NFL roster cuts tracker 2022: Tracking the latest NFL team-by-team cuts

Our 2022 NFL roster cuts tracker pulls in all the relevant information surrounding cutdown days, including a complete list of players who have been released.

Our 2022 NFL roster cuts tracker is here, and although it represents another step towards the official launch of the NFL season, it is a bittersweet time for players. With the first two deadlines already passed, let’s take a look at the latest cuts around the NFL. For more information on cuts, roster limits, waivers, and more, scroll down below the tracker.

2022 NFL roster cuts tracker

You can sort our NFL cuts tracker table by team and position and search by player name in the appropriate fields. For more information on roster cuts and the process, scroll below the tracker.

NFC WestArizona CardinalsBreon BordersCB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsCortez DavisCB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsDarrell Baker Jr.CB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJace WhittakerCB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJosh JacksonCB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsAntwaun WoodsDL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsKingsley KekeDL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsManny JonesDL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsAntwaun WoodsDT
NFC WestArizona CardinalsChristian RingoDT
NFC WestArizona CardinalsChandler WootenLB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsDevon KennardLB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJesse LuketaLB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJessie LemonierLB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJoe WalkerLB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsAaron BrewerLS
NFC WestArizona CardinalsDanny IsidoraOL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsGreg LongOL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsHaggai NdubuisiOL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJosh MilesOL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsKoda MartinOL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsRashaad CowardOL
NFC WestArizona CardinalsNolan CooneyP
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJarrett GuarantanoQB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsTrace McSorleyQB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsRonnie RiversRB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsT.J. PledgerRB
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJames WigginsS
NFC WestArizona CardinalsTae DaleyS
NFC WestArizona CardinalsBernhard SeikovitsTE
NFC WestArizona CardinalsChris Pierce Jr.TE
NFC WestArizona CardinalsDeon YelderTE
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJosh HokitTE
NFC WestArizona CardinalsStephen AndersonTE
NFC WestArizona CardinalsAndre BaccelliaWR
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJaVonta PaytonWR
NFC WestArizona CardinalsJontre KirklinWR
NFC WestArizona CardinalsMarcell AtemanWR
NFC WestArizona CardinalsVictor Bolden Jr.WR
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsCorey BallentineDB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsCornell ArmstrongDB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsLafayette PittsDB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsMatt HankinsDB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsTre WebbDB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsAbdullah AndersonDL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsDarrion DanielsDL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsDerrick TangeloDL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsJalen DaltonDL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsNick ThurmanDL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsBryce RodgersDT
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsJohn RaineFB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsDorian EtheridgeLB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsJordan BrailfordLB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsNick KwiatkoskiLB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsRashad SmithLB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsColby GossettOL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsJonotthan HarrisonOL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsJustin ShafferOL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsLeroy WatsonOL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsRyan NeuzilOL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsTyler VrabelOL
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsKuony DengOLB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsRick LeonardOT
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsSeth VernonP
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsCaleb HuntleyRB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsQadree OllisonRB
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsHenry BlackS
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsTeez TaborS
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsAnthony FirkserTE
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsMyCole PruittTE
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsTucker FiskTE
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsAuden TateWR
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsCameron BatsonWR
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsFrank DarbyWR
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsGeronimo AllisonWR
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsKeeSean JohnsonWR
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsStanley BerryhillWR
NFC SouthAtlanta FalconsTyshaun JamesWR
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensJimmy MurrayC
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensDaryl WorleyCB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensKevon SeymourCB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensRobert JacksonCB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensAr'Darius WashingtonDB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensDavid VereenDB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensDenzel WilliamsDB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensBrent UrbanDE
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensAaron CrawfordDT
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensRayshad NicholsDT
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensBen MasonFB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensChuck WileyLB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensDaelin HayesLB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensDiego FagotLB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensJeremiah MoonLB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensSteven MeansLB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensTrent HarrisLB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensZakoby McClainLB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensIsaiah MackNT
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensReginald McKenzieOG
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensDavid SharpeOT
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensJaryd Jones-SmithOT
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensCameron DickerP
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensAnthony BrownQB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensBrett HundleyQB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensCorey ClementRB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensNate McCraryRB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensTyler BadieRB
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensTony JeffersonS
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensTony PoljanTE
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensBailey GaitherWR
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensBinjimen VictorWR
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensDevon WilliamsWR
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensJaylon MooreWR
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensMakai PolkWR
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensRaleigh WebbWR
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensShemar BridgesWR
AFC NorthBaltimore RavensSlade BoldenWR
AFC EastBuffalo BillsJa'Marcus IngramDB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsJordan MillerDB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsJosh ThomasDB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsNick McCloudDB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsOlaijah GriffinDB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsTim HarrisDB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsDaniel JosephDE
AFC EastBuffalo BillsKingsley JonathanDE
AFC EastBuffalo BillsMike LoveDE
AFC EastBuffalo BillsBrandin BryantDT
AFC EastBuffalo BillsC.J. BrewerDT
AFC EastBuffalo BillsEli AnkouDT
AFC EastBuffalo BillsPrince EmiliDT
AFC EastBuffalo BillsJoe Giles-HarrisLB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsMarquel LeeLB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsJacob CapraOG
AFC EastBuffalo BillsJordan SimmonsOG
AFC EastBuffalo BillsAlec AndersonOL
AFC EastBuffalo BillsGreg ManczOL
AFC EastBuffalo BillsLuke TenutaOL
AFC EastBuffalo BillsDerek KerstetterOT
AFC EastBuffalo BillsTanner OwenOT
AFC EastBuffalo BillsMatt AraizaP
AFC EastBuffalo BillsMatt HaackP
AFC EastBuffalo BillsMatt BarkleyQB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsDuke JohnsonRB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsRaheem BlackshearRB
AFC EastBuffalo BillsJalen WydermyerTE
AFC EastBuffalo BillsO.J. HowardTE
AFC EastBuffalo BillsIsaiah HodginsWR
AFC EastBuffalo BillsNeil Pau'uWR
AFC EastBuffalo BillsTanner GentryWR
AFC EastBuffalo BillsTavon AustinWR
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersChris WestryCB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersDevin JonesCB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersKalon BarnesCB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersMadre HarperCB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersTae HayesCB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersDuke DawsonDB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersAustin LarkinDE
