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2020 Dynasty Superflex 1QB Fantasy Football PPR Rankings

2020 Dynasty Superflex and 1QB Fantasy Football Rankings
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While 1QB leagues are the most popular in fantasy football dynasty startups, the fastest growing trend by far is the Superflex Dynasty League. This simple change creates a drastic shift in how teams are constructed during startup drafts and beyond. In Superflex Dynasty Leagues, no roster spot is more valuable than the quarterback position. Securing two reliable starting quarterbacks is the backbone of any solid dynasty team. To best inform you of these differences, here are our 2020 Dynasty Superflex and 1QB Fantasy Football PPR rankings.

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2020 Dynasty Superflex and 1QB PPR Fantasy Rankings

These rankings were last updated on October 26th, 2020. Below, you can sort the dynasty rankings by league type (1QB or Superflex), position, and rank. If you need to search for players or teams, you can do so using our filters below. Don’t forget to reset them to clear your board and start from the beginning. As injury and contract news comes in, we will be updating our rankings to make sure you are covered.

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The biggest changes to these rankings from before the season are related to what we’ve seen players do so far this year. Players like RB James Robinson, QB Justin Herbert, and WR Justin Jefferson all saw huge increases due to their terrific performance this year. On the other hand, players like RB Saquon Barkley, WR Alshon Jeffery, and TE Zach Ertz all saw their rankings go down due to injury and their current opportunities.

These Dynasty Superflex & 1QB rankings are meant to be a reference and are not meant to be used for direct trading of one player for another. Think of these as a starting point that you can build your opinions off of as you go through your own dynasty league season.


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