NFL Week 13 Predictions From Pro Football Network: Can the Cowboys, Steelers, and Dolphins Meet Their Expectations?

The NFL Week 13 predictions are here, and it appears Dallas Robinson is running away with the title for the second year in a row. Can anyone catch up?

With Thanksgiving over, we’re getting into the final stages of the NFL season. Playoff positions and seedings come into view over the last six weeks of the season. Which analyst will do best on the PFN NFL Week 13 predictions?

Pro Football Network’s Week 13 NFL Predictions

How did the selection committee fair in Week 12, and who is the new leader in the clubhouse throughout the season?

  • Dallas Robinson: 119-61
  • Dalton Miller: 112-68
  • David Bearman: 111-67
  • Adam Beasley: 108-72
  • Jay Morrison: 106-72

Last Week

  • Beasley: 11-5
  • Robinson: 10-6
  • Morrison: 10-6
  • Miller: 9-7
  • Bearman: 8-8

At this point, it would take a massive comeback from yours truly, or a huge surge from Bearman to catch Robinson. But the one true ball-knower would also have to go through a mini-lull like San Francisco did right before their bye week.

Remember, these predictions are simply deciding between winners and losers. There are no point spreads here. For that, head over to our Week 13 betting predictions.

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

  • Beasley: Cowboys
  • Bearman: Cowboys
  • Miller: Cowboys
  • Morrison: Cowboys
  • Robinson: Cowboys

The Cowboys have been on a roll since the bye week. However, they’ve done a bunch of beating up on … not-great… teams over the past few weeks. With games against Seattle, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Miami, and Detroit in five of the last six weeks, they’ll get plenty of opportunities.

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Seattle is on the opposite end of the spectrum. They’ve lost three of four games while barely inching out the Washington Commanders along the way. Baltimore bludgeoned them, and they’re coming off a massive loss against the 49ers.

The selection committee has seen the way the teams are trending, too.

Denver Broncos at Houston Texans

  • Beasley: Texans
  • Bearman: Broncos
  • Miller: Broncos
  • Morrison: Texans
  • Robinson: Texans

The Houston Texans are one of the most exciting teams in the NFL. They’re young across the board, and their rookie quarterback is playing at an incredibly high level. Houston’s coming off a tough, close loss to Jacksonville, and they could use a win to keep pace in the AFC South and the AFC playoff picture.

Meanwhile, Denver has matched the Texans’ 6-5 record with five consecutive wins after starting the season 1-5. In that time, they have wins against the Packers, Chiefs, Bills, Vikings, and Browns. They haven’t been feasting on cupcakes.

Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots

  • Beasley: Chargers
  • Bearman: Chargers
  • Miller: Chargers
  • Morrison: Patriots
  • Robinson: Chargers

The Chargers are practically an endless pit of disappointment. However, they should have enough offensive firepower to outlast the Patriots, whose offense is practically a missing person’s report.

It appears Bailey Zappe is taking over the starting role. That could provide a quick spark for the offense, but it won’t have a lasting impact. He doesn’t have the requisite ability of an NFL starter in the long run.

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However, there is no doubt that Mac Jones needed a seat. He’s been struggling with his confidence throughout the past two seasons, and it’s led to horrific decisions at an incredibly high rate.

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints

  • Beasley: Saints
  • Bearman: Lions
  • Miller: Lions
  • Morrison: Lions
  • Robinson: Lions

The Lions are 8-3, but there have been obvious kinks in their armor lately. Detroit’s guard play has suffered through various injuries, and it’s left Jared Goff compromised in the pocket, leading to uncharacteristic (since Detroit) mistakes. But their defense has been a much more significant concern.

Meanwhile, the Saints remain one of the most frustrating teams in the NFL. They’ve done a decent job of moving the ball downfield, but they’ve continuously struggled in the red zone. They also need their quarterback to stay within himself and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets

  • Beasley: Falcons
  • Bearman: Jets
  • Miller: Falcons
  • Morrison: Jets
  • Robinson: Falcons

The Jets haven’t scored more than 13 points since before the bye. Zach Wilson was arguably the worst starting quarterback in the league, but Tim Boyle has actually found worse EPA outcomes than Wilson, somehow.

Meanwhile, Atlanta is coming off an impressive divisional win against the Saints after losing three straight against the Titans, Vikings, and Cardinals. They’re 4-2 at home, but only 1-4 on the road, which in theory favors the Jets. However, they also haven’t scored fewer than 23 points since Week 8, so it’s hard to imagine New York keeping up.

Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Beasley: Steelers
  • Bearman: Steelers
  • Miller: Steelers
  • Morrison: Steelers
  • Robinson: Steelers

The Steelers are surprisingly potent. Pittsburgh is currently sixth in defensive EPA and ninth in defensive success rate, despite a distinct lack of cornerback talent. And while it’s only been a one-game sample, their offense was markedly better post-Matt Canada. Kenny Pickett looked exponentially more confident.

