Who Are Taliese Fuaga’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Manuia and Sau Fuaga

Taliese Fuaga comes from a big family. Here are details on the intriguing NFL offensive tackle prospect's parents ahead of the NFL Draft.

The 2024 NFL Draft will become a surreal moment for the families of incoming rookies. Along with the euphoria that comes from prospects hearing their names called, the moms and dads will share in the moment of the ecstatic players.

Taliese Fuaga will soon have the spotlight on him as the standout Oregon State offensive lineman is expected to go in the first round. But who are the parents responsible for molding him into a possible top-10 draft pick?

A Look At Taliese Fuaga’s Parents

Manuia and Sau Fuaga represent the Beaver’s father and mother, respectively.

The couple helped welcome the future Pac-12 standout on April 5, 2002, in Tacoma, Wash.

Both parents went on to watch their son grow into a powerful 6’6″, 334-pound trench dominator for the Beavers. Taliese went on to become a first-team All-American in 2023 while earning a collection of conference accolades — including Pac-12 First Team honors.

Now, their son is projected to possibly crack the top 10 of the upcoming draft. Taliese has been a popular choice for the New York Jets at 10th overall in PFN’s NFL mock drafts.

Getting To Know Fuaga’s Father, Manuia

Manuia Fuaga isn’t just a future NFL dad, but he’s the father of a U.S. Marine son.

Manuia’s name means “blessing” and is of Samoan origin.

The father of the Beavers star is indeed of Samoan descent, having been born in Aʻoloaufou, American Samoa. But he ended up relocating to Tacoma.

Manuia lives a relatively quiet life and offers little detail about his occupation. However, he’s active on Facebook, posting postgame photos with his son or even a post-workout photo with the offensive tackle.

Getting To Know Fuaga’s Mother, Sau

Sau Fuaga serves as the matriarch of the Fuaga family and is soon to become the mother of an NFL offensive lineman.

Taliese’s mom is another who lives away from the spotlight. She is not active on social media and there are no other online details of her personal and professional information.

But she’s another resident of Tacoma. She’s also actively involved in watching her son play football collegiately.

Does Fuaga Have Any Siblings?

Sau and Manuia Fuaga aren’t just the parents of an incoming league rookie but have raised multiple children.

Taliese’s family tree includes Alapati, Austin, and Manuia Fuanga III as his brothers, along with one sister named Ashleyanne.

Tragedy unfortunately struck the Fuagas in 2021. Austin died unexpectedly in June. Taliese helps honor him on his Instagram page with a link to his brother’s bio next to a dove emoji. Austin was 24.

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Manuia Fuaga III was named after his dad and grandfather. He currently serves in the Marines and started his training in 2021. He’s currently stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego.

Not much public information is known about the sister Ashleyanne other than she’s the only female among the Fuaga siblings.

Taliese will not attend the NFL Draft in Detroit even despite his top-10 potential. He’ll instead settle for watching the event with his family likely in his presence. But once he hears his name called, a euphoric mood is imminent.

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