. Chargers at 10 p.m. ET.

WeekDateAwayHomeLocationBuy TicketsTime (ET)TV
PreseasonPS0Thu, Aug. 4 JaguarsRaidersTom Benson Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/MXVGmMBuy Tickets8 p.m.NBCLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS1Thu, Aug. 11 GiantsPatriotsGillette Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/a1zvONBuy Tickets7 p.m.Patriots Preseason Network
PreseasonPS1Thu, Aug. 11 TitansRavensM&T Bank Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/kjvD00Buy Tickets7:30 p.m.WBAL-TVLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS1Fri, Aug. 12 FalconsLionsFord Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/6b13eQBuy Tickets6 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS1Fri, Aug. 12 BrownsJaguarsTIAA Bank Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/MXVGmMBuy Tickets7 p.m.TBDLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS1Fri, Aug. 12 CardinalsBengalsPaul Brown Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/VyKzm6Buy Tickets7:30 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS1Fri, Aug. 12 JetsEaglesLincoln Financial Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/XxR0mGBuy Tickets7:30 p.m.WCBS/NBC10Late Kickoff
PreseasonPS1Fri, Aug. 12 Packers49ersLevi's Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/WDzWyJBuy Tickets8:30 p.m.Packers TV Network/KPIX 5
PreseasonPS1Sat, Aug. 13 ChiefsBearsSoldier Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/15knrDBuy Tickets1 p.m.FOX32
PreseasonPS1Sat, Aug. 13 PanthersCommandersFedExFieldhttps://www.commanders.com/tickets/Buy Tickets1 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS1Sat, Aug. 13 SeahawksSteelersHeinz Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/zavZx0Buy Tickets4 p.m.KDKALate Kickoff
PreseasonPS1Sat, Aug. 13 ColtsBillsHighmark Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/a1zvnNBuy Tickets4 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS1Sat, Aug. 13 DolphinsBuccaneersRaymond James Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/P0gJzjBuy Tickets7:30 p.m.CBS4/WFLA
PreseasonPS1Sat, Aug. 13 SaintsTexansNRG Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/dovNaWBuy Tickets8 p.m.ABC|KTRK13
PreseasonPS1Sat, Aug. 13 CowboysBroncosEmpower Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/zavZN0Buy Tickets9 p.m.CBS 11
PreseasonPS1Sat, Aug. 13 RamsChargersSoFi Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/qnv54bBuy Tickets10 p.m.ABC7
PreseasonPS1Sun, Aug. 14 VikingsRaidersAllegiant Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/mgv957Buy Tickets9:25 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS2Thu, Aug. 18 BearsSeahawksLumen Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/rnykajBuy Tickets8 p.m.ESPNLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS2Fri, Aug. 19 PanthersPatriotsGillette Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/a1zvONBuy Tickets7 p.m.Patriots Preseason Network
PreseasonPS2Sat, Aug. 20 LionsColtsLucas Oil Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/NKJ1kqBuy Tickets1 p.m.TBDEarly Kickoff
PreseasonPS2Sat, Aug. 20 BroncosBillsHighmark Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/a1zvnNBuy Tickets1 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS2Sat, Aug. 20 BuccaneersTitansNissan Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/e42yn1Buy Tickets7 p.m.WFLA
PreseasonPS2Sat, Aug. 20 RaidersDolphinsHard Rock Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/rnykQjBuy Tickets7 p.m.CBS4Late Kickoff
PreseasonPS2Sat, Aug. 20 SteelersJaguarsTIAA Bankhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/MXVGmMBuy Tickets7 p.m.TBDLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS2Sat, Aug. 20 49ersVikingsU.S. Bank Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/kjvDO0Buy Tickets7 p.m.KPIX 5
PreseasonPS2Sat, Aug. 20 CowboysChargersSoFi Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/qnv54bBuy Tickets10 p.m.CBS 11
PreseasonPS2Sun, Aug. 21 EaglesBrownsFirstEnergy Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/JrAez2Buy Tickets1 p.m.NBC10
PreseasonPS2Sun, Aug. 21 BengalsGiantsMetLife Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/JrAeK2Buy Tickets7 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS2Sun, Aug. 21 RavensCardinalsState Farm Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/6b10OGBuy Tickets8 p.m.FOXLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS2Mon, Aug. 22 FalconsJetsMetLife Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/Zdzn6KBuy Tickets8 p.m.ESPNLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS2TBDSaintsPackersLambeau Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/3Pa6erBuy TicketsTBDPackers TV Network
