Did the Cowboys Go All-In With the Draft? Dallas Attempted To Fill All Holes Except RB

The Dallas Cowboys waited all offseason for the 2024 NFL Draft. Now that it has come and gone, did they really do enough?

The Dallas Cowboys have a unique offseason strategy, where free agency is on the back burner, and their plan of attack is almost exclusively by building through the draft. Most teams see the value in using both to the best of their abilities, while the Cowboys prefer one to the other, significantly.

With the 2024 NFL Draft now in the rearview, we take a look at the Cowboys’ draft plan and examine if they did enough to help themselves get over the hump next season.

How Much Better Are the Cowboys Following the Draft?

The question of whether the Cowboys are better now than they were before the weekend’s big event is less important than if they are better heading into this season than they were leaving last year.

Yes, Dallas is better for adding the talent they did, compared to the minimalist approach they took this offseason, almost by default. However, it’s still quite clear that they’re a ways away from being a better football team than the one that saw their season end in the 2023 Wild Card round.

It’s a strategy that has had some in the NFL world questioning just how effective it might be, including former NFL analyst Bucky Brooks.

“I feel bad for Dakota,” Brooks started.

“Dak Prescott is probably just wondering, ‘What are we doing in Dallas?’ He doesn’t have any weapons. CeeDee Lamb hasn’t been signed to his new deal. They’re talking about bringing back Zeke Elliott because they don’t have a running back in the building. Michael Gallup is not there.

“Now they need a playmaker. He’s just trying to figure out — ‘Sure. We’ve got the offensive line. I’m protected. I won’t get hit. I won’t get hit but I have no one to throw to. I don’t have enough weapons to be able to do it.’

“And then you have management basically saying, ‘Hey, man. You know what, Dak? We just kind of want you to prove it all over again.’ And Dak has to be out there saying, ‘With what? Help me. Help me,'” Brooks finished.

With only two outside free agents added to speak of, the Cowboys put immense pressure on themselves to hit this draft out of the park. Whether they did or not can only be answered with time, but it’s how they went about doing so that has many questioning the plan.

The Cowboys attacked the offensive line with two of their first three picks, clearly agreeing that the position group needed an upgrade. With the selections of Oklahoma’s Tyler Guyton and Kansas State’s Cooper Beebe, Dallas hopes they have their left tackle and center, respectively, of the future secured.

Yet, with a clear need at the RB spot being a glaring issue, Dallas completely ignored the position altogether, setting up what was a peculiar scenario for all of those who were watching it unfold.

The Cowboys will tell you they will stay true to their board, a plan that saw them grab zero running backs, and wait until their final pick to take a DT — a position many had hoped they would prioritize, as stopping the run has been another major issue for them over the years.

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This was the weekend the Cowboys’ front office had circled all offseason. With so much apprehension to spend outside money due to looming contracts, Dallas put all its eggs in one basket, hoping to strike gold with immediate production.

With nothing but time left to figure it out, the NFL world will watch closely as the Cowboys enter 2024 with a new crop of young guys hoping to be the pieces of the puzzle that help put them over the top.

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