Super Bowl 57 Gatorade Color Prop Bets

What Gatorade color would you dump on your boss' head? All of them? Well, here are some intriguing Super Bowl 57 Gatorade color prop bets.

I’m not one of those people who’d walk up to my boss and dump Gatorade on his head. But then again, I’m not getting paid millions of dollars to help win Super Bowls.

We’ve reached the run-up to Super Bowl 57 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. Player injuries and other factors can upend betting lines. But only Costco sales can impact which Gatorade flavors will be on the sidelines.

With that in mind, here are various NFL betting odds for the color of the Gatorade tossed on the winning head coach’s head, based on BetMGM Sportsbook.

February 12 Update, 10:37 p.m. ET: The color of the winning Gatorade was purple.

Gatorade Color Prop Bets for the 2023 Super Bowl

Two days before this past preseason’s Hall of Fame game between the Raiders and Jaguars — marking the first official game action of the 2022 campaign — Parade magazine went where few have gone before, ranking the top 15 Gatorade flavors.

It was, in author Stephanie Osmanski’s words, a “near-impossible task,” as evidenced by their decision to place Glacier Cherry Gatorade Frost at No. 10 — a boldness matched only by the bold flavor of Glacier Cherry Gatorade Frost.

Parade‘s list is also a window into how we might bet on the 2023 Super Bowl. Because betting on which Gatorade color will be dumped on the head coach has become a cottage industry.

Oddsmakers have payouts for several outcomes, including the possibility that the winning team actually drinks all the Gatorade rather than dumping it on their unsuspecting (or entirely suspecting) boss.

With that in mind, here are the Gatorade color betting lines for Super Bowl LVII and how they might impact our decision-making.

Eagles vs. Chiefs Gatorade Color Props

For starters, three of the last four Super Bowl winners have poured blue Gatorade on their head coach. The exception? The 2020 Chiefs. More on that in a moment.

Parade lists blue Gatorade in four of its top eight flavors. That’s some pretty compelling intel, especially when considering BetMGM’s +600 odds for blue Gatorade in this year’s Super Bowl.

So what could go wrong? Well, Kansas City opted for orange Gatorade three years ago. What happened the following year? Orange was clear-and-away the top favorite at astonishing +135 odds. The year before, orange was at +600, while purple was alone at the top at -120.

The wildly swinging odds preceding recent Super Bowls have solidified ahead of Sunday’s Eagles-Chiefs faceoff, locked in on two competing favorites and some intriguing long shots.

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Orange leads the way with +250 odds — apparently on the assumption a Chiefs victory makes orange the frontrunner. Yellow/green is No. 2 at +350. If you read the Parade article as many times as I did, you know that lemon/lime (yellow/green) was their top flavor.

And this is important because trends change. Before the 2015 season, blue Gatorade never appeared in a Super Bowl broadcast. Now it’s one of the trendiest colors. Similarly, we haven’t seen purple in 10 years, but that didn’t stop oddsmakers from making it their favorite only a few years ago.

The remaining odds include +600 for clear/water and for blue, +650 for red/pink, and +900 for — you guessed it — purple . . . the color that apparently has more staying power than the immortal Tom Brady.

And what about no Gatorade? What happens if the winning team decides to keep their coach warm and dry? Well, BetMGM is offering +1700 odds. But that’s occurred only twice in the last 18 Super Bowls. So while the odds are objectively favorable, you’re rolling the dice that the Gatorade dumping craze will take a year off.

Repeat Winners

There are many fascinating angles for Super Bowl LVII. One of my favorites is that it features two teams that have won in the last five years. That’s not a normal thing, and perhaps we can make some educated guesses on Gatorade color based on this knowledge.

We already know that the Chiefs chose orange three years ago. It’s worth noting that five years ago, the Eagles selected yellow. Does this mean we should lean into these two favored colors?

Well, of the Patriots’ six titles this century, two included the ceremonial unleashing of blue Gatorade in the past seven years, one featured clear/water, and the three others didn’t include Gatorade or any other wet substance, except perhaps Brady’s sweat dripping onto Bill Belichick during their post-game hugs.

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The Giants went from clear/water in Super Bowl XLII to purple four years later. The Steelers shifted from clear/water to yellow during a three-year span last decade.

So there’s a modest trend toward color — and for that matter, a popular color. As a result, I would advise placing three bets: one each on orange, yellow/green, and blue. It’s all about trends, and these three offer the best odds irrespective of actual betting lines.

Orange would be somewhat of a hedge bet, where you’d win a net $5.00 if you bet $10.00 on each of these three colors — or a 117% return ($5 net profit from a $30 investment). Not too shabby. Yellow/green would be even more lucrative ($15 net profit, or a 150% return), while blue would net you a cool $40 net profit, giving you a 233% return.

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