The Steelers’ defense provides a unique challenge for the Cardinals’ offense. Pittsburgh’s pass rush will make things difficult for Kyler Murray and Arizona’s offensive line.

Murray has a lot to prove in the waning moments of the season and into the next. His extortionate contract extension doesn’t even begin until next season, so the team must find a way to make things work with him.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

  • Beasley: Titans
  • Bearman: Colts
  • Miller: Colts
  • Morrison: Titans
  • Robinson: Colts

Anything can happen in a divisional game, but aside from a surprising offensive outburst against the Falcons in Week 8, the Titans haven’t managed much of anything on the offensive side of the ball. Pair that with their strength being their defensive front, and the matchup against Indianapolis isn’t outstanding.

The Colts continue to score points despite fielding a skittish QB without a legitimate No. 1 on the outside. Indy’s offensive line has played incredibly well this season, and Shane Steichen’s structure has kept them afloat without Anthony Richardson.

Meanwhile, the Colts’ defense has been opportunistic with turnovers, and their defensive front should bully Tennessee’s offensive line.

Miami Dolphins at Washington Commanders

  • Beasley: Dolphins
  • Bearman: Dolphins
  • Miller: Dolphins
  • Morrison: Dolphins
  • Robinson: Dolphins

Maybe before Miami’s defensive renaissance, this game could have been legitimately interesting. It may still be somewhat high-scoring, but that’ll likely be from Washington trying to play catch-up with Miami.

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The Commanders currently have the worst defense in the NFL, and they have nobody to blame but themselves for it.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Beasley: Buccaneers
  • Bearman: Buccaneers
  • Miller: Buccaneers
  • Morrison: Buccaneers
  • Robinson: Buccaneers

The Buccaneers’ defense hasn’t been very impressive recently, but the Panthers’ offense is so bad that they fired their offensive-minded coach and QBs coach.

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Baker Mayfield is playing some relatively inspired football this season, but Tampa Bay will need even more from him because they can’t run the ball with any consistency, and the defense is not playing well.

Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Rams

  • Beasley: Rams
  • Bearman: Rams
  • Miller: Browns
  • Morrison: Rams
  • Robinson: Rams

I’m probably taking crazy pills, but I’ve searched the cosmos and gone through 10,000 simulations. In only one of those simulations did Matthew Stafford survive this game without bodily harm.

The Browns’ defensive front is going to annihilate this offensive line, and Cooper Kupp’s ankle isn’t healthy enough to make waves against the talent on the back end.

While the prospect of a Joe Flacco-led offense doesn’t sound very promising, we mustn’t forget that he is elite.

All jokes aside, this reeks of a low-score game, and that favors the away team in this instance. Or maybe the Rams have found their groove?

San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles

  • Beasley: 49ers
  • Bearman: Eagles
  • Miller: Eagles
  • Morrison: Eagles
  • Robinson: 49ers

The 49ers are, rightfully, the favorites as the away team in this game despite having a worse record. Although on the surface that may not make sense, we must understand that Las Vegas doesn’t use emotion or basic W-L records to determine these things. From an analytical perspective, the 49ers are a far better team.

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The 49ers have a higher offensive EPA ranking (first) than the Eagles (fifth). But the bigger discrepancy comes on the defensive side of the ball, where San Francisco (fourth) is far more efficient than Philadelphia (23rd). Watching San Francisco’s defensive front against Philadelphia’s offensive line is a blessed matchup.


The Eagles revel in the fact that they’re the underdogs. Culturally, they are built for this exact moment. And it doesn’t hurt that they continue to prove they can win in a myriad of ways, even when things are incredibly ugly for them in multiple areas. This could be one of the best games we see all season.

Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers

  • Beasley: Chiefs
  • Bearman: Chiefs
  • Miller: Chiefs
  • Morrison: Packers
  • Robinson: Chiefs

It’s fair to expect a Chiefs win here, but Morrison’s selection of the Packers is not without merit. Green Bay’s young quarterback is playing well, and their defense has stepped it up recently as well.

Although Kansas City still likely holds the advantage on both sides of the ball, Rashan Gary could be a difference-maker against the Chiefs’ offensive tackles. However, Steve Spagnuolo could also be the difference for the Chiefs, whose defense has been outstanding in 2023.

But in the end, they have to find some consistent production from someone … anyone … outside of Travis Kelce.

Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Beasley: Jaguars
  • Bearman: Jaguars
  • Miller: Jaguars
  • Morrison: Jaguars
  • Robinson: Jaguars

Although this matchup isn’t near what we thought it was going to be before Joe Burrow’s season-ending injury, the Jaguars can’t rest on their laurels. They have to keep winning to keep a leg up on the surging Texans, who, while two games back in the division, do not have a difficult schedule going forward.

Trevor Lawrence and Jacksonville’s offense had a big day last week, and it will be fascinating to see if the offensive line can stay on level ground, or perhaps even improve, with the loss of Cam Robinson.

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