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersDarryl JohnsonDE
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersDrew JordanDE
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersFrank HerronDT
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersArron MosbyLB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersIsaiah Graham-MobleyLB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersJacob Tuioti-MarinerLB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersJosh WatsonLB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersKamal MartinLB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersKhalan TolsonLB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersDeonte BrownOG
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersMike HortonOL
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersSam TecklenburgOL
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersWyatt MillerOL
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersAusten PleasantsOT
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersDarius BradwellRB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersJohn LovettRB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersSpencer BrownRB
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersJuston BurrisS
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersKenny RobinsonS
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersColin ThompsonTE
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersJared ScottTE
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersJosh BabiczTE
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersNate BeckerTE
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersRyan IzzoTE
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersAndrew ParchmentWR
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersBrandon ZylstraWR
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersC.J. SaundersWR
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersCharleston RamboWR
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersDerek WrightWR
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersKeith KirkwoodWR
NFC SouthCarolina PanthersRa'Shaun HenryWR
NFC NorthChicago BearsCorey DublinC
NFC NorthChicago BearsBoPete KeyesCB
NFC NorthChicago BearsA.J. ThomasDB
NFC NorthChicago BearsDavontae HarrisDB
NFC NorthChicago BearsGreg StromanDB
NFC NorthChicago BearsJayson StanleyDB
NFC NorthChicago BearsMichael Joseph*DB
NFC NorthChicago BearsThomas GrahamDB
NFC NorthChicago BearsMario EdwardsDE
NFC NorthChicago BearsCarson TaylorDL
NFC NorthChicago BearsCharles SnowdenDL
NFC NorthChicago BearsMario EdwardsDL
NFC NorthChicago BearsMicah Dew-TreadwayDL
NFC NorthChicago BearsSam KamaraDL
NFC NorthChicago BearsTrevon ColeyDL
NFC NorthChicago BearsLaCale LondonDT
NFC NorthChicago BearsJake BargasFB
NFC NorthChicago BearsC.J. AveryLB
NFC NorthChicago BearsChristian AlbrightLB
NFC NorthChicago BearsDeMarquis GatesLB
NFC NorthChicago BearsJavin White*LB
NFC NorthChicago BearsNoah DawkinsLB
NFC NorthChicago BearsDieter EiselenOL
NFC NorthChicago BearsLachavious SimmonsOL
NFC NorthChicago BearsMichael SchofieldOL
NFC NorthChicago BearsShon ColemanOL
NFC NorthChicago BearsJean DelanceOT
NFC NorthChicago BearsJulie'n DavenportOT
NFC NorthChicago BearsNathan PetermanQB
NFC NorthChicago BearsDarrynton EvansRB
NFC NorthChicago BearsDe'Montre TuggleRB
NFC NorthChicago BearsJon AlexanderS
NFC NorthChicago BearsChase AllenTE
NFC NorthChicago BearsJames O'ShaughnessyTE
NFC NorthChicago BearsRysen JohnTE
NFC NorthChicago BearsChris FinkeWR
NFC NorthChicago BearsDazz NewsomeWR
NFC NorthChicago BearsIsaiah CoulterWR
NFC NorthChicago BearsKevin ShaaWR
NFC NorthChicago BearsNsimba WebsterWR
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsAbu Daramy-SwarayCB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsBookie Radley-HilesCB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsDelonte HoodCB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsJavaris DavisCB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsNoah SpenceDE
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsRaymond Johnson IIIDE
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsDomenique DavisDT
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsTariqious TisdaleDT
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsTyler ShelvinDT
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsCarson WellsLB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsClarence HicksLB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsKeandre JonesLB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsSilas KellyLB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsTegray ScalesLB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsCal AdomitisLS
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsDesmond NoelOG
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsLamont GaillardOG
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsNate GilliamOG
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsDevin CochranOT
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsDrue ChrismanP
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsDrew PlittQB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsJake BrowningQB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsJacques PatrickRB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsShermari JonesRB
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsTrayvon HendersonS
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsJustin RiggTE
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsNick EubanksTE
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsScotty WashingtonTE
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsThaddeus MossTE
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsJack SorensonWR
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsJaivon HeilighWR
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsKendric PryorWR
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsKwamie Lassiter IIWR
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsMike D. ThomasWR
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsPooka Williams Jr.WR
AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsTrenton IrwinWR
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsBrock HoffmanC
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsHerb MillerCB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsParnell MotleyCB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsShaun JollyCB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsReggie RobinsonDB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsCurtis WeaverDE
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsGlen LoganDT
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsRoderick Perry IIDT
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsSheldon DayDT
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsJohnny Stanton IVFB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsDakota AllenLB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsSilas KellyLB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsWille Harvey Jr.LB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsBlake HanceOG
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsDavid Moore Jr.OG
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsAlex TaylorOT
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsBen PetrulaOT
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsElijah Nkansah*OT
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsWyatt MillerOT
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsJoseph CharltonP
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsJosh RosenQB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsJohn Kelly Jr.RB
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsJovante MoffattS
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsLavert HillS
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsLuther Kirk IVS
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsMarcus Santos-SilvaTE
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsMiller ForristallTE
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsNakia Griffin-StewartTE
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsZaire Mitchell-PadenTE
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsDaylen BaldwinWR
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsDerrick DillonWR
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsJa'Marcus BradleyWR
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsJavon WimsWR
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsMike Harley Jr.WR
AFC NorthCleveland BrownsTravell HarrisWR
NFC EastDallas CowboysAlec LindstromC
NFC EastDallas CowboysJames EmpeyC
NFC EastDallas CowboysC.J. GoodwinCB
NFC EastDallas CowboysIsaac Taylor-StuartCB
NFC EastDallas CowboysQuandre MoselyCB
NFC EastDallas CowboysKyron BrownDB
NFC EastDallas CowboysMarkaviest BryantDE
NFC EastDallas CowboysMika TafuaDE
NFC EastDallas CowboysJosiah BronsonDL
NFC EastDallas CowboysAustin FaoliuDT
NFC EastDallas CowboysCarlos WatkinsDT
NFC EastDallas CowboysBrett MaherK
NFC EastDallas CowboysLirim HajrullahuK
NFC EastDallas CowboysChristian SamLB
NFC EastDallas CowboysMalik JeffersonLB
NFC EastDallas CowboysStorey JacksonLB
NFC EastDallas CowboysJake McQuaideLS
NFC EastDallas CowboysBraylon JonesOG
NFC EastDallas CowboysIsaac AlarconOG
NFC EastDallas CowboysAmon SimonOT
NFC EastDallas CowboysAviante CollinsOT
NFC EastDallas CowboysBen DiNucciQB
NFC EastDallas CowboysCooper RushQB
NFC EastDallas CowboysWill GrierQB
NFC EastDallas CowboysAaron ShampklinRB
NFC EastDallas CowboysMalik DavisRB
NFC EastDallas CowboysRyan NallRB
NFC EastDallas CowboysJuanyeh ThomasS
NFC EastDallas CowboysTyler CoyleS
NFC EastDallas CowboysIan Bunting*TE
NFC EastDallas CowboysJeremy SprinkleTE
NFC EastDallas CowboysSean McKeonTE
NFC EastDallas CowboysBrandon SmithWR
NFC EastDallas CowboysDontario DrummondWR
NFC EastDallas CowboysJaquarii RobersonWR
