Fastest QB 40-Yard Dash Times in NFL Combine History

Who recorded the fastest 40-yard dash time among quarterbacks in NFL Combine history? The answer is not all that surprising.

To be a successful quarterback in the NFL, arm strength and accuracy are no longer the only attributes required. The position is ever-changing and is seemingly getting more athletic with each passing NFL Draft class. The ability to use your feet has become a huge part of the equation.

The best place to showcase that speed and athleticism is the NFL Combine. With that being said, here are the fastest QB 40-yard dash times in NFL history.

Which QB Had the Fastest 40-Yard Dash Time in NFL History?

1) Michael Vick | 4.33 seconds

The fastest 40-yard dash by a QB at the NFL Combine was recorded in 2001 by Michael Vick.

Coming out of Virginia Tech, Vick posted a ridiculous 4.33 40 time at the NFL Combine. Not only was that the record for quarterbacks, but it was also one of the fastest times in Combine history, regardless of position.

Vick ended his NFL career with 6,109 rushing yards and 36 rushing touchdowns. He’s viewed as one of the top rushing threats at the position in NFL history.

2) Reggie McNeal | 4.40 seconds

Reggie McNeal competed at the NFL Combine as a QB but was eventually converted to a wide receiver due to his elite speed. He was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the sixth round of the 2006 draft.

After his first season, McNeal continued his career in the CFL until 2011.

3) Robert Griffin III | 4.41 seconds

Although injuries shortened what could have been an exceptional NFL career, Robert Griffin III still boasts the third-best 40-yard dash time for a QB in NFL Combine history.

Griffin was selected with the second overall pick in 2012 and won Rookie of the Year in his first season with Washington.

4) Justin Fields and Brad Smith | 4.46 Seconds

Brad Smith attended the NFL Combine as a quarterback but was later converted to a wide receiver by the team that drafted him. Regardless, his time still holds up in this category.

In 2021, Justin Fields tied Smith’s record. It’s important to note that Fields’ time was recorded on his pro day, as the Combine was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Notable 40-Yard Dash Times

There are a few other current NFL quarterbacks who are known for their elite speed and rushing ability. Although they weren’t fast enough to break any of the above NFL Combine records, the following quarterbacks have made a name for themselves, thanks in large part to their ability to use their legs.

Lamar Jackson | 4.34 Seconds

In what would have technically been the second-best 40-yard dash time of all time for a QB, Lamar Jackson’s 4.34-second 40-yard dash was unofficial because it took place at Louisville’s “Speed Day.” Jackson never ran the 40 at the Combine or a pro day.

Josh Allen | 4.76 Seconds

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen has garnered quite a reputation for running the ball. Not only has he become one of the best downfield passers in the league, but his ability to use his legs makes him a legit dual-threat QB. At the 2018 NFL Combine, Allen ran a 4.76 40-yard dash.

Patrick Mahomes | 4.80 Seconds

Although he already has a whopping three Super Bowl wins under his belt at the young age of 28 years old, Patrick Mahomes’ 40-yard dash time was not the fastest from his QB class.

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Yes, 4.80 seconds is nothing to scoff at, but he’s a bit far from guys like Vick and McNeal and their blazing speed.

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