NFL Weather Forecast, Week 6: A worry-free slate of games

The NFL Week 6 weather forecast & report will help give you an edge over your fantasy opponents. Knowing this info might could mean a win or loss.

As the football season continues, we head into our NFL weather forecast and report for Week 6. The weather might not seem like the most important thing in fantasy football right not, but it could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Note: All times are Eastern Standard Time, and all NFL weather forecasts and reports for Week 6 will be updated if any changes happen from the time of writing this up to kickoff. All betting lines are from DraftKings Sportsbook.

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NFL Weather Forecast and Report for Week 6: High chance for showers and windy conditions

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins -9.5 (Sunday 4:05 PM) – 47 o/u

The Miami Dolphins are -9.5 favorites. That’s it. That’s all I got. Alright, I’ll get serious for a second.

When looking at the weather report for Week 6, this is the only game that gives me any cause for concern. A typical Miami day where we have an increased chance of a storm in the afternoon with higher winds. Anytime after 11:00 AM, showers will start to develop and could hit at any time leading to kickoff.

Once it hits, we could see up to a quarter of an inch, but that is on the higher side of the forecast. The winds will kick up too and reach 15 mph sustained during the game. The combination of weather reports will not be enough to make me change any of my fantasy plans, which are quite simple.

Stay away from every New York Jets player not named Jamison Crowder, and play whatever Dolphin you want. This includes La’Mical Perine. Fantasy is hard enough; we don’t need to overcomplicate it.

A chance for breezy conditions in the Week 6 weather report

Green Bay Packers -1 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sunday 4:25 PM) – 55 o/u

While this side of Florida won’t see the chances of rain, it will feel the wind. We will see 10 to 15 mph winds. I am not concerned about this forecast, but it was worth mentioning. 

The good news about this game is both teams will be at relatively full strength for what should be a shootout. Both Chris Godwin and Mike Evans are off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ injury report as is Davante Adams for the Green Bay Packers. They are all safe to start this week as WR1 options in your fantasy lineups.

Worry-free NFL weather forecast and report for Week 6

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots -7.5 (1:00 PM) – 44.5 o/u

As of right now, this game is still on for Sunday. Both Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore are good to go this weekend for the New England Patriots. However, for the Denver Broncos, they will be without Melvin Gordon and will have Phillip Lindsay as the starting running back for this game. He is a low-end RB2 this week.

For the weather forecast in Week 6, 60-degree temperatures, sunny skies, and five mph winds won’t have any impact on your fantasy teams.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans -4 (1:00 PM) – 53.5 o/u

Who is Derrick Henry going to add to his growing list of posters? At some point, defensive backs will learn they can’t come in high on Henry. Until that point, they will keep being met with his right arm, quickly followed by the ground.

Expect 68-degree temperatures, sunny skies, and six mph winds in Music City for the weather forecast in Week 6.

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 (1:00 PM) – 51 o/u

“We are playing this game for Myles.”

They do know that Mason Rudolph isn’t starting, right? I don’t know if giving the Pittsburgh Steelers bulletin board material is the smartest decision in the world because up until last week, Ben Roethlisberger was the winningest quarterback in the history of their stadium. 

As for the weather report in Week 6, it will be much milder than the temperaments on the field. Expect 65-degree temperatures, sunny skies, with six mph winds.

Baltimore Ravens -9.5 at Philadelphia Eagles (1:00 PM) – 46 o/u

You would think that having virtually every pass-catcher on the roster hurt would result in Zach Ertz having a massive day. Instead, he caught one pass for six yards and finished as the TE41. The Philadelphia Eagles are in the same situation this week against a defense that is as good as it gets at shutting down opposing tight ends. Sure, you will start Ertz, but don’t be surprised if he struggles again in Week 6.

As for the weather forecast in Week 6, temperatures will be around 63-degrees, with mostly sunny skies and five mph winds.

Washington Football Team at New York Giants -2.5 (1:00 PM) – 43 o/u

After getting benched last week, Kyle Allen was named the starter for this week. Alex Smith will remain the QB2 on the depth chart while Dwayne Haskins still has an “illness.” Curious timing, don’t you think? Hopefully, Allen can work on his connection with Terry McLaurin as he needs to be the focal point of their passing game.

