What is NFL Game Pass and how much does it cost? (Updated 2021)

Ahead of the 2021 NFL season, what are the features of NFL Game Pass, how much does it cost, and can you watch live games on the service?

As the 2021 NFL season draws closer, does NFL Game Pass offer a convenient way to watch NFL games? What are the features of NFL Game Pass, how much does it cost, and can you use your subscription to watch live games?

What is NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass is a service provided by the NFL that allows users to watch replays of NFL games, whether they are in or out of market games. The service allows you to watch replays of all of these games in ways that best suit you. The options for viewing these replays include watching the games in full or in a condensed 40/45-minute version that is cut snap to snap, so the time between the action is limited.

There is also a Coaches Film mode that allows users to view different camera angles of individual plays. However, in a statement made ahead of the 2021 NFL season, NFL Game Pass revealed that early in the season, there may be a delay in the availability of the Coaches Film. Historically, there have often been problems with elements like Coaches Film and Play Search. In 2021, the service appears to be anticipating these problems will be there once again.

A further element that the service provides is listening to live audio streams of the games. There is also usually the option to choose between the home, road, or national announcers.

On-Demand Content

On top of the game action, NFL Game Pass offers access to a lot of on-demand content. These are usually shows produced by NFL Network or NFL Films, with archived footage of old Super Bowls as well.

NFL Game Pass is region-specific

One thing to be aware of with the service is that it is region-specific. Therefore, a subscription purchased in the US may not work in other countries and vice-versa. Each region has its own available features, so be sure to check that out ahead of purchasing.

How much does NFL Game Pass cost in 2021?

The cost of NFL Game Pass is $100 for an entire season. Each year’s subscription runs through to July 31, regardless of when it is purchased. There is a free trial available for seven days. However, beware that this requires payment information, and if not canceled before the trial runs out, it will automatically charge your account.

If committing for a full year is not ideal, the service has historically offered a quarterly subscription with payments of $29.99. Over the course of a full year, that is more expensive than the singular cost. On the other hand, if you just wanted to subscribe for six months, it would offer a saving of $40. There is no clear indication on the NFL website that the quarterly subscription will be available again this year.

Can you watch live games on NFL Game Pass?

Preseason games can be viewed live on NFL Game Pass, but not regular-season or playoff games. You can listen to game audio live through the service.

If you are looking to stream live NFL games, several options are available with different providers. These options also include the ability to watch NFL RedZone, which is not a feature available through the US edition of NFL Game Pass.

Nevertheless, if you just want to catch up on games from outside of your local market once they are complete, then the Game Pass service could be ideal. At $100, it is significantly cheaper than the majority of other streaming options available.

What platforms support the service?

A number of platforms support NFL Game Pass. There is a web browser for viewing from a computer. There is also an app available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Then, there are various options available on game consoles and streaming devices. The majority of these services will support NFL Game Pass. Still, before purchasing one, it is worth checking with the manufacturer directly.

Ben Rolfe is a Senior Managing Editor at Pro Football Network and is also a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). You can find him on Twitter @BenRolfePFN.

Ben Rolfe is a Senior Managing Editor at Pro Football Network and is also a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). You can find him on Twitter @BenRolfePFN.


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