Who Are Cooper DeJean’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Jason and Katie

Cooper DeJean is considered one of the top cornerbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft. Who raised the Iowa star, and what was his upbringing like?

Iowa’s dominant defense over the last few years can be tied to the play of defensive back Cooper DeJean. The All-American star in the secondary gave the Hawkeyes plenty to cheer for on the defensive side of the ball.

What was growing up like for the Swiss Army knife of the defense, and who are DeJean’s parents?

A Look at Cooper DeJean’s Parents

Few draft prospects have the type of family pedigree in sports that Cooper has. Born on Feb. 9, 2003, to parents Jason and Katie DeJean, sports were a central focus to the young Iowa star.

A multi-sport athlete born in Sioux Falls, S.D., before later growing up in Iowa, Cooper’s top sport growing up when he was younger was actually basketball. Football caught his eye, and he was recruited by the Iowa Hawkeyes shortly after.

It’s the basketball background, though, that runs deep in Cooper’s family.

Getting To Know Jason DeJean

Both of Cooper’s parents were college athletes during their time. Jason played basketball for Huron University in South Dakota. While it’s hard to locate the overall stats of Jason’s collegiate career, he understands that passing down sports to his children was very important.

At the very least, he understands that Cooper’s best sport may not be the one he currently excels at.

“He was also a heck of a baseball player in high school,” his dad said to The Gazette. “I’ve got friends that say that’s his best sport.”

Currently, Jason is president of Swanson Insurance & Real Estate and is very supportive of his son’s push to the NFL.

Getting To Know Katie DeJean

While Jason was certainly an athlete in his own right, his wife Katie might’ve been the best athlete of the two of them.

Katie played basketball and softball at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa, and is now working with her husband at Swanson Insurance. Katie was actually a star in her own right — earning a sarcastic comment from her husband saying she was the better athlete of the two. Katie’s father (Cooper’s grandfather, Wilke) was actually a coach in the area and helped teach Cooper the importance of being a multi-sport athlete.

“That’s something they stressed to me: ‘Play all the sports, there’s no need to specialize in one,'” Cooper said to ESPN. “That’s the only time in your life where you can play multiple sports, so why not play all four in high school?”

Both Katie and Jason were major reasons for Cooper’s athleticism, but that’s also been passed down past the Iowa star.

Does DeJean Have Any Siblings?

It’s pretty clear that the DeJean family is full of athletes. Cooper has two younger brothers, one of them named Jaxx who, like Cooper, is a wide receiver and defensive back. Jaxx recently visited Iowa on a college visit. He was a standout in Iowa’s “Back 2 Ballin” 7-on-7 tournament.

Cooper’s other brother, Beckett, is actually a defensive back for the University of South Dakota. Beckett was a quarterback in high school and threw for 2,212 yards and 26 passing touchdowns to go along with 998 yards on the ground and 14 rushing touchdowns during his senior season.

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The DeJean brothers clearly have a strong athletic upbringing from their parents, and their love of football has put Cooper on the path to being a first-round pick in under a week.

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