Taliese Fuaga’s Draft Profile | Oregon State, OT Scouting Report

With his scouting report, Oregon State OT Taliese Fuaga could be one of the most underrated offensive line prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft. What is his grade?

There’s a widely recognized top flight of offensive tackle prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft, and Oregon State’s Taliese Fuaga isn’t always included in that group. But perhaps, after a career year in 2023, he should be considered one of the top OTs with his scouting report.

Taliese Fuaga Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 334 pounds
  • Position: Offensive Tackle
  • School: Oregon State
  • Current Year: Redshirt Junior

The 2024 NFL Draft OT class didn’t need a prospect like Fuaga to break out, but that’s what it got. Fuaga was an underrated prospect already off of his 2022 tape, but in 2023, he emerged as a dominant force on the Beavers’ line.

After initially joining Oregon State’s roster as a three-star recruit in 2020, Fuaga preserved his redshirt with just four games of action as a true freshman and played in 10 games as a reserve lineman in 2021.

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2022 marked Fuaga’s first year as a full-time starter at RT, and just one year after that, he ascended to first-team All-Pac-12 territory, joining an all-conference squad that included future NFL blockers like Troy Fautanu, Jordan Morgan, and Jackson Powers-Johnson.

At this point, we know Fuaga is good. But just how good is he? That’s what Fuaga’s scouting report aims to answer.

Fuaga’s Scouting Report


  • Mountainous tackle with high-end mass, density, and length who carries that mass well.
  • Launches into space with elite explosiveness and has rare second-level range.
  • Erupts off the snap with unhinged tenacity, constantly seeking to bury defenders.
  • Can channel his length and frame density into menacing knock-back force at contact.
  • At his size, plays with exceptional knee bend and pad level, easily keeping leverage.
  • Flashes great hip flexibility on recovery and can redirect momentum and re-align.
  • Able to swiftly hinge around and seal off gaps with his fluid corrective athleticism.
  • Can sequentially gather rushers with independent hands and suffocate with anchor.
  • Patient, disciplined pass protector who excels at staying square with his lateral mobility.
  • Incredibly balanced when redirecting laterally and moves with a stable center of gravity.
  • Synergetic pass blocker who can maintain leverage while combating extensions.
  • Has the hand strength and punch precision to jolt opponents out of rushing paths.
  • Sequences footwork incredibly well, naturally loading his base into two-hand punches.
  • Assignment-sound, high-IQ run blocker who can seal linemen before climbing the field.
  • Can escort defenders out of frame on wide-zone with his range, leg drive, and tenacity.


  • Length, while exceptional, might be a notch below the elite mark.
  • Isn’t always fast enough on vertical hip transitions to fully seal out edge rushers.
  • Sometimes lacks the flexibility to fully hinge outside and make up lost ground.
  • Sometimes aligns too far upright off the snap on pass downs, exposing himself to power.
  • On occasion, bends at the waist and lurches on initial run blocks, failing to bring his feet.
  • Occasionally drifts away from help assignments too early when surveying blitz threats.
  • At times, will get caught flat-footed and lurching by rushers who feign vertical angles.
  • Sometimes whiffs on initial punches and can resort to bear-hugs on recovery.
  • Aggressiveness naturally leads him to overshoot angles in space on occasion.
  • Multi-year starter at right tackle who doesn’t have as much left tackle experience.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Fuaga grades out as a blue-chip and top-10 prospect on my 2024 NFL Draft board. He rests alongside Joe Alt, Olu Fashanu, and JC Latham as one of the top tackle prospects in the 2024 class, and he could rival Latham for the title of best right tackle.

Latham would be the class’ superlative power generator if it wasn’t for Fuaga. Fuaga’s punches have absurd knock-back power. Almost effortlessly, he can generate enough force to leave his opponent’s balance in shambles, and he’s a menacing space blocker with his power drive.

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Fuaga’s elite power and elite explosiveness serve as high-ceiling traits, but Fuaga is much more refined and much more actionable as a Day 1 NFL starter than he gets credit for.

In the run game, Fuaga maximizes his power component with sharp angle awareness, urgency, smooth hinge flexibility, and a finisher’s mentality.

Meanwhile, as a pass protector, Fuaga has a strong foundation with his balance, leverage acquisition, and ability to stay square. He’s disciplined with his footwork, and there are bright flashes of independent hand usage, combative synergy, and precision on his tape.

On tape, there aren’t too many glaring questions with Fuaga. His length, while exceptional, isn’t quite elite, and neither is his hip flexibility. But the biggest question will be whether or not he can switch to left tackle at the NFL level.

My take is that, while he lacks experience, Fuaga has the coordination, balance, athleticism, and natural leverage acquisition to move to the left side if needed. At either spot, he can be a scheme-versatile impact starter with Pro Bowl and All-Pro upside.

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