Best of the Roast of Tom Brady: Most Hilarious Moments Including Bill Belichick Calling Out Apple TV for ‘The Dynasty’

Netflix's 'The Greatest Roast of All Time' was a chance for celebrities to say whatever they wanted to about Tom Brady. What were the most hilarious moments?

After torturing opposing fans on Sundays for over two decades, former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was finally on the receiving end of some torture on Sunday night. Brady was the target of Netflix’s live special, ‘The Greatest Roast of All Time.’

The night started off with a hilarious moment, as former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick informed Drew Bledsoe that it wasn’t his night, since he was essentially being benched for Brady once again. That kicked off what would turn out to be an R-rated night, as there was arguably as much profanity thrown about as there were jokes.

However, Brady might have immediately regretted his decision to volunteer as the target of Netflix’s live roast.

Hilarious Moments From The Roast of Tom Brady

Brady was roasted by several comedians, former teammates, and other famous celebrities. Will Ferrell turned back the clocks and appeared as Ron Burgundy from ‘Anchorman’ to remind Brady that he lost twice to former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Even Kim Kardashian made an appearance for Brady’s roast. Kardashian hurled several jokes at Brady, and most notable was her refusal to defend Brady from the other’s jokes.

Kardashian hilariously cited her own family’s history of defending former football players, in a call back to her father Robert Kardashian’s defense of O.J. Simpson.

One of Brady’s biggest rivals during his playing career was former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. While they traded touchdowns on the field, the legendary quarterback rivals traded jokes on Sunday night.

Manning took the stage to once again remind Brady how he lost twice in the Super Bowl to Peyton’s brother, Eli. Peyton threw several jabs at Brady, including a hilarious reference to what his own children now call their trips to the bathroom.

Peyton finished his segment by introducing Brady to the stage, announcing him as a “three-time Super Bowl loser.”

Bill Belichick Steals the Show

Before Brady took the stage to close out the event, his former head coach stole the show. Despite being notably stoic during press conferences, Belichick let loose while roasting Brady and several of his former players in New England.

Belichick seemed to focus more on other former Patriots players, most notably legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski. The greatest head coach in the history of the NFL was relentless with his jokes targeting Gronkowski.

He mentioned how he has watched Gronkowski on ‘Fox NFL Sunday’ and hilariously begged him to “stop doing your job.” That naturally goes directly against Belichick’s famous team slogan of “do your job” in New England.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft also held the microphone on Sunday night, cracking a few jokes and eventually praising Brady. It was refreshing to see Brady, Belichick, and Kraft all together on Sunday night, considering the amount of chaos surrounding the franchise since the trio went their separate ways.

Once Kraft wrapped up his speech, he was asked by host Kevin Hart to share a toast with Belichick. At first, it seemed like the moment wasn’t going to actually happen. Yet Kraft and Belichick put their reported differences aside and cheered together on stage.

It was a shocking moment to witness, given reports that Kraft potentially blocked Belichick from landing another head coaching job in the NFL this offseason. While we may never know what truly happened, Kraft and Belichick may have stolen the show on Sunday night.

Yet Brady wasn’t going to go down without a fight. In typical fashion, he didn’t let the opposition win, seemingly mounting a late-game comeback with a hilarious barrage of his own jokes and firing back at all of his critics to close out the show.

Brady Pulls Off Another Comeback, ‘Admits’ to Deflategate

Brady quickly recovered once he finally took the stage. He fired back at nearly everyone who roasted him throughout the event, including Peyton, who he quickly reminded will always live in Brady’s shadow.

“I know sometimes you live in Denver, and sometimes you live in Louisiana,” Brady said. “But you will always live in my shadow.”

After hitting Peyton with a few more jokes, Brady shifted topics and asked where NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was. Brady was bashed several times during the roast about his controversial involvement in the ‘Deflategate’ controversy.

Yet Brady joked about the NFL‘s costly investigation, even stating that they could have paid him $20 million and he would have admitted to deflating footballs.

While we’ll never likely know how serious Brady was about admitting to these allegations, it was a hilarious response. After being on the receiving end of several jokes throughout the night, Brady bounced back in the typical fashion that we’ve all become far too familiar with over the last two decades.

It wouldn’t be an event involving Brady if it didn’t include an impressive comeback. While Brady took most of the jokes on Sunday night in stride, he did seem to take offense to a shot from comedian Jeff Ross.

Despite all of that, Brady stole back the show with his final words. Netflix’s live special was an overall success filled with memorable moments.

However, after seeing the jokes that Brady was targeted with, it will be interesting to see who volunteers for this torture next.

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