3 Fantasy Football Stock Market Apps

    Fantasy Football Stock Market apps are a new market for sports enthusiasts. Here are our top three fantasy stock market apps you should consider playing.

    Fantasy football is one of the most popular games among football fans. With millions of fantasy players every year, users are always looking for new opportunities to engage with the game they love and be more invested in the players on the field. With the emergence of fantasy football stock market apps, avid fantasy users can do just that.

    3 Fantasy Football Stock Market Apps To Check Out

    The Fantasy Football Stock Market is an expanding category that gives fantasy football and sports enthusiasts a new way to cash in on the sports they love to watch. As the name implies, a fantasy football stock market app is a user experience that allows you to buy and sell shares of your favorite players across different professional and amateur sports leagues, much like a traditional financial stock market.

    We’ve done the research across this budding industry so that you don’t have to. Here are our three best fantasy football stock market apps that you should consider playing.

    Jock MKT

    Jock MKT is one of the most popular fantasy football stock market apps. It launched in September 2020 and will surpass $100 million in user trades since its launch in early January. Jock MKT allows you to trade shares of players in real time with users.

    The prices of each individual player share are based on an IPO (Initial Price Offering) bidding period, as well as trading volume during games. Payouts in Jock MKT are based on the fantasy football point outputs of players at the end of each game.

    Currently, Jock MKT offers real money trading of player shares across the NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, MLB, and NASCAR. You can play Jock MKT for free via a web browser or through Jock MKT’s mobile app, which is available on both the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. Jock MKT is currently live in 34 of 50 of the United States, giving the majority of the US a chance to play the exciting new fantasy sports format.

    Want to try Jock MKT out for yourself? When you sign-up for Jock MKT using promo code PFN, you’ll get a deposit bonus of up to $100.


    Mojo is another popular option among the fantasy football stock market apps available to play. While being the newest operator on the market since its September 2022 launch, Mojo has captivated users with its engaging user experience and variety of trading options.

    Mojo, much like a traditional financial stock market, allows you to wager on the career stats of both NFL and College Football players. You can go long or go short on any player’s stock, which essentially means you are betting on or betting against the stats of that player. The values of players fluctuate based on statistical performance. You can buy, sell, and hold shares of these players for as long as you choose to do so.

    Shares rise and fall on Mojo year-round. As of right now, you can download the mobile Mojo app anywhere, but you can only trade shares of players within the state of New Jersey. If you are not physically located in New Jersey while using the app, you cannot trade money for player shares. If Mojo’s state-by-state offerings expand, we will be sure to update you.


    PredictionStrike was one of the first fantasy football stock market apps available for users. Since launching in 2019, PredictionStrike has processed over $15 million in user transactions. Much like Mojo, users can buy or sell shares of their favorite players across multiple sports.

    A player’s stock price will rise or fall if a player beats or falls short of their fantasy point projection in a game. The stock price also moves based on how many users are buying or selling individual players’ stock in the app. At the time of writing this article, you can play PredictionStrike on their website, through the Apple App Store, or through the Android App Store.

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