Who Is the Los Angeles Rams Head Coach?

    The Los Angeles Rams have continuity this fall through the return of their still young leader and head coach, Sean McVay.

    On Jan. 12, 2017, the Los Angeles Rams made history by hiring the first-ever 30-year-old NFL head coach. Sean McVay is now nearing his 40s — and heading toward a decade of being a head coach after reinvesting into his position.

    How Long Has Sean McVay Been With the Rams?

    It’s officially season No. 7 for McVay. However, there was the thought of McVay not returning — with reports of facing burnout and being interested in a broadcast career.

    McVay, though, is back rejuvenated and taking on one of his youngest rosters since he’s been in L.A.

    Who Did McVay Take Over for, and How Much Has Changed?

    Since the franchise’s return to the City of Angels after a more than a decade run in St. Louis, the Rams have had two coaches.

    Before McVay, it was veteran head coach Jeff Fisher.

    The Fisher regime lasted five seasons but became short-lived in the move to L.A. In his lone season with the team in Los Angeles, Fisher and the Rams went 4-12. None of Fisher’s Rams teams went to the playoffs, and he was fired in 2016.

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    When McVay took over in 2017, he immediately ended a playoff dry spell that began in 2004. The Rams also won their first outright division title since 2003.

    How did McVay do it? Scrapping a physical ball-control, yet slow-paced, offense that Fisher was running and replaced it with more shifts, motions, deep attacks, and hitting opponents with a balanced mix of zone rushing and play-action.

    McVay’s Rams teams have made the playoffs five times with two Super Bowl trips.

    What Is McVay’s Record?

    Including playoffs, McVay is 67-41 overall. He’s won 60 games during the regular season and has produced five seasons of finishing above .500. Come playoff time, McVay has won seven of 10 postseason contests. Last season, however, was his first sub-.500 season, with the team going 5-12.

    Has McVay Ever Won a Super Bowl?

    It wasn’t long ago when McVay won his first Super Bowl title.

    He tasted championship euphoria in Super Bowl 56 on Feb. 13, 2022 — five years and one month into his gig with the Rams. That also became the Rams’ second-ever Vince Lombardi Trophy…but the first in Los Angeles.

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