Netflix’s Roast of Tom Brady: Drew Bledsoe, Others Warned Not To Make Robert Kraft Jokes

Nothing was off limits during Netflix's outrageous Roast of Tom Brady -- except Robert Kraft jokes, according to comedian Andrew Schulz.

Some believe Tom Brady’s outrage over a Robert Kraft joke during his Netflix roast was all an act. But the New England Patriots legend’s protesting of Jeff Ross’ joke about Kraft’s infamous massage parlor scandal was very real, according to roast participant and star comedian Andrew Schulz.

Drew Bledsoe, Other Roasters Were Warned Not To Make Robert Kraft Jokes

Ross cracked a joke about Kraft’s day spa scandal near the beginning of the roast. Brady, in his only defiant act of the evening, stood up and said, ‘Don’t say that s–t again.'”

Earlier this week, former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who also participated in the roast, claimed Brady’s anger was legit, and that Kraft’s attendance was kept secret to prevent jokes at his expense.

“It certainly wasn’t on the teleprompter,” Bledsoe, appearing on Julian Edelman’s podcast. said of Ross’ joke. “I don’t know if that was part of the script or not. But (Brady’s protest) seemed sincere, like, ‘Hey man, you don’t go there.'”

“Did you know that Kraft was gonna be there?” Bledsoe then asked Edelman. “I didn’t know that he was going to be there until [the day of the roast]. … And they did that intentionally so that all these comedians didn’t go too deep on the massage jokes, which was smart.”

Of course, that’s just one man’s account. However, Schulz recently corroborated Bledsoe’s claims while offering additional details.

“When Tom checked Jeff Ross, I think that was 100% real,” Schulz said during an episode of his “Flagrant” podcast. ” … The reason why I think it’s real is because (Netflix) told us no jokes about happy endings with Bob Kraft.”

The Brady-Kraft angle is just one of many interesting storylines spawned by the roast, which was more hilarious and successful than anyone could’ve anticipated. One of the more interesting nuggets also was shared by Bledsoe, and it pertains to the ever-controversial relationship between Kraft and former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

More Fallout From Netflix’s Roast of Tom Brady

Kraft and Belichick, who were seated on opposite sides of the room for much of the evening, seemed to genuinely enjoy the event. Belichick was nearly all smiles from the moment he took the stage.

But the NFL legends were forced to share a toast in what was a brutally awkward moment for all involved. It was impossible not to think of Belichick’s recent New England departure, and the reports about Kraft smearing his former head coach while he searched for a new job.

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According to Edelman, the vibes were even worse backstage.

“Pre-show, we’re in the green room,” Edelman said during his podcast episode with Bledsoe. “Randy [Moss], Drew, me, [Rob Gronkowski] — we’re all just chilling in there. Bill’s opening up. He’s having fun. He’s talking war stories. Talking rookies. Doing s–t we know what Bill’s all about, but it was amplified because he was excited to see guys because he doesn’t have a job anymore.

“And then Kraft walks in,” Bledsoe said before Edelman continued. “The tension in that room, though … it could cut f—ing glass.”

Bledsoe added: “[The tension] was real. It was very real. Very real … Belichick’s kind of holding court. Well, as he’s in the middle of a story, Kraft walks in. And so, you guys all go over to say ‘hi’ to Kraft. The last man standing is my bro, and he’s like, ‘Well, Bill’s telling a story. If I leave, then he’s telling the story to nobody.’ ”

There’s a happy ending to this story, though. And no pun intended.

During a subsequent appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show“, Bledsoe revealed that Kraft and Belichick had a private conversation before the start of the roast.

“Don’t know what was said, but it was a pretty sincere 15 minutes where they had a good long conversation,” Bledsoe said. “There’s great mutual respect there, obviously. Most successful owner and head coach [pairing] of all time.

“Obviously, Tom and the rest of that squad had a lot to do with that, but there’s still genuine respect there between those guys.”

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The roast of Brady is the gift that keeps on giving. Here’s hoping we eventually get a sequel with Belichick in the hot seat.

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