NFC EastDallas CowboysT.J. VasherWR
NFC EastDallas CowboysTy FryfogleWR
AFC WestDenver BroncosBless AustinCB
AFC WestDenver BroncosDonnie Lewis Jr.CB
AFC WestDenver BroncosFaion HicksCB
AFC WestDenver BroncosJa'Quan McMillianCB
AFC WestDenver BroncosJamar JohnsonDB
AFC WestDenver BroncosMarquiss SpencerDE
AFC WestDenver BroncosJonathan HarrisDL
AFC WestDenver BroncosMike PurcellDL
AFC WestDenver BroncosMcTelvin AgimDT
AFC WestDenver BroncosKana'i MaugaLB
AFC WestDenver BroncosBarrington WadeLB
AFC WestDenver BroncosJeremiah GemmelLB
AFC WestDenver BroncosJoe SchobertLB
AFC WestDenver BroncosBen BradenOG
AFC WestDenver BroncosMichael NieseOG
AFC WestDenver BroncosNetane MutiOG
AFC WestDenver BroncosZack JohnsonOG
AFC WestDenver BroncosQuinn BaileyOL
AFC WestDenver BroncosJonathan KongboOLB
AFC WestDenver BroncosCasey TuckerOT
AFC WestDenver BroncosSebastian GutierrezOT
AFC WestDenver BroncosSam MartinP
AFC WestDenver BroncosJosh JohnsonQB
AFC WestDenver BroncosDevine OzigboRB
AFC WestDenver BroncosJaQuan HardyRB
AFC WestDenver BroncosMax BorghiRB
AFC WestDenver BroncosStevie Scott IIIRB
AFC WestDenver BroncosTyreik McAllisterRB
AFC WestDenver BroncosJ.R. ReedS
AFC WestDenver BroncosDylan ParhamTE
AFC WestDenver BroncosEric TomlinsonTE
AFC WestDenver BroncosDarrius ShepherdWR
AFC WestDenver BroncosKaden DavisWR
AFC WestDenver BroncosKendall HintonWR
AFC WestDenver BroncosRod WilliamsWR
AFC WestDenver BroncosSeth WilliamsWR
AFC WestDenver BroncosTravis FulghamWR
AFC WestDenver BroncosTrey QuinnWR
NFC NorthDetroit LionsRyan McCollumC
NFC NorthDetroit LionsA.J. ParkerCB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsCedric BoswellCB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsMark GilbertCB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsSaivion SmithCB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsBruce HectorDL
NFC NorthDetroit LionsEric BanksDL
NFC NorthDetroit LionsJashon CornellDL
NFC NorthDetroit LionsRiley PattersonK
NFC NorthDetroit LionsAnthony PittmanLB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsJames HoustonLB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsJarrad DavisLB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsShaun Dion HamiltonLB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsKevin JarvisOG
NFC NorthDetroit LionsDan SkipperOT
NFC NorthDetroit LionsDarrin PauloOT
NFC NorthDetroit LionsKendall LammOT
NFC NorthDetroit LionsObinna EzeOT
NFC NorthDetroit LionsTim BoyleQB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsGodwin IgwebuikeRB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsJustin JacksonRB
NFC NorthDetroit LionsBrady BreezeS
NFC NorthDetroit LionsC.J. MooreS
NFC NorthDetroit LionsDerrick DeeseTE
NFC NorthDetroit LionsDevin FunchessTE
NFC NorthDetroit LionsGarrett GriffinTE
NFC NorthDetroit LionsNolan GivanTE
NFC NorthDetroit LionsJosh JohnsonWR
NFC NorthDetroit LionsKalil PimpletonWR
NFC NorthDetroit LionsMaurice AlexanderWR
NFC NorthDetroit LionsTom KennedyWR
NFC NorthDetroit LionsTrinity BensonWR
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersMichal MenetC
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersTy ClaryC
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersDe'Vante CrossDB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersDonte VaughnDB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersInnis GainesDB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersKabion EntoDB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersKiondre ThomasDB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersShawn DavisDB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersAkial ByersDT
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersChris SlaytonDT
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersJack HeflinDT
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersGabe Brkic*K
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersRamiz AhmedK
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersChauncey ManacLB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersEllis BrooksLB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersKobe JonesLB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersLadarius HamiltonLB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersRandy RamseyLB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersRay WilbornLB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersTy SummersLB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersSteven WirtelLS
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersCole SchneiderOG
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersGeorge MooreOG
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersCaleb JonesOT
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersDanny EtlingQB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersB.J. BaylorRB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersDexter WilliamsRB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersPatrick TaylorRB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersTyler GoodsonRB
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersVernon ScottS
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersAlize MackTE
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersDominique DafneyTE
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersJuwann WinfreeTE
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersNate BeckerTE
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersSal CanellaTE
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersDanny DavisWR
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersIshmael HymanWR
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersMalik Taylor*WR
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersRico GaffordWR
NFC NorthGreen Bay PackersTravis FulghamWR
AFC SouthHouston TexansGrayland ArnoldDB
AFC SouthHouston TexansIsaac YiadomDB
AFC SouthHouston TexansJacobi FrancisDB
AFC SouthHouston TexansKendall SheffieldDB
AFC SouthHouston TexansTerrence BrooksDB
AFC SouthHouston TexansTristin McCollumDB
AFC SouthHouston TexansJordan JenkinsDE
AFC SouthHouston TexansAdedayo OdeleyeDL
AFC SouthHouston TexansDamion DanielsDL
AFC SouthHouston TexansDemone HarrisDL
AFC SouthHouston TexansAndy JanovichFB
AFC SouthHouston TexansPaul QuessenberryFB
AFC SouthHouston TexansMatt AmmendolaK
AFC SouthHouston TexansKevin Pierre-LouisLB
AFC SouthHouston TexansTae DavisLB
AFC SouthHouston TexansHarrison ElliottLS
AFC SouthHouston TexansCedric OgbuehiOL
AFC SouthHouston TexansJimmy MorrisseyOL
AFC SouthHouston TexansJordan StecklerOL
AFC SouthHouston TexansMax ScharpingOL
AFC SouthHouston TexansMyron CunninghamOL
AFC SouthHouston TexansTre’Vour Wallace-SimmsOL
AFC SouthHouston TexansJeff DriskelQB
AFC SouthHouston TexansB.J. EmmonsRB
AFC SouthHouston TexansMarlon MackRB
AFC SouthHouston TexansAntony AuclairTE
AFC SouthHouston TexansMason SchreckTE
AFC SouthHouston TexansSeth GreenTE
AFC SouthHouston TexansChad BeebeWR
AFC SouthHouston TexansChester RogersWR
AFC SouthHouston TexansChris ConleyWR
AFC SouthHouston TexansConnor WedingtonWR
AFC SouthHouston TexansDavion DavisWR
AFC SouthHouston TexansDrew EstradaWR
AFC SouthHouston TexansJalen CampWR
AFC SouthHouston TexansJohnny Johnson IIIWR
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsAlex MolletteC
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsAlexander MyresCB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsAnthony ChesleyCB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsChris WilcoxCB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsMarvell Tell IIICB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsMarcel DaboDB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsKameron ClineDE
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsCaeveon PattonDT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsChris WilliamsDT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsCurtis BrooksDT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsR.J. McIntoshDT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsJake VerityK
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsBrandon KingLB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsForrest RhyneLB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsJames SkalskiLB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsSterling WeatherfordLB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsJosh SeltznerOG
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsBrandon KempOT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsDennis KellyOT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsJason SpriggsOT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsJordan MurrayOT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsRyan Van DemarkOT
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsJack CoanQB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsC.J. VerdellRB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsD'Vonte PriceRB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsPhillip LindsayRB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsTy'Son WilliamsRB
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsWill RedmondS
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsMichael JacobsonTE
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsNikola KalinicTE
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsD.J. MontgomeryWR
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsDeMichael HarrisWR
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsEthan FerneaWR
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsIsaiah FordWR
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsKeke CouteeWR
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsMichael Young Jr.WR
AFC SouthIndianapolis ColtsSamson NacuaWR
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsBenjie FranklinCB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsGregory JuniorCB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsShabari DavisCB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsXavier CrawfordCB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsBrandon RusnakDB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsJeremiah LedbetterDE
