NFL Draft Rumors: Miami Dolphins could trade to 4 if Atlanta Falcons want a QB

The Miami Dolphins have been the most active team in the 2021 NFL Draft in terms of trades, Now, rumors are swirling that they could be looking to make yet another move with the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are rumored to be targeting a QB as Pro Football Network Chief Draft Analyst and NFL Insider Tony Pauline addressed the latest he is hearing regarding the Dolphins and Falcons on PFN’s live show ahead of the draft.

Could the Miami Dolphins trade with the Atlanta Falcons to secure Kyle Pitts?

Rumors have been growing in the build-up to the NFL Draft that the Dolphins are targeting Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. Still, with the potential that Pitts is not available with the sixth overall pick, Pauline discussed the latest in terms of the Dolphins potentially looking to move back up in the first round.

“I’m not sure if Pitts is No. 1 but that is the guy they like. It is going to come down to this, the possibility of Atlanta taking a quarterback in the first round is significantly greater than what is being broadcast. That is what I have heard since last night. If that happens, I could see Atlanta going from four to six, because they are going to get their quarterback at four. Be that Justin Fields or whoever the 49ers do not select. And then the Miami Dolphins go from six up to four and get the player they covet in Pitts. If Atlanta decides to go quarterback, look for them to move that pick a little bit.”

A trade would make sense for both sides. The Falcons can presume the Bengals will not select a QB with the fifth pick. Meanwhile, the Dolphins may need to get above the Bengals to secure Pitts.

Could the Dolphins be left looking silly if they trade back up?

The Dolphins’ moves in this draft cycle make for a confusing picture. They traded down to 12 and then seemingly overpaid to get back to six. They still came away from the deals with a net gain of at least a first-round pick in 2023. If the Dolphins can move up for Pitts and retain that selection, the moves could be deemed a success.

The Dolphins would have essentially gained a first-round selection to drop one spot. How this potential trade will be viewed will almost entirely depend on what the Dolphins have to pay. If they have to give up significant capital, questions will be raised about the first two moves they made. Yet, if Pitts is the player they covet, not making this move for fear of appearing to have made a mistake and then not getting him is simply compounding the original error.

Adding Pitts would give the Dolphins intriguing pass-catching options. They would add the former Gator to Will Fuller, DeVante Parker, and Mike Gesicki. That combination, plus whoever else the Dolphins acquire in the draft, would significantly improve the targets for Tua Tagovailoa.

Were the Falcons looking to move down further than the Dolphins pick in the first round?

The rumors surrounding the fourth pick in the 2021 NFL Draft have been somewhat overshadowed by the 49ers. However, Pauline discussed what he heard concerning a potentially ideal scenario for the Falcons in this draft.

“They would have liked to have moved that pick for a haul of picks. Similar to what the Miami Dolphins got for moving out of three. I do not think that is going to happen.”

The Falcons have been discussed as a potential QB destination throughout the process. Yet, with Matt Ryan under contract for potentially another two seasons, they were also likely open to moving back if the right trade offer came through. After the Dolphins and 49ers trade, followed by the Sam Darnold trade, the demand for another team to trade up to four has seemingly diminished. Therefore, the Falcons’ options are limited.

Trading back two spots offer the Falcons a compromise. They can acquire further assets later in the draft and potentially select the same player they were targeting at No. 4.

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