PreseasonPS2TBDTexansRamsSoFi Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/QOXZyaBuy TicketsTBDABC|KTRK13/ABC7
PreseasonPS2TBDCommandersChiefsArrowhead Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/7mVR5YBuy TicketsTBDKSHB
PreseasonPS3Thu, Aug. 2549ersTexansNRG Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/dovNaWBuy Tickets8 p.m.Amazon PrimeLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS3Fri, Aug. 26BillsPanthersBank of America Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/AoQxWKBuy Tickets7 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS3Fri, Aug. 26SeahawksCowboysAT&T Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/ZdznQKBuy Tickets8 p.m.CBS 11
PreseasonPS3Fri, Aug. 26PatriotsRaidersAllegiant Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/mgv957Buy Tickets8:15 p.m.Patriots Preseason Network
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27 JaguarsFalconsMercedes-Benz Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/P0gJyjBuy Tickets3 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27 BuccaneersColtsLucas Oil Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/e42yn1Buy Tickets4 p.m.WFLA
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27CommandersRavensM&T Bank Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/kjvD00Buy Tickets4 p.m.WBAL-TVLate Kickoff
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27 RamsBengalsPaul Brown Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/VyKzm6Buy Tickets7 p.m.ABC7
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27 BearsBrownsFirstEnergy Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/JrAez2Buy Tickets7 p.m.FOX32
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27 CardinalsTitansNissan Stadiumhttps://www.ticketnetwork.com/performers/tennessee-titans-tickets?clickId=0kH2YPRvxxyIUoS1q%3AwlC1f4UkD0XNwOUzsRSg0&utm_medium=aff&utm_source=ir&utm_campaign=2426109&offer_id=1&aff_id=1000&aff_sub=2426109&aff_sub2=0kH2YPRvxxyIUoS1q%3AwlC1f4UkD0XNwOUzsRSg0&sid=Buy Tickets7 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27 EaglesDolphinsHard Rock Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/rnykQjBuy Tickets7 p.m.CBS4/NBC10Late Kickoff
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27 ChargersSaintsCaesars Superdomehttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/GjkPKnBuy Tickers8 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS3Sat, Aug. 27 VikingsBroncosEmpower Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/zavZN0Buy Tickets9 p.m.TBD
PreseasonPS3Sun, Aug. 28 GiantsJetsMetLife Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/JrAeK2Buy Tickets1 p.m.WCBS
PreseasonPS3Sun, Aug. 28 LionsSteelersHeinz Fieldhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/zavZx0Buy Tickets4:30 p.m.CBS/KDKALate Kickoff
PreseasonPS3TBDPackersChiefsArrowhead Stadiumhttps://ticketnetwork.lusg.net/7mVR5YBuy TicketsTBDKSHB/Packers TV Network

When does the 2022 NFL preseason wrap up?

Now in its second week, the NFL preseason will conclude next weekend. The final day of preseason games is Sunday, Aug. 28, which will leave 11 days until the 2022 NFL regular season starts on Sept. 8 in Los Angeles.

Of more immediate concern, all 32 NFL teams will need to cut down to 53 players on their active roster by Tuesday, Aug. 30. PFN’s NFL roster cuts tracker will have all of the cuts made between now and when the final 53-man rosters are revealed.

How to watch and live stream NFL preseason games

There are several ways to watch and live stream NFL preseason games. NFL Network will be covering 22 preseason games this year, including eight in Week 1. In addition, you can use streaming services such as Vidgo and fuboTV to live stream any of the local or national preseason games.

This season, five of the 49 preseason games will be broadcast on national networks, and one will be carried on Amazon Prime, which will also be available on Twitch. ESPN will show two of the games, while NBC, FOX, and CBS will each have just one.

NFL+, the NFL’s new mobile and tablet streaming service, will also carry local preseason games. Each matchup will also be available for replay on NFL Game Pass.

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