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsAuzoyah AlufohaiDL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsIsrael AntwineDL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsJay TufeleDT
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsMalcom BrownDT
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsRaequan WilliamsDT
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsElliott FryK
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsRyan SantosoK
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsChapelle RussellLB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsGrant MorganLB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsTyrell AdamsLB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsWyatt RayLB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsBadara TraoreOL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsBeau BenzschawelOL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsCoy CronkOL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsDarryl WilliamsOL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsKC McDermottOL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsNick FordOL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsWes MartinOL
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsRashod BerryOLB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsE.J. PerryQB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsJake LutonQB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsMatt Colburn IIRB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsMekhi SargentRB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsNathan CottrellRB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsRyquell ArmsteadRB
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsAyo OyelolaS
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsRudy FordS
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsGerrit PrinceTE
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsGrayson GunterTE
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsJeff Cotton Jr.WR
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsKevin Austin Jr.WR
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsLaquon TreadwellWR
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsLujuan WinninghamWR
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsMarvin HallWR
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsRyan McDanielWR
AFC SouthJacksonville JaguarsWillie JohnsonWR
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsAustin ReiterC
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsDicaprio BootleCB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsLonnie Johnson Jr.CB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsBrandin DandridgeDB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsNasir GreerDB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsAustin EdwardsDE
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsAzur KamaraDE
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsKehinde OginniDE
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsDanny SheltonDT
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsMatt DickersonDT
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsTaylor StallworthDT
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsElijah LeeLB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsJack CochraneLB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsJermaine CarterLB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsMike RoseLB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsMike CaliendoOG
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsDavid SteinmetzOT
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsEvin KsiezarczykOT
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsRoderick JohnsonOT
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsVitaliy GurmanOT
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsDustin CrumQB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsDerrick GoreRB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsJerrion EalyRB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsTayon Fleet-DavisRB
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsDevon KeyS
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsNazeeh JohnsonS
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsZayne AndersonS
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsJordan FranksTE
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsMatt BushmanTE
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsAaron ParkerWR
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsCorey ColemanWR
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsCornell PowellWR
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsDaurice FountainWR
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsDevin GrayWR
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsGary JenningsWR
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsJosh GordonWR
AFC WestKansas City ChiefsOmar BaylessWR
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersHroniss GrasuC
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersChris JonesCB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersCre'Von LeBlancCB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersBryce CosbyDB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersDarius PhillipsDB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersIsiah BrownDB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersMatthias FarleyDB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersNate BrooksDB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersQwynnterrio ColeDB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersGerri GreenDE
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersZach VanValkenburgDE
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersKyle PekoDT
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersMyron Tagovailoa-AmosaDT
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersVernon ButlerDT
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersCurtis BoltonLB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersKenny YoungLB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersAlex BarsOG
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersAlex LeatherwoodOG
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersJordan MeredithOG
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersBam OlaseniOT
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersTyrone Wheatley Jr.OT
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersChase GarbersQB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersAustin WalterRB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersKenyan DrakeRB
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersCole FotheringhamTE
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersNick BowersTE
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersChris LacyWR
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersDemarcus RobinsonWR
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersDillon StonerWR
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersIsaiah ZuberWR
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersJordan VeasyWR
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersJustin HallWR
AFC WestLas Vegas RaidersKeelan ColeWR
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersIsaac Weaver*C
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersBrandon SebastianCB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersKemon HallCB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersMichael JacquetCB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersBen DeLucaDB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersMark Webb Jr.DB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersNate BrooksDB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersTevaughn CampbellDB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersTy ShelbyDE
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersAndrew BrownDL
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersChristian CovingtonDL
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersForrest Merrrill*DL
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersJoe GazianoDL
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersGabe NabersFB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersJames McCourtK
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersCole ChristiansenLB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersDamon LloydLB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersTyreek Maddox-WilliamsLB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersCameron HuntOG
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersRyan HunterOG
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersCarlo KempOLB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersEmeke EgbuleOLB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersJamal Davis IIOLB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersFoster SarellOT
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersZack BaileyOT
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersBrandon PetersQB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersKevin Marks Jr.RB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersLeddie BrownRB
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersRaheem LayneS
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersSkyler ThomasS
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersErik KrommenhoekTE
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersHunter KampmoyerTE
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersSage SurrattTE
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersJason Moore Jr.WR
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersJoe ReedWR
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersMaurice FfrenchWR
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersMichael BandyWR
AFC WestLos Angeles ChargersTrevon BradfordWR
