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    Free Super Bowl Squares Template

    Do you like Super Bowl squares? Download this Super Bowl squares template to play at your convenience during the big game.

    The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are about to face off in Super Bowl 58. For football fans, it’s time to brace for the biggest game of the year. For Chiefs or 49ers fans, it’s time to hype up your team on social media and at your grandmother’s half-birthday party. (Why wait a full year?)

    And if you’re a bettor extraordinaire looking for another hill to conquer — and a Super Bowl squares template to download — then look no further. Except further down. Look there. Right there.

    Super Bowl Squares Template for Super Bowl 58

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    Super Bowl Squares Tips and Tricks

    Having an edge in your Super Bowl squares contest isn’t possible given the random nature of the board construction, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an understanding of the value of the squares you end up with!

    To that end, sportsbooks also offer pick-your-square options with a price attached to each individual outcome, so there is value in knowledge when it comes to historic trends, which is why I’m here.

    Before we get into the last 26 Super Bowls and the numbers that have been money-makers during the big game, let’s get a feel for these two specific teams. So far this season, here are the hit rates by final number for the Chiefs (the percentage of quarters this season that finished with this number):

    • 0: 13.8% of quarters
    • 1: 10%
    • 2: 1.3%
    • 3: 13.8%
    • 4: 11.3%
    • 5: 1.3%
    • 6: 6.3%
    • 7: 35%
    • 8: 0%
    • 9: 7.5%

    Now let’s do the same for the 49ers, as nailing just the Chiefs’ numbers does you no good.

    • 0: 26.3%
    • 1: 7.5%
    • 2: 5%
    • 3: 5%
    • 4: 13.8%
    • 5: 5%
    • 6: 0%
    • 7: 27.5%
    • 8: 3.8%
    • 9: 1.3%

    No real surprises there as the “key” numbers are key for a reason.

    Now that you have an idea of where these two teams specifically have been landing throughout the 2023 season, let’s take a look at the most common winning squares over the past 26 Super Bowls (AFC square – NFC square):

    • 0-0: 10.4% win rate
    • 7-3: 7.3%
    • 0-3: 6.3%
    • 4-4: 4.2% (hit last year!)
    • 7-7: 4.2% (hit last year!)
    • 4-7: 4.2%
    • 3-7: 4.2%
    • 4-0: 4.2%

    Drawing dead? In theory, anything can happen, but these are the numbers that put you in the most trouble:

    • AFC Square #5: 1 winning quarter
    • NFC Square #5: 1 winning quarter
    • NFC Square #2: 2 winning quarters
    • AFC Square #2: 3 winning quarters
    • NFC Square #8: 4 winning quarters

    For the record, the “8-5” square hadn’t occurred in 25 straight Super Bowls before it cashed the top payout by being the final score last season.

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    Maybe those numbers are “due”? I don’t think anything is due, but in a game of randomness, you can spin it whichever way your heart desires!

    The winningest squares over the past 26 Super Bowls …

    • AFC Square #0: 27 winning quarters
    • NFC Square #0: 20 winning quarters
    • NFC Square #3: 20 winning quarters
    • AFC Square #4: 17 winning quarters

    There is no better way to keep the entire room invested in the game than a squares contest, and now you have an idea as to what you’re rooting for on Square Selection Sunday.

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