Ohio State 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports include Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave

Full scouting reports from the top prospects on Ohio State, including Garrett Wilson, with eyes towards the 2022 NFL Draft.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are certainly known as producers of NFL talent. If their scouting reports for the 2022 NFL Draft prospects are any indication, this year will be no different for Ohio State. The Buckeyes boast two of the top receivers in the class in Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave. They also have several defensive players with terrific upside as well as a historically good offensive line that’s entering the NFL.

Ohio State 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

Here are the full scouting reports from the Buckeyes with eyes toward the 2022 NFL Draft.

Antwuan Jackson, DT

Positives: Explosive 3-technique tackle coming off a career season. Fires off the snap with an explosive first step and quickly gets his hands up to protect himself. Immediately alters his angle of attack and changes direction. Plays with proper pad level, gets leverage on opponents, and slides off blocks to defend the run. Fights hard and plays through the whistle.

Negatives: Doesn’t play like a 300-pound tackle and gets rag-dolled in the middle of the line. Not much of a pass rusher. Average production throughout his college career.

Analysis: Jackson possesses the size, quickness, and tenacity to be a backup tackle in a four-man front.

Chris Olave, WR

Positives: Legitimate game-breaking receiver with home-run-hitting speed. Solid route runner who quickly gets in and out of routes, stays low on exit, and plays with terrific balance. Shows outstanding awareness, comes back to the quarterback to make himself an available target, and uses the sidelines well. Consistently extends to make the reception away from his frame. Has a burst of speed that he turns on in a single step.

Possesses legitimate deep speed. Uses his frame to shield away defenders, possesses soft hands to pluck the ball from the air, and creates yardage after the catch. Quickly releases off the line of scrimmage and immediately gets to top speed. Finds the soft spot in the defense.

Negatives: Not a big-bodied receiver and struggles in battles. Did not meet expectations last season. May not possess a large amount of upside.

Analysis: Olave was graded as the top senior receiver in the nation entering the year, but a change at quarterback for Ohio State led to disappointing results. Regardless, Olave possesses game-breaking speed and consistently runs past opponents while adding a lot of natural pass-catching skill. Though he’s likely to be drafted later than I presently have him rated, he’s a polished wideout who can immediately produce in the NFL.

For more on Chris Olave, visit his full scouting report
Chris Olave, Ohio State WR | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Garrett Wilson, WR

Positives: Dependable receiver with the size and skill to be a No. 1 wideout at the next level. Plays with outstanding balance and body control, easily adjusts to grab errant throws from the air, and gets down to scoop up low passes. Tracks the pass in the air, gets vertical, and nicely times receptions. High points the ball over opponents and uses his frame to protect the pass.

Extends his hands and snatches the fastball out of the air. Comes back to the ball out of breaks and finds the clearing on the field to make himself an available target. Wins out for contested passes.

Negatives: Lacks a deep burst and vertical speed despite his Combine 40 time. Unnecessarily cradles the ball against his frame on occasion. Average run-after-the-catch skill.

Analysis: Wilson possesses a solid combination of size and speed as well as pass-catching ability. He needs to improve the small details of his position, but he comes with an upside in addition to an NFL-ready game.

For more on Garrett Wilson, visit his full scouting report
Garrett Wilson, Ohio State WR | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Haskell Garrett, DT

Positives: Quick, explosive one-gap tackle who flashes dominance. Fires off the snap with a terrific first step, plays with excellent pad level, and easily changes direction. Moves well laterally, uses his hands very effectively, and keeps his feet moving. Focused on by opponents in the middle of the line. Displays good awareness and effectively diagnoses plays.

Negatives: Was not much of a factor last season. Gets consistently turned from the play or washed from the action by blocks. Lacks bulk and playing strength.

Analysis: Garrett is a somewhat athletic defensive tackle prospect who works hard on the field and is an outstanding person off of it. Garrett’s brilliant first step off the snap gives him the ability to quickly penetrate through gaps, and he’s a natural fit in a one-gap system.

For more on Haskell Garrett, visit his full scouting report
Haskell Garrett, Ohio State DT | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Marcus Williamson, S

Positives: Small, hard-working cornerback with an excellent feel for coverage. Quick diagnosing plays, shows excellent awareness, and is very fast. Displays speed in every direction, possesses a closing burst, and works to get upfield defending the run. Quick flipping his hips in transition, battles opponents, and shows a nice move to the throw. Works to keep receivers in front of him. Terrific special-teams player who is often the first man down the field on coverage units.