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsCaesar Dancy-WilliamsDB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsDaniel IsomDB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsDuron LoweDB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsGrant HaleyDB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsJairon McVeaDB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsJake GervaseDB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsT.J. CarterDB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsTyler HallDB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsBenton WhitleyDE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsBrayden ThomasDE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsEarnest Brown IVDE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsT.J. CarterDE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsElijah GarciaDT
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsAnthony HinesLB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsChris GarrettLB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsJack SnyderOG
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsJeremiah KoloneOG
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsA.J. ArcuriOT
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsAdrian EalyOT
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsChandler BrewerOT
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsMax PircherOT
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsCameron DickerP
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsLuis PerezQB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsA.J. RoseRB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsRaymond CalaisRB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsTrey RagasRB
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsJacob HarrisTE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsJamal PettigrewTE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsJared PinkneyTE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsKendall BlantonTE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsRoger CarterTE
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsAustin TrammellWR
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsJ.J. Koski*WR
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsLanden AkersWR
NFC WestLos Angeles RamsWarren JacksonWR
AFC EastMiami DolphinsD'Angelo RossCB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsElijah HamiltonCB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsQuincy WilsonCB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsTino EllisCB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsJordan WilliamsDL
AFC EastMiami DolphinsOwen Carney Jr.DL
AFC EastMiami DolphinsBen StilleDT
AFC EastMiami DolphinsBenito JonesDT
AFC EastMiami DolphinsNiles ScottDT
AFC EastMiami DolphinsCameron GoodeLB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsDarius HodgeLB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsDeandre JohnsonLB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsPorter GustinLB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsAdam PankeyOL
AFC EastMiami DolphinsBlaise AndriesOL
AFC EastMiami DolphinsCole BanwartOL
AFC EastMiami DolphinsKellen DieschOL
AFC EastMiami DolphinsSolomon KindleyOL
AFC EastMiami DolphinsKion SmithOT
AFC EastMiami DolphinsLarnel ColemanOT
AFC EastMiami DolphinsSterling HofrichterP
AFC EastMiami DolphinsGerrid DoaksRB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsSony MichelRB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsZaQuandre WhiteRB
AFC EastMiami DolphinsSheldrick RedwineS
AFC EastMiami DolphinsVerone McKinley IIIS
AFC EastMiami DolphinsBraylon SandersWR
AFC EastMiami DolphinsDeVonte DedmonWR
AFC EastMiami DolphinsLynn BowdenWR
AFC EastMiami DolphinsMohamed SanuWR
AFC EastMiami DolphinsPreston WilliamsWR
AFC EastMiami DolphinsRiver CracraftWR
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsJosh SokolC
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsHarrison HandCB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsNate HairstonCB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsParry NickersonCB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsTye SmithCB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsJaylen TwymanDL
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsJullian TaylorDL
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsT.J. SmithDL
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsTyarise StevensonDL
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsArmon WattsDT
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsJake BargasFB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsAndre MintzeLB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsBlake LynchLB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsChazz SurrattLB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsJanarius RobinsonLB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsWilliam KwenkeuLB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsZach McCloudLB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsKyle HintonOG
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsWyatt DavisOG
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsTimon ParrisOT
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsJordan BerryP
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsKellen MondQB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsSean MannionQB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsBryant KobackRB
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsMike BrownS
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsMyles DornS
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsNick MuseTE
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsShaun BeyerTE
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsZach DavidsonTE
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsAlbert WilsonWR
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsDan ChisenaWR
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsMyron MitchellWR
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsThomas Hennigan*WR
NFC NorthMinnesota VikingsTrishton JacksonWR
AFC EastNew England PatriotsJames FerentzC
AFC EastNew England PatriotsKody RusseyC
AFC EastNew England PatriotsMalcolm ButlerCB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsBrad HawkinsDB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsDevin HaffordDB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsJalen ElliottDB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsJustin BethelDB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsTerrance MitchellDB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsJeremiah PharmsDE
AFC EastNew England PatriotsLaBryan RayDE
AFC EastNew England PatriotsBill MurrayDT
AFC EastNew England PatriotsTristan VizcainoK
AFC EastNew England PatriotsCameron McGroneLB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsHarvey LangiLB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsNate WielandLB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsArlington HambrightOG
AFC EastNew England PatriotsDrew DesjarlaisOG
AFC EastNew England PatriotsWilliam ShermanOG
AFC EastNew England PatriotsYasir DurantOG
AFC EastNew England PatriotsJake JulienP
AFC EastNew England PatriotsJ.J. TaylorRB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsKevin HarrisRB
AFC EastNew England PatriotsDalton KeeneTE
AFC EastNew England PatriotsDevin AsiasiTE
AFC EastNew England PatriotsJalen WydermyerTE
AFC EastNew England PatriotsMatt SokolTE
AFC EastNew England PatriotsJosh HammondWR
AFC EastNew England PatriotsLil'Jordan HumphreyWR
AFC EastNew England PatriotsTre NixonWR
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsNick MartinC
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsBrian AllenDB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsBryce ThompsonDB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsDaMarcus FieldsDB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsDylan MabinDB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsIsaiah Pryor*DB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJack KoernerDB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJordan BrownDB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsQuenton MeeksDB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsVincent GrayDB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsNiko LalosDE
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsScott PatchanDE
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsTaco CharltonDE
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsT.J. CarterDL
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJaleel JohnsonDT
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJordan JacksonDT
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJosh BlackDT
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJohn Parker RomoK
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsChase HansenLB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsEric WilsonLB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJon BosticLB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsNephi SewellLB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsDerek SchweigerOL
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJosh AndrewsOL
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsDerrick KellyOT
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsKhalique WashingtonOT
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsSage DoxtaterOT
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsIan BookQB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsK.J. CostelloQB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsAbram SmithRB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsDevine OzigboRB
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsChris HerndonTE
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsJ.P. HoltzTE
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsLucas KrullTE
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsDai'Jean DixonWR
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsEasop Winston Jr.WR
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsKevin WhiteWR
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsKirk MerrittWR
NFC SouthNew Orleans SaintsRashid ShaheedWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsChris OwensC
