Who Are Ladd McConkey’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Benji and Brittney

    Ladd McConkey is an intriguing WR prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. Who are his parents, and what was his upbringing like?

    Ladd McConkey is another talented wide receiver from the powerhouse that is the University of Georgia. However, it wasn’t an easy route for the young wideout to get to where he is headed, and it took a strong support system to allow him to grow into the person and player he is today.

    Before McConkey’s NFL career gets started, we take a closer look at his upbringing and how his parents helped get him to this point in his football journey.

    A Look at Ladd McConkey’s Parents

    McConkey’s parents are Benji and Brittney McConkey. The McConkey family is from Chatsworth, Ga., and his parents have played a huge supporting role in Ladd’s life, including his playing career.


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    While the young WR is on the verge of making a dream come true, it has been the love and support that started from birth that has allowed him to be able to chase his dreams, overcome obstacles, and get to the cusp of the pinnacle that will culminate with hearing his name called in the 2024 NFL Draft.

    Getting To Know Benji

    The football blood runs through Ladd’s veins, and it was handed down to him from his father Benji, who was a high-level football player in his own right. His skills earned him a Georgia All-State selection from 1993 to 1994 and an impressive record of 25-2 during his tenure as the school’s QB.

    Following the conclusion of his high school career, Benji earned a scholarship and continued to play football at Georgia Military College. His career did not progress to the NFL ranks like his son’s will, but the talent and passion for the game is something that has been passed down at an early age with Ladd now taking the torch and running with it.

    Getting To Know Brittney

    Brittney McConkey is a homemaker, and compassionate mother, who has been a big part of the life Ladd has led and created for himself. When she isn’t spending time rooting her children on, and being a proud mother on social media, Brittney participates in Transfer for Life in the Murray area, dedicating herself to raising funds and awareness for diverse illnesses.

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    Ladd is lucky for his upbringing, in the sense that he has a father who can help him understand his love for the game of football while also having a supportive mother and support system that can stay close to him no matter what life throws his way.

    Does McConkey Have Any Siblings?

    Yes, Ladd has two siblings, one of whom is his brother Hinton McConkey. Hinton has also played football at the collegiate level and followed in their father’s footsteps by playing quarterback at the University of West Georgia.

    Nothing is publicly known about Ladd’s other sibling, just that Ladd himself is the middle child of three children.

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