Negatives: Easily blocked from the action and is inefficient.

Analysis: Williamson lacks great size but has the athleticism, speed, and ball skills to line up in dime packages as well as play on special teams.

Master Teague, RB

Positives: Strong, rumbling downhill ball carrier who does the little things well. Patiently waits for blocks to develop, displays good running vision, and finds the open lanes. Runs with good lean, turns it upfield, and effectively follows blocks.

Powerful, consistently runs north and south, and runs over opponents to pick up yardage off initial contact. Falls forward when tackled. Runs with authority and has a burst through the hole. Helps the quarterback sell ball fakes. Solid pass catcher out of the backfield.

Negatives: Not a creative ball carrier who makes defenders miss. Not smooth cutting back against the grain and loses a lot of momentum-changing direction.

Analysis: Teague is an average-sized, short-yardage ball carrier who is best between the tackles. His game has limitations, which will push him out of the draft.

Nicholas Petit-Frere, OT

Positives: Large, athletic left tackle prospect with a massive upside. Smooth, agile, and shows good footwork off the edge. Stays square, controls defenders at the point, and can adjust to knock blitzers from their angles of attack with explosive hand punch. Effective with his hands, easily turns defenders from the line, and seals them from plays. Keeps his feet moving and can be an overwhelming force. Bends his knees and generally blocks with proper pad level.

Negatives: Slow picking up stunts or blitzes. Must improve his balance and gets twisted on occasion. Played terribly against Michigan and was handled by Aidan Hutchinson.

Analysis: Petit-Frere is large and mobile, and he’s a natural left tackle who should only get better in time. He has starting potential once he polishes his game.

For more on Nicholas Petit-Frere, visit his full scouting report
Nicholas Petit-Frere, Ohio State OT | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Thayer Munford, G

Positives: Massive offensive lineman who needs space to work. Fires off the snap into blocks, stays square, and plays with good lean. Keeps his feet moving, keeps his hands active, and jolts defenders with an explosive punch. Strong and easily turns defenders from the action to open running lanes. Keeps his head on a swivel, works well with linemates, and always looks for someone to hit. Patient, engulfs defenders, and easily seals them from the action.

Negatives: Struggles to adjust. Lacks quick and fluid footwork in space. Ineffective blocking in motion.

Analysis: Munford was a terrific right tackle at Ohio State before being pushed into guard this season, where he struggled. He’s a big-bodied lineman with a terrific head for the game, though he lacks agility. Munford would do well as a right tackle in a power-gap system. If properly coached, he can start at the next level.

For more on Thayer Munford, visit his full scouting report
Thayer Munford, Ohio State G | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jeremy Ruckert, TE

Positives: Large, athletic tight end who is effective as a pass catcher and as a blocker. Explosive at the point, fires off the snap into blocks, and quickly gets out to the second level. Gives effort as a blocker and is very effective on the second level or in motion. Fluid releasing off the line of scrimmage, displays good route discipline, and moves well about the field.

Imposing target who extends his hands and makes the reception away from his frame. Possesses soft hands and snatches the ball from the air. Effectively makes the catch on crossing patterns. Quick, has a burst, and plays faster than his 40 time.

Negatives: Must improve the strength of his base and doesn’t get much movement run blocking. Plays faster than his 40 time, yet doesn’t beat defenders down the field.

Analysis: Ruckert is an athletic tight end with nice size and a large upside. He comes off a slightly disappointing senior season but offers scheme versatility and could be starting by the end of his rookie season.

For more on Jeremy Ruckert, visit his full scouting report
Jeremy Ruckert, Ohio State TE | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Tyreke Smith, EDGE

Positives: Undersized college pass rusher who displays a lot of athleticism. Effective standing over tackle and coming out of a three-point stance, rushes the edge with speed, and possesses a closing burst. Works his hands to protect himself, nicely redirects to ball handlers, and gives effort defending the run. Fires off the snap with a quick first step and plays with excellent pad level as well as balance. Agile, easily changes direction, and works hard.

Negatives: Lacks elite speed and bulk. Easily out-positioned from the action. Slow getting off blocks.

Analysis: Smith was a solid defender for Ohio State and made a good number of plays behind the line of scrimmage. He projects as a pass-rush specialist at the next level with possibilities in a variety of schemes.

For more on Tyreke Smith, visit his full scouting report
Tyreke Smith, Ohio State DE | NFL Draft Scouting Report

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