NFC EastNew York GiantsDarren EvansCB
NFC EastNew York GiantsHarrison HandCB
NFC EastNew York GiantsKhalil DorseyCB
NFC EastNew York GiantsZyon GilbertCB
NFC EastNew York GiantsAndrew AdamsDB
NFC EastNew York GiantsGavin HeslopDB
NFC EastNew York GiantsJarrod WilsonDB
NFC EastNew York GiantsMichael JacquetDB
NFC EastNew York GiantsOlaijah GriffinDB
NFC EastNew York GiantsYusuf CorkerDB
NFC EastNew York GiantsJalyn HolmesDE
NFC EastNew York GiantsRyder AndersonDE
NFC EastNew York GiantsDavid MoaDL
NFC EastNew York GiantsChristopher HintonDT
NFC EastNew York GiantsRyan SantosoK
NFC EastNew York GiantsQuincy RocheLB
NFC EastNew York GiantsJamil DouglasOG
NFC EastNew York GiantsJosh RivasOG
NFC EastNew York GiantsEric SmithOL
NFC EastNew York GiantsGarrett McGhinOL
NFC EastNew York GiantsRoy MbaetekaOL
NFC EastNew York GiantsWill HoldenOT
NFC EastNew York GiantsDavis WebbQB
NFC EastNew York GiantsJashaun CorbinRB
NFC EastNew York GiantsNate MeadorsS
NFC EastNew York GiantsTrenton ThompsonS
NFC EastNew York GiantsAustin AllenTE
NFC EastNew York GiantsJeremiah HallTE
NFC EastNew York GiantsAlex BachmanWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsAustin ProehlWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsBailey GaitherWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsC.J. BoardWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsJaylon MooreWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsKeelan DossWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsMarcus KempWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsRobert FosterWR
NFC EastNew York GiantsTravis ToivonenWR
AFC EastNew York JetsIsaiah DunnCB
AFC EastNew York JetsJavelin GuidryCB
AFC EastNew York JetsLuq BarcooCB
AFC EastNew York JetsRachad WildgooseCB
AFC EastNew York JetsTim WardDE
AFC EastNew York JetsBradlee AnaeDL
AFC EastNew York JetsJabari ZunigaDL
AFC EastNew York JetsJonathan MarshallDL
AFC EastNew York JetsTanzel SmartDL
AFC EastNew York JetsNick BawdenFB
AFC EastNew York JetsEddy PineiroK
AFC EastNew York JetsDel'Shawn PhillipsLB
AFC EastNew York JetsDQ ThomasLB
AFC EastNew York JetsHamsah NasirildeenLB
AFC EastNew York JetsKai NacuaLB
AFC EastNew York JetsMarcell HarrisLB
AFC EastNew York JetsCaleb BenenochOL
AFC EastNew York JetsChris GlaserOL
AFC EastNew York JetsChuma EdogaOL
AFC EastNew York JetsConor McDermottOL
AFC EastNew York JetsDerrick KellyOL
AFC EastNew York JetsGrant HermannsOL
AFC EastNew York JetsIsaiah WilliamsOL
AFC EastNew York JetsRoss PierschbacherOL
AFC EastNew York JetsChris StrevelerQB
AFC EastNew York JetsLa'Mical PerineRB
AFC EastNew York JetsTevin ColemanRB
AFC EastNew York JetsElijah RileyS
AFC EastNew York JetsJason PinnockS
AFC EastNew York JetsWill ParksS
AFC EastNew York JetsKenny YeboahTE
AFC EastNew York JetsTrevon WescoTE
AFC EastNew York JetsCalvin JacksonWR
AFC EastNew York JetsIrvin CharlesWR
AFC EastNew York JetsKeshunn AbramWR
AFC EastNew York JetsRashard DavisWR
AFC EastNew York JetsTarik BlackWR
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesCameron TomC
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJosh BlackwellCB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesKary VincentCB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesMac McCainCB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesMario GoodrichCB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesTay GowanCB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJared MaydenDB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJimmy MorelandDB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesMatt LeoDE
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesKobe SmithDT
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesMarvin WilsonDT
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesRenell WrenDT
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesAli FayadLB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesChristian EllissLB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJaCoby StevensLB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJack AndersonOL
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesKayode AwosikaOL
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesWilliam DunkleOL
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJarrid WilliamsOT
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesLe'Raven ClarkOT
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesCarson StrongQB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesReid SinnettQB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesDeAndre TorreyRB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJason HuntleyRB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesKennedy BrooksRB
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesAndre ChachereS
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesAnthony HarrisS
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJaquiski TarttS
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesNoah TogiaiTE
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesRichard RodgersTE
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesBritain CoveyWR
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesDeon CainWR
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesDevon AllenWR
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesJohn HightowerWR
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesKeric WheatfallWR
NFC EastPhiladelphia EaglesLance LenoirWR
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersChris OwensC
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersNate GilliamC
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersJustin LayneCB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersCarlins PlatelDB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersChris SteeleDB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersDonovan StinerDB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersElijah RileyDB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersLinden StephensDB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersCarlos DavisDL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersDonovan JeterDL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersHenry MondeauxDL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersKhalil DavisDL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersDoug CostinDT
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersNick ScibaK
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersBuddy JohnsonLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersDelontae ScottLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersGenard AveryLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersHamilcar RashedLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersJames VaughtersLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersRon'Dell CarterLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersT.D. MoultryLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersTuzar SkipperLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersUlysees GilbertLB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersAdrian EalyOL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersChaz GreenOL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersJoe HaegOL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersJohn LeglueOL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersRyan McCollumOL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersTrent ScottOL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersWilliam DunkleOL
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersJake DixonOT
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersJordan TuckerOT
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersCameron NizialekP
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersChris OladokunQB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersMaster TeagueRB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersMateo DurantRB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersMax BorghiRB
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersJace SternbergerTE
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersKevin RaderTE
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersChristian BlakeWR
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersCody WhiteWR
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersJavon McKinleyWR
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersTyler SneadWR
AFC NorthPittsburgh SteelersTyler VaughnsWR
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersDarqueze DennardCB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersDontae JohnsonCB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersKa’dar HollmanCB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersKen CrawleyCB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersQwuantrezz KnightCB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersTariq Castro-FieldsCB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersLeon O'NealDB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersKemoki TurayDE
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersAkeem SpenceDL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersAlex BarrettDL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersJordan WillisDL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersKemoko TurayDL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersKevin AtkinsDL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersTomasi LaulileDL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersRobert NkemdicheDT
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersJosh HokitFB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersJeremiah GemmelLB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersMarcelino McCrary-BallLB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersSegun OlubiLB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersAlfredo GutierrezOL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersDohnovan WestOL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersJason PoeOL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersJordan MillsOL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersJustin SkuleOL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersKeaton SutherlandOL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersSam SchlueterOL
