Where Does Bills WR Keon Coleman Rank Among NFL Personalities?

Keon Coleman let his personality shine on his first day with the Bills. But where does the WR rank among other personalities across the NFL?

Keon Coleman may not have heard his name get called on Night 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft, but he stole the show in Buffalo following his second-round selection. The charismatic former Florida State wide receiver let his personality shine through his introduction to the local media in Buffalo, N.Y., setting up what will surely be a fun and quotable tenure with the Buffalo Bills.

His hilarious first impression was well-received by those around the league and begs the question to be asked — just where does Coleman rank among personalities around the NFL today? We take a closer look at that question and dive deeper into the game’s best characters.

Where Does Keon Coleman Fit Among NFL Personalities?

In a league that is as much about personal brand as anything else, letting your personality shine outside of your uniform has always been a constant for the NFL. Those who are a star on the field coupled with infectious personalities end up becoming global stars.

For Coleman, he has made quite an early impression so far since being drafted by the Bills.

With names like Chad ‘Ochocino’ Johnson or Rob Gronkowski once tormenting defenses on the field while also being their authentic selves throughout, the NFL has never been short on entertainment value.

With Coleman off to a great start with being the next lovable personality in the league, we take a look at some others around the NFL that have had a similar impact around the league today.

Christian Wilkins

The current Las Vegas Raider and former Miami Dolphins DT is known for being one of the funniest players in the league. Not only is he excellent between the lines but he is also unafraid to be goofy and energetic while doing so.

He’s known for annoying opposing players with his unserious quirky humor, which could be used as a way to distract his opponent before he goes out there and beats you for a sack or a tackle for loss.

Travis Kelce

Without a doubt, unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his personality on full display, especially over the last two seasons. While Kelce is most known for being a three-time Super Bowl champion and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, he is also a very entertaining personality.

Passionate, emotional, funny, and eccentric at times — all ways to describe the surprisingly down-to-earth Chiefs superstar.

Tyreek Hill

From outstanding plays on the field and elaborate touchdown celebrations after the fact to a wild and honest online presence, there may not be a bigger personality in the NFL than Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill.

The speed-demon WR is the architect for some of the most explosive plays of this decade, which he usually follows up with some of the most iconic touchdown celebrations.

Micah Parsons

In today’s generation, Dallas Cowboys superstar pass rusher Micah Parsons epitomizes everything that is today’s modern athlete: dominant on the field but also very outspoken off the field, particularly on social media and his podcast.

The most endearing thing you can say about Parsons is the fact he looks like he’s just a little kid enjoying life as a big-time athlete. From making friends around the league to taking part in celebrity basketball games, no one is making the most of his fame and opportunities like Parsons is.

Jameis Winston

There may not be a funnier human on earth, never mind in the NFL, than Jameis Winston. Everything the Cleveland Browns QB says or does is usually met with instant laughter and gravitation from those around him.

From his quirky sayings to his unmatched delivery in speeches, the man who once ate a ‘W’ to motivate his teammates, may take the crown for the league’s biggest and best personality.

Approachable for fans, open to media, and fun-loving no matter what he is doing, Winston is everything you like to see from a man who gets to play a game for a living.

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