Predicting NFL playoff teams and 2022 Super Bowl winner

Predicting NFL playoff teams and 2022 Super Bowl winner

The race to be one of the NFL playoff teams is always hotly contested. Let’s examine which franchises are predicted to make the playoffs at the end of the regular season, which teams will make the Super Bowl, as well as the odds for both the playoffs and for who’s winning the Super Bowl in 2022. Additionally, we’ll make our own predictions of which NFL teams will make the playoffs, and ultimately, the Super Bowl.

Which NFL teams could be in the playoffs this season?

Over the last decade, an average of 47% of playoff teams has changed year on year. The biggest change in any single season was eight new contenders in 2017. The lowest amount of turnover was four teams in 2012 and 2015.

Looking at the average over the last decade, we should expect to see around six or seven different teams in the playoffs this season. Let’s take a look at which teams could be candidates to make the NFL playoffs this season with our early predictions.

AFC playoff predictions

With passing combinations of Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill, and Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs, it is hard to imagine the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills not making it back to the playoffs in 2021. Both teams start as clear favorites to win their division, but the Bills could see a strong challenge from both the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins.

In the AFC South, the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans look ready to battle it out for the division. Both teams have the potential to be disruptive forces in the playoffs. As for the AFC North, the expectation is that the Pittsburgh Steelers will struggle in 2021. That opens the door for the Cleveland Browns or Baltimore Ravens to steal that division.

When we look at the potential Wild Card teams, the Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos should both be strong challengers. However, with the Las Vegas Raiders being no walkover, that division could beat up on each other all season. The Dolphins and Patriots, as well as the teams who miss out on the South and North division crowns, will also be in the mix.

NFL Playoff Predictions | AFC: Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins, and Tennessee Titans

NFC playoff predictions

It feels like we could see more turbulence in the NFC than in the AFC in 2021. Even the struggling teams from last season look to have improved in the past offseason. The NFC East will be up for grabs for all four teams, with the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team the two most likely contenders.

In the NFC South, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look to have the easiest path to the division, with the other three teams all in a transitional phase.

The NFC West is intriguing with all four teams capable of mounting a challenge. Meanwhile, the NFC North will be shaped by the situation in Green Bay. The Minnesota Vikings will be waiting to pounce, while the Chicago Bears will also be looking for a strong season after moving on from Mitchell Trubisky. We could very easily see all four divisions won this season by different teams to what we saw in 2020.

NFL Playoff Predictions | NFC: Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Washington Football Team

NFL playoff odds for all 32 NFL teams

What are the odds for the AFC and NFC teams to make the NFL playoffs this season?

The following team playoff odds are from DraftKings and are correct as of June 11 at 5 AM ET.

Predicting NFL playoff teams and 2022 Super Bowl winner
May 26, 2021; Owings Mills, Maryland, USA; Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Marquise Brown (5) participates in a drill with wide receiver Binjimen Victor (81) and wide receiver Miles Boykin (80) during an OTA at Under Armour Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

AFC East

Buffalo Bills -375
Miami Dolphins +137
New England Patriots +144
New York Jets +490

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens -305
Cincinnati Bengals +475
Cleveland Browns -225
Pittsburgh Steelers +170

AFC South

Houston Texans +725
Indianapolis Colts -182
Jacksonville Jaguars +340
Tennessee Titans -167

AFC West

Denver Broncos +163
Kansas City Chiefs -1000
Las Vegas Raiders +340
Los Angeles Chargers +137

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys -150
New York Giants +210
Philadelphia Eagles +260
Washington Football Team +149

NFC North

Chicago Bears +180
Detroit Lions +575
Green Bay Packers N/A
Minnesota Vikings +123

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons +240
Carolina Panthers +275
New Orleans Saints +114
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -560

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals +190
Los Angeles Rams -195
San Francisco 49ers -177
Seattle Seahawks -125

Early 2022 Super Bowl prediction and odds

While 14 teams can make the NFL playoffs, only two will make it to Super Bowl LVI. Can the Chiefs and Buccaneers return to the Super Bowl and make it the first rematch since the Cowboys and Bills faced off in back-to-back years in Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII?

With Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes leading the teams, both are more than capable of returning. In Pro Football Network’s recent power rankings, both teams remained at the top following strong offseasons.

If we look around at the remaining contenders, there are a handful of options in each conference.

In the NFC, the Packers have a chance if they can solve the issues surrounding Aaron Rodgers. However, if Rodgers is gone, then there is little chance the Packers are Super Bowl contenders.

The Rams are the second favorite in terms of the NFC odds to win the Super Bowl. They made a blockbuster trade to add Matthew Stafford, who could be a huge upgrade over Jared Goff. The 49ers, Seahawks, and Cowboys are all teams that could challenge the Buccaneers.

In the AFC, there are some contenders capable of stealing the crown from the Chiefs. In last year’s Super Bowl, we saw how important a strong pass rush is to disrupt the Chiefs’ offense. The team with the potential to do that is the Cleveland Browns. The combination of Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney could provide the pressure that is required to defeat Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The other teams to watch out for are the Bills, Ravens, Colts, and Titans.

NFL Predictions | Super Bowl LVI: Cleveland Browns vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Who’s winning the Super Bowl?

Now that you’ve seen our prediction, who’s winning the Super Bowl according to the oddsmakers?

2022 Super Bowl Odds

The following Super Bowl odds are from DraftKings and are correct as of June 11 at 5 AM ET.

Kansas City Chiefs +500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650
Buffalo Bills +1200
Los Angeles Rams +1300
Baltimore Ravens +1400
San Francisco 49ers +1400
Green Bay Packers +1600
Cleveland Browns +1600

Denver Broncos +2500
Indianapolis Colts +2500
Seattle Seahawks +2500
Dallas Cowboys +2800
Tennessee Titans +2800
New Orleans Saints +2800
Miami Dolphins +3000
New England Patriots +3300
Los Angeles Chargers +3300

Arizona Cardinals +4000
Minnesota Vikings +4000
Pittsburgh Steelers +4000
Chicago Bears +5000
Washington Football Team +5000
Atlanta Falcons +6000
New York Giants +6600

Carolina Panthers +7000
Las Vegas Raiders +7000
Philadelphia Eagles +7000
Jacksonville Jaguars +8000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000
New York Jets +10000
Detroit Lions +15000
Houston Texans +17500

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