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersNate SudfeldQB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersJaMycal HastyRB
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersTashaun Gipson Sr.S
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersTayler HawkinsS
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersTanner HudsonTE
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersTroy FumagalliTE
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersTyler KroftTE
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersAustin MackWR
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersKeeSean JohnsonWR
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersMalik TurnerWR
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersMarcus JohnsonWR
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersTay MartinWR
NFC WestSan Francisco 49ersWillie SneadWR
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksDakoda ShepleyC
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksElijah JonesCB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJosh Valentine-TurnerCB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJustin ColemanCB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJameson HoustonDB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksAntonio ValentinoDT
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJarrod HewittDT
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksMatthew GotelDT
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksAaron DonkorLB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJoel DublankoLB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJoel IyiegbuniweLB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksLakiem WilliamsLB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksTanner MuseLB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksVi JonesLB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksEric WilsonOG
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksKeenan ForbesOG
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksShamarious GilmoreOG
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksGreg EilandOT
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksLiam RyanOT
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJacob EasonQB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksDarwin ThompsonRB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJosh JohnsonRB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksRonnie RiversRB
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksBubba BoldenS
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksDeontai WiliamsS
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksMarquise BlairS
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksScott NelsonS
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksCade BrewerTE
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksTyler MabryTE
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksAaron FullerWR
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksBo MeltonWR
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksCade JohnsonWR
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksDeontez AlexanderWR
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksFreddie SwainWR
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksJ.J. Arcega-WhitesideWR
NFC WestSeattle SeahawksKevin KassisWR
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersChris CooperDB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersDon GardnerDB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersKyler McMichaelDB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersLogan RyanDB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersNolan TurnerDB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersRoss CockrellDB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersBenning Potoa'eDE
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersDeadrin SenatDT
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersMike GreeneDT
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersWillington PrevilonDT
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersJose BorregalesK
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersAndre AnthonyLB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersElijah PonderLB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersGenard AveryLB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersJ.J. RussellLB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersJoJo OzougwuLB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersJordan YoungLB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersJohn MolchonOG
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersSadarius HutchersonOG
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersCurtis BlackwellOL
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersJonathan HubbardOL
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersDylan CookOT
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersRyan GriffinQB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersPatrick LairdRB
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersTroy WarnerS
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersBen BeiseTE
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersJ.J. HowlandTE
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersBug HowardWR
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersCyril Grayson*WR
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersDeven ThompkinsWR
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersJerreth SternsWR
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersKameron BrownWR
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersKaylon GeigerWR
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersTyler JohnsonWR
NFC SouthTampa Bay BuccaneersVyncint SmithWR
AFC SouthTennessee TitansDaniel MunyerC
AFC SouthTennessee TitansShakur BrownCB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansAdrian ColbertDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansChris JacksonDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansDeante BurtonDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansElijah BentonDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansGreg MabinDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansMichael GriffinDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansShyheim CarterDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansTerrell BondsDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansTheo JacksonDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansTre SwillingDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansTyree GillespieDB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansHaskell GarrettDL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansJayden PeevyDL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansLarrell MurchisonDL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansSam OkuayinonuDL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansHayden HowertonG
AFC SouthTennessee TitansWillie WrightG
AFC SouthTennessee TitansDavid AnenihLB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansJack GibbensLB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansJoe JonesLB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansJustin LawlerLB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansAndrew RupcichOL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansCarson GreenOL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansChristian DiLauroOL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansJordan RoosOL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansXavier NewmanOL
AFC SouthTennessee TitansJalen McKenzieOT
AFC SouthTennessee TitansBrett KernP
AFC SouthTennessee TitansLogan WoodsideQB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansJordan WilkinsRB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansTrenton CannonRB
AFC SouthTennessee TitansBriley MooreTE
AFC SouthTennessee TitansDavid WellsTE
AFC SouthTennessee TitansThomas OdukoyaTE
AFC SouthTennessee TitansTommy HudsonTE
AFC SouthTennessee TitansBrandon LewisWR
AFC SouthTennessee TitansCody HollisterWR
AFC SouthTennessee TitansDez FitzpatrickWR
AFC SouthTennessee TitansJosh MaloneWR
AFC SouthTennessee TitansMason KinseyWR
AFC SouthTennessee TitansReggie RobersonWR
AFC SouthTennessee TitansTerry GodwinWR
NFC EastWashington CommandersJon TothC
NFC EastWashington CommandersCorn ElderCB
NFC EastWashington CommandersDanny JohnsonCB
NFC EastWashington CommandersDeJuan NealCB
NFC EastWashington CommandersChanning StriblingDB
NFC EastWashington CommandersDe'Vante BausbyDB
NFC EastWashington CommandersTroy ApkeDB
NFC EastWashington CommandersBunmi RotimiDE
NFC EastWashington CommandersJacub PanasiukDE
NFC EastWashington CommandersWilliam Bradley-KingDE
NFC EastWashington CommandersDavid BadaDT
NFC EastWashington CommandersJustin HamiltonDT
NFC EastWashington CommandersTyler ClarkDT
NFC EastWashington CommandersKhaleke HudsonLB
NFC EastWashington CommandersNate GerryLB
NFC EastWashington CommandersTre WalkerLB
NFC EastWashington CommandersDeion CalhounOG
NFC EastWashington CommandersNolan LaufenbergOG
NFC EastWashington CommandersWes MartinOG
NFC EastWashington CommandersAaron MonteiroOT
NFC EastWashington CommandersAlex AkingbuluOT
NFC EastWashington CommandersRashod HillOT
NFC EastWashington CommandersAlex ArmahRB
NFC EastWashington CommandersJaret PattersonRB
NFC EastWashington CommandersReggie BonnafonRB
NFC EastWashington CommandersFerrod GardnerS
NFC EastWashington CommandersSteven ParkerS
NFC EastWashington CommandersJake HausmannTE
NFC EastWashington CommandersKendall BlantonTE
NFC EastWashington CommandersSammis ReyesTE
NFC EastWashington CommandersAlex EricksonWR
NFC EastWashington CommandersJequez EzzardWR
NFC EastWashington CommandersKelvin HarmonWR
NFC EastWashington CommandersKyric McGowanWR
NFC EastWashington CommandersMarken MichelWR
NFC EastWashington CommandersMatt ColeWR

