Kamren Kinchens Draft Profile | Miami (FL), S Scouting Report

In a stacked 2024 NFL Draft safety class, what separates Miami's Kamren Kinchens' scouting report from the pack? Here's an in-depth look at Kinchens' game.

Who is the best safety prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft? That matter is still very much up for debate, but it could be Miami Hurricanes standout Kamren Kinchens. Kinchens is the top playmaker within his unit, and as his scouting report details, he has all the tools to make an impression at the NFL level.

Kamren Kinchens Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 205 pounds
  • Position: Safety
  • School: Miami (FL)
  • Current Year: Junior

Kinchens was only a three-star recruit in the 2021 cycle. He proved the saying true that the cream always rises to the top. Kinchens saw early returns as a true freshman, and in 2022, he morphed into a first-team All-American and All-ACC performer. He amassed 59 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, six interceptions, and six pass deflections.

Now, Kinchens is eligible for the NFL Draft for the first time, and he’s in the mix for the top safety spot, along with other talented prospects like Andrew Mukuba, Rod Moore, and Tyler Nubin. Might Kinchens have the most complete profile, and what separates him from the rest of the pack?

Kamren Kinchens Scouting Report


  • Compactly-built safety with good proportional length and overall frame density.
  • Accelerates with little strain, and can cover large swaths of ground exploding downhill.
  • A high-energy athlete who can suddenly snap in and out of phase and quicken his strides.
  • Has the hip flexibility to glide and roll his hips in space, maintaining angle leverage.
  • Floats and freely throttles up on his backpedal, and can easily sink and transition.
  • Has true center-fielder range as a single-high safety, erasing gaps in coverage.
  • Has the processing capacity and eye discipline to parse through route patterns.
  • Stays keyed in on QB’s eyes and uses them to guide his process, reacting fast to intent.
  • Has excellent eyes and ball-tracking ability, and flows to passes in deep coverage.
  • Very proactive in extending and using his length to impact passes, and reacts quickly to them.
  • Has range, with quick-processing support presence with corrective mobility ahead of contact.
  • Explodes into contact with exorbitant bursts of energy and strong tackling form.
  • Physical competitor who can man up tight ends, and barrels downhill in support.


  • Closing acceleration might not be elite, as he can’t always close gaps from behind.
  • Doesn’t quite have elite hip fluidity, and needs to gather steps on 180-degree transitions.
  • Can get tunnel vision over the middle in two-high, failing to recognize boundary routes.
  • Occasionally gravitates to underneath routes when he should carry vertical targets.
  • Eye discipline can improve in two-high when managing space between routes.
  • Sometimes drifts too far inward at stems, opening up space for quick outs and RAC.
  • At times, initial attack angles downhill are too narrow, allowing space on the boundary.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

On my 2024 NFL Draft board, Kinchens grades out as a Top 25 prospect, and one of the top safeties in the draft class. He’s a first-round candidate early in the 2024 cycle, and if he sustains his high-level production in 2023, he can lock in early-round capital.

Kinchens has the ball production to back up his playmaking ability, and he’s also an extremely well-put-together defensive back with all of the requisite physical qualities. At 5’11”, 205 pounds, he has a strong, dense frame with great length. He’s extremely explosive and energetic as a mover, he has searing speed in open space, and he has the foot quickness, agility, twitch, and fluidity to support movement freedom in short areas.

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Ultimately, what comes of Kinchens’ complete physical profile is exciting alignment and role flexibility. He’s an exceedingly versatile secondary defender who can play single-high, two-high, or rotate into the box and cover intermediate zones. He also flashes promise in press-man coverage in the slot. He has the sudden twitch and quick stimulus reaction to match WRs out of stems.

Kinchens can still improve his technique and spatial discipline in off-man coverage, and there are occasional lapses in communication in coverage. But overall, Kinchens is a supremely talented athlete who also has the processing capacity, route recognition, range, and ball skills to close the lid on big plays. And in the short and intermediate zones, he’s a forceful support player who can blink to runners with his accelerative freedom.

As long as he continues to iron out minor inconsistencies in his game, Kinchens has the high-level athletic foundation, versatility, and all-around utility to be an impact starter at the NFL level.

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