Fantasy Trade Analyzer: Trade targets for Week 5 and beyond

Who are some fantasy trade targets? Who should you trade for? We load our fantasy trade analyzer to answer your Week 5 trade questions.

Who should you trade for in fantasy football? Who are some trade targets for Week 5 and beyond? Matt Williamson — former NFL scout and ESPN analyst — loads his fantasy trade analyzer to answers your questions in his Week 5 fantasy trade mailbag. This week, he talks about DJ Moore, Kareem Hunt, Joe Burrow, Mike Evans, Raheem Mostert, and more.

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I’m in a 12-team dynasty league and rebuilding. The scoring format is full PPR. What does the fantasy trade analyzer say about giving up DJ Moore to upgrade from Kareem Hunt to Saquon Barkley, or does Saquon’s injury scare you? 

As you look to rebuild your team, the fantasy trade analyzer says that this is a great strategy for a few reasons. You would be striking while the iron is hot and getting the most value out of Hunt. Remember, Cleveland gave Hunt decent money, and Nick Chubb isn’t going anywhere, so that backfield probably won’t change in the next couple of years.

This is Hunt’s peak. By dealing Hunt and Moore, you probably help yourself lose more games this year and get a premium draft pick to help you rebuild for the long term. Then you match that early rookie pick with a great player in Barkley. That is pretty tasty for 2021.

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But there is one fly in this ointment: You can’t sell this low on Moore. If it were another wide receiver in this deal, that makes sense, but Moore will come around very soon and get back to being a borderline WR1/WR2.

That is an extremely well-designed offense, and with all due respect to Robbie Anderson, who is an excellent player in his own right, Moore will be the top receiver in Carolina. This is a great idea overall but selling low on Moore is a bad idea right now.

In a 12 team Superflex league, if you have 3 of the top 12 quarterbacks, but need RB help, would you trade Joe Burrow/Mike Evans for Michael Thomas/Derrick Henry?

Assuming this is redraft and not a dynasty league, yes, this is a trade you should make. If it is for the long haul in a dynasty format, Burrow is just worth more than Henry in Superflex. With his extreme workload, Henry could hit a wall very soon and have a short career, but that doesn’t concern you just for 2020.

Thomas is worth more than Evans and should return very soon for the Saints. And for your situation, Henry has more value to your squad than Burrow does at the moment. Burrow looks great and should have an outstanding future, but don’t overlook how much punishment he is taking.

12 team, 0.5 PPR. Would you trade Antonio Gibson and Hayden Hurst for Darren Waller and Austin Ekeler? My running backs are Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Antonio Gibson. My wide receivers are Allen Robinson, Terry McLaurin, AJ Brown, and Hollywood Brown. 

Oh, this is an easy one for the fantasy trade analyzer. Grab Darren Waller. In fact, Waller is worth more than Hurst and Gibson combined. He’s an elite fantasy tight end, and that position overall is a bit of a dumpster fire right now. You get a great player at a position where most teams in your league are just scraping by right now.

Antonio Gibson is intriguing, but Washington’s offensive line is poor, and their offense is terrible. Benching Dwayne Haskins won’t change that. Plus, Gibson’s rookie year will likely be a work in progress and up and down for him as he learns the running back position.

Your team obviously gets a little thin at running back until Ekeler returns, and that could come back to haunt you, but grabbing Waller makes it worth it. And you will be pleased when Ekeler gets back on the field.

The scoring format is 0.5 PPR, 1QB, and I am rebuilding. Would the fantasy trade analyzer give up Raheem Mostert for Anthony McFarland and an early second?

The fantasy trade analyzer says, yes! If you watched McFarland in his Week 3 debut, you saw that he brings explosiveness and big flair that Pittsburgh didn’t have at the running back position. Mostert is a fine player in an awesome system, but Jerick McKinnon will demand touches and should be San Francisco’s passing game back. He’s also going to be eating into Mostert’s early-down touches at times. Remember, the 49ers gave McKinnon big money and stuck with him through serious injuries.

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But the key here is you pick up an early second, which is great, but also that James Conner is about to become a free agent. Benny Snell isn’t much of an obstacle to McFarland potentially being Pittsburgh’s lead back in 2021. Plus, what if the often-injured Conner goes down again this year? If that happens, McFarland might be worth more than Mostert even sooner than this offseason.

I’m in a 12-team 0.5 PPR league with TE premium. As a non-contending team, would you trade Kareem Hunt for AJ Brown?

On a contending team, the fantasy trade analyzer would trade Kareem Hunt for AJ Brown. On a mediocre team, I would trade Hunt for Brown. On a non-contender, it makes it even easier. This health situation could really screw things up for the Titans for fantasy reasons and makes this team extremely difficult to predict right now for 2020. But Brown is a special player, and when 2021 starts, you will be ecstatic to have Brown over Hunt. From a dynasty perspective, it really isn’t all that close.


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