After ‘The Roast of Tom Brady,’ Which NFL Stars Should Be Next? Aaron Rodgers, Travis Kelce, and Russell Wilson Top the List

After the success of The Roast of Tom Brady, we look at who in the NFL world should be next to star in such an event.

The Roast of Tom Brady” was a smashing hit, as the three-hour event on Netflix provided plenty of laughs throughout the entire evening.

With how popular the live show was, it has many people wondering which NFL players and personalities should be the star of Netflix’s next roast. Here are the names from the NFL world that would make for the funniest roasts.

After Tom Brady, Who Should Be Roasted Next in the NFL?

Aaron Rodgers

This is an easy one. The outspoken, often eccentric New York Jets QB has never been one to bite his tongue on any subject matter. Now in this scenario, those around him will get to return the favor and do so on the grandest of stages.

From his many conspiracy theories to his unique hobbies off the field, no one in the NFL is arguably more suited for this type of event than Aaron Rodgers. The wide array of outcomes from the jokes would surely have decision-makers in the league office sitting on pins and needles, but if Brady is willing to step into the arena, so should Rodgers.

The Kelce Brothers

The material for Travis and Jason Kelce would just write itself. From the loud personality and high-profile relationship of Travis to the shirt-off, neanderthal-like aura of Jason, the Kelce brothers would make a ton of sense for the next NFL roast.

The brothers have been in the NFL spotlight for a better part of two years now, and with Travis winning a third Super Bowl and Jason officially retiring from the NFL, there may not be a better opportunity to strike.

Jerry Jones

Of all NFL owners, perhaps none receive more publicity than Jerry Jones. While much of it is due to owning “America’s Team” in the Dallas Cowboys, he is also one of the most polarizing personalities in the NFL world.

Jones has certainly provided a lot of material with his head-scratching comments over the years, but the Cowboys’ lack of recent postseason success and playoff embarrassments would also provide the potential participants with a lot of material to work with.

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Russell Wilson

The new Pittsburgh Steelers QB has been the butt of many internet jokes over the years. With a quirky personality that he is unafraid to show off, “Mr. Unlimited” very well could be the perfect roast subject in the NFL.

From his viral “Broncos Country, Let’s Ride” video, to his interesting, for a lack of a better term, workout clips, roasters have plenty of jokes to make at Russell Wilson‘s expense from over the years.

Micah Parsons

Few players have come into the NFL with a more childlike demeanor than Cowboys star pass rusher Micah Parsons. The dynamic defender has used social media and his platform as a whole to be his authentic self, which has in many cases caused laughs at his own expense.

Parsons also embraces the celebrity life that comes with being a star NFL player on a big-market team, so being the subject of roast on a platform like Netflix seems like an opportunity he would jump at.

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