Tanor Bortolini’s Draft Profile | Wisconsin, C Scouting Report

Tanor Bortolini's 2024 NFL Draft scouting report tells of nearly unmatched upside, but what does the Wisconsin OL need to do to reach his ceiling?

Wisconsin’s Tanor Bortolini may be one of the highest-upside interior offensive line prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft, and his scouting report only reinforces that fact. What does Bortolini bring to the table, and where is his best range in the draft?

Tanor Bortolini’s Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’4 1/4″
  • Weight: 303 pounds
  • Length: 31 1/2″
  • Wingspan: 77 5/8″
  • Hand: 10″
  • Position: Center
  • School: Wisconsin
  • Current Year: Redshirt Junior

Bortolini first caught my eye in 2021, when he logged his first starts at Wisconsin as a guard. He was a redshirt player in 2020, but his athleticism immediately popped once he hit the field.

In 2022, playing alongside New York Jets early-round pick Joe Tippmann, Bortolini’s athleticism continued to stand out. And in 2023, Bortolini followed Tippmann’s lead, moving inside to center and starting all 12 games for the Badgers.

Bortolini ultimately earned an invite to the Reese’s Senior Bowl, where he improved throughout the week after a few rocky reps on Day 1. And at the NFL Combine, he compounded his momentum with an all-time great showing of athletic upside.

Bortolini logged a 4.94 40-yard dash, a 32.5″ vertical, a 9’4″ broad jump, a 4.28 short-shuttle time, and a 7.16 three-cone in Indianapolis. To properly process how absurd those agility times are, you can turn to the Relative Athletic Score (RAS) framework.

Bortolini’s 7.16 three-cone is better than 99.9% of figures all-time by an interior offensive line. Meanwhile, his 4.28 shuttle time is better than 99.7% of figures. And his 1.68 10-yard split — comfortably past the 1.77 threshold many NFL starters hit — is in the 99th percentile.

Bortolini is a premier athlete, but how does it translate to the tape? And what does he need to improve before he reaches his ceiling? Let’s dive into his 2024 NFL Draft scouting report and discuss.

Bortolini’s Scouting Report


  • Has a dense, compact frame with good natural leverage, and sports mitts for hands.
  • Extremely explosive athlete, who generates eye-catching one-step burst into contact.
  • Has the explosive capacity to clear the line almost instantly moving to the second level.
  • High energy, scheme-versatile run blocker who can stack blocks and fulfill assignments.
  • Unnaturally agile and flexible blocker with startling change of direction on counter runs.
  • Has the flexibility to flip back inside and seal defenders inside the A-gap on reach blocks.
  • Has impressive range as a pulling blocker and can lead outside runs with urgency.
  • Can swivel his hips while anchored midway through pass-pro reps and match counters.
  • Carries force at contact with heavy hands, interrupting momentum for power rushers.
  • Has the core strength to anchor rushers after replacing hands from initial power.
  • Feet are fast and always active, granting him superb recovery capacity and malleability.
  • Can clasp opponent’s wrists to negate attempted swipes, then extend and seal rushers.
  • Has good angle IQ as a run blocker and flashes the ability to process delayed stunts.
  • Physical finisher who will piledrive opponents into the dirt if given the opportunity.
  • Has an abundance of starting experience at both center and guard, instilling versatility.


  • Has below-average length, which can coax him into lurching and ducking his head.
  • Doesn’t have overwhelming mass and can be moved off his spot by applied power.
  • Frame is a bit top-heavy, which can source some imbalance when redirecting.
  • Can lean too far when attempting to re-establish anchor, exposing himself to swims.
  • Sometimes diverts upright and gives up his torso, leaving himself susceptible to power.
  • Still improving leverage management, pad level, and base load in pass protection.
  • Grip strength isn’t elite, as anchors can be wrenched down by well-leveraged linemen.
  • Feet can be a bit staggered and uncontrolled seeking recalibration versus power.
  • Sometimes halts his feet before attempting to anchor, as opposed to dropping his base.
  • On occasion, extends before base is set, and can keep improving upper-lower synergy.
  • At times, can be a tick late to identify opportunities as a help blocker under center.
  • Will at times grab and hold stunting rushers, as opposed to passing off to teammates.
  • Is still relatively new to the center position, and can be more consistent with his snaps.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Bortolini grades out as a priority Day 3 prospect who could also field interest inside the top 100 as a versatile interior offensive lineman with schematic flexibility and impact starter upside.

Two things will stand out immediately as evaluators look at Bortolini’s profile: His hyper-elite athleticism and flexibility, and his in-built positional versatility. Bortolini’s size profile fits best at center, but he has experience across the front.

At Wisconsin, Bortolini took reps at all five spots and even took some as an extra tight end on heavy sets in 2022. But he amassed an especially abundant record of starts at left guard and center. At the latter position, he started the entire 2023 campaign.

Bortolini’s vast positional versatility does come with a drawback. The redshirt junior hasn’t had much of a chance to settle down at one spot. Thus, inconsistencies stretching back to 2022 still show up on tape.

Bortolini can still improve his upper-lower synergy and leverage as a pass protector versus power. And with below-average arm length, lurching shows up as a bad habit, too. Additionally, he’ll need to keep improving the consistency of his snaps if he wants to stay at center.

Still, Bortolini’s athleticism is special, and his NFL Combine showing quantified that. He’s extremely explosive, agile, and flexible, with rare recovery capacity.

In the run game, Bortolini’s burst, finishing mentality, and power drive allow him to finish plays. His flexibility, combined with his core strength, allows him to seal off frontside and backside gaps.

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Meanwhile, in pass protection, Bortolini’s over-arching execution can still improve, but his malleability and recovery capacity stand out as central traits. He also flashes the necessary awareness, foot speed, and hand usage to patrol his gaps and keep the QB clean.

It may serve Bortolini well to spend time as a primary depth piece early on, but already, he’s a scheme-versatile run blocker with outside zone, counter, and gap flexibility. In time, he can become an impact two-phase starter with the range and tenacity to be a game-changer.

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