When are the NFL roster cut dates in 2022?

There are three deadlines for roster cuts ahead of the 2022 NFL season. The first two roster cut dates were Tuesday, Aug. 16, and Tuesday, Aug. 23 — both at 4 p.m. ET. The first stage requires teams to reduce their roster size to 85. On the second roster cut date, teams have to further reduce down to 80 players. Then, teams look to settle their 53-man rosters ahead of Week 1, with Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 4 p.m. ET being the final deadline.

NFL roster cuts: Information, FAQ, and more

When do NFL teams make the first round of roster cuts?

The NFL preseason schedule continues to chug along, and teams have now made their first two rounds of roster cuts. All that is left is the final roster cuts of the offseason on Aug. 30.

How does this differ from previous seasons?

For the past few years, the NFL had only utilized a single cutdown date. Not since 2016 had there been multiple deadlines for teams to release players during the preseason. That is a big change for both teams and players. It has seen multiple players bounce around teams this preseason.

What happens after NFL teams make their final roster cuts?

Just because a player makes it through those final roster cuts doesn’t mean their situation is necessarily safe. Teams then have 24 hours to make waiver claims on players who have been waived.

If they are successful with any of their claims, they will have to make a corresponding move to remain at the roster limit of 53. The waiver order is based on 2021 records. Therefore, the Jacksonville Jaguars will have the top waiver priority, as was the case in 2020.

When can teams sign players to practice squads?

The 48-72 hours after 53-man rosters are finalized will be very hectic for NFL teams and players alike. Any players who pass through the 24-hour waivers can then be signed to practice squads.

This is where teams have to take a calculated gamble. If they want a player on their practice squad, they have to cut him and risk another NFL team claiming him.

Each team can have a 16-member practice squad for the 2022 NFL season.

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