May the Fourth Be With You: 10 NFL Figures That Belong in Star Wars

In the NFL, it's Maye the Fourth be with you, along with several other Star Wars comparisons in the league today.

With the NFL Draft in the rearview, the NFL schedule release date seemingly still a mystery, and the offseason staring us strongly in the face, what better time than to take a timeout on May the Fourth?

The Force is strong with these NFL players and coaches who would seemingly slot perfectly into the Star Wars Universe.

Whether Jedi, Sith, pilot, smuggler, kick returner, or dark lord, there is plenty of space for these figures to enter a faraway galaxy.

NFL Comparisons for Star Wars Galaxy

Tank Dell – Mandalorian
While young and unknown in some circles, much like Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin, Dell blasted onto the scene as a rookie and immediately made an impact for fellow first-year player C.J. Stroud.

Now joined by Nico Collins and Stefon Diggs in the Texans’ new family at WR, Dell has certainly found “the way” to help Houston to further heights in 2024.

Sauce Gardner – Cantina Owner
Everyone in the Galaxy either wants to be at the most trendy cantina or trendy New York football team. Sauce was active in trying to get free agents to the Jets this offseason, and with Aaron Rodgers back under center, don’t be surprised if we see more familiar faces at Sauce’s “locker room” cantina.

Tua Tagovailoa – Jar Jar Binks
Often under scrutiny, not without fault, but someone who makes the right moves when their team needs them.

There are a striking amount of similarities between Tua and Jar Jar Binks.

Surrounded by Jedis Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and Odell Beckham, Jr., can Tua/Jar Jar make the right decisions to help the Dolphins/New Republic to victory?

Joe Burrow – Smuggler/General
Disregarded at Ohio State, Burrow smuggled/transferred his way to LSU and now mans one of the fastest offenses/ships in the galaxy.

It’s only fitting that “Joe Cool” himself lines up with the coolest man in Star Wars, Han Solo.

Bill Belichick – Sith Lord
This is obvious enough, right?

Aaron Rodgers – Jedi/Sith
Fancies himself a Jedi, but would you really be shocked if Rodgers was turned to the dark side?

Drake Maye – Padawan
The Sith Lord is out in New England, and the latest QB to go on the path of the GOAT has been drafted by the Patriots.

Maye will need time to learn the ways of the NFL, but will he force himself into the playoff picture sooner than expected?

Tyreek Hill – Fastest Ship in the Galaxy
Millennium Cheetah has a new warp drive captained by Mike McDaniel.

Ja’Marr Chase – Bounty Hunter
Able to chase down points in the NFL faster than just about anyone, Ja’Marr is the trusted hunter to get the job done.

Patrick Mahomes – Darth Mahomes
Did Mahomes’ appearance on Monday Night Raw and alliance with heel Logan Paul actually signal his turn to the Dark Side? Maybe, maybe not?

But at the rate that Mahomes is winning, it won’t take long for him to rule the Galaxy under Emporer Andy Reid.

Who are your favorite NFL-Star Wars comparisons?

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