When looking at the Week 6 weather report, expect mostly sunny skies, 64-degree temperatures, and light winds around five mph.

Detroit Lions -3 at Jacksonville Jaguars (1:00 PM) – 54 o/u

This feels like a prime game to stack the Detroit Lions players in your DFS lineups. Matthew Stafford has a fully healthy arsenal of receivers, and they have had a week off to work on how to best approach the rest of the season. That should include working on getting D’Andre Swift more looks in the passing game. I can see a stack off this game being one of the more profitable games to target in tournaments this weekend.

When looking at the weather report for Week 6, we should see 78-degree temperatures, nine mph winds, and mostly cloudy skies.

Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers -1 (1:00 PM) – 44.5 o/u

Mike Davis is the prime example of using your FAAB correctly in fantasy. He has more than made up for whatever people spent on him and even finished as the RB1 in Week 5. Imagine someone playing this well and knowing that he will go straight to the bench once Christian McCaffrey returns. I can’t wait to see how good he will be in this Matt Rhule/Joe Brady offense.

As for the weather report for Week 6, expect sunny skies, 67-degree temperatures, and four mph winds.

Los Angeles Rams -3 at San Francisco 49ers (Sunday 8:20 PM) – 52.5 o/u

The line on this game surprised me. Yes, the San Francisco 49ers are getting healthy, but they are facing the defense that is giving up the fewest fantasy points to wide receivers. I know Vegas doesn’t care about fantasy, but that should mean the Los Angeles Rams offense can get out quickly and not allow them to come back. I know casinos never lose, but I would think the Rams should be higher favorites in this matchup.

The Week 6 weather forecast tells us that we can expect 78-degree temperatures, clear skies, and four mph winds.

Kansas City Chiefs -4 at Buffalo Bills (Monday 5:00 PM) – 57 o/u

It’s almost not fair to the rest of the NFL that the defending Super Bowl Champions are allowed to add someone like Le’Veon Bell mid-season. Sure, this isn’t going to be the 2017 version that we saw in Pittsburgh, but you know Andy Reid will have fun lining him up on the field and being creative with his diverse skillset. We have to wait a week as Bell can’t play in Week 6 due to the current medical restrictions, but the rest of the AFC needs to be nervous when it happens.

As for the weather forecast for the first game of our Monday Night double-header in Week 6, we will see 54-degree temperatures, cloudy skies, and seven mph winds. There is a 30% chance of rain, but it won’t be more than a light sprinkle.

Week 6 Indoor Games

  • Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings -4 (Sunday 1:00 PM) – 54 o/u
  • Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts -7.5 (Sunday 1:00 PM) – 46 o/u
  • Arizona Cardinals -1 at Dallas Cowboys (Monday 8:15 PM) – 54.5 o/u

Teams on a Bye in Week 6

  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Las Vegas Raiders

World Mental Health Day

How is everyone holding up? Not just in fantasy football but life. There are more important things than the NFL weather forecast for Week 6.

Let’s be honest; it’s been rough. There is no real way of getting around it. Some of us still can’t go outside. We can’t go around our family sometimes. The country is just as divided as always, and you can’t turn on your TV without some self-centered person calling another self-centered person self-centered. I just want to watch sports and get away from it all. Relax, have a damn beer, and try to forget about where we are right now for a few hours.

I think that has been the hard part of all of this for everyone. There has been no “getting away.” The outlets we all used were abruptly gone. Do you know how much I’d like to be able to willingly not do things rather than not have a choice but to stay at home? At least back then, being a homebody wasn’t the cool thing to do. 

That’s 2020 for you. 

I guess I am writing all of this instead of talking about fantasy, which is why you are even here because it’s something we are all thinking and feeling internally. We just don’t talk about it too much to anyone.

On October 10th, it was World Mental Health Day. The reason I am bringing this up is that just because that day is past doesn’t mean you should leave things on the back burner. Talk to your friends and family. See how they are doing. We know how much this sucks for everyone right now. I am sure they will appreciate the conversation as much as you will, even if just for a few minutes, while you complain about your fantasy team. 

Good luck. Be safe. Let’s win the week.

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