Tyler Guyton’s Draft Profile | Oklahoma, OT Scouting Report

A former high school defensive tackle, Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton has a 2024 NFL Draft scouting report that's flush with upside. What is his film grade?

Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton doesn’t have an abundance of starting experience, but with the right coaching, he has the scouting report to be one of the steals of the 2024 NFL Draft.

What grade does Guyton carry coming out of college, and what is his NFL projection?

Tyler Guyton Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’7″
  • Weight: 328 pounds
  • Position: Offensive Tackle
  • School: Oklahoma
  • Current Year: Redshirt Junior

Guyton is one of the most upside-driven tackle prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft.

2023 was his only season as a full-time starter for the Sooners at right tackle. In that season, he played well enough to earn honorable mention All-Big 12 honors, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about Guyton as an NFL-worthy lineman.

In 2022, Guyton started just five of 10 games played. In 2021, he was a reserve lineman at TCU. And in 2020, he redshirted, after joining the Horned Frogs as a three-star defensive tackle recruit.

Guyton’s profile is full of projection, but that same projection is what enticed teams like TCU and Oklahoma.

Looking back at Guyton’s HS tape, you can see him winning with spins, swims, dip-and-rips, and raw power at a towering 6’7″. Now, he’s using his athletic and physical gifts to stop opposing defensive linemen from doing the same.

Guyton’s Scouting Report


  • Tall, well-built, and high-mass blocker with good length, flexibility, and reach.
  • Nimble, light-footed mover at his size with awe-inspiring recovery athleticism.
  • Shows off easy first-step explosiveness when attacking as a run blocker.
  • Possesses stellar range as a puller and can veer into gaps and secure running lanes.
  • Can slab looping rushers with exceptional raw power, drawn from his length and burst.
  • Moves with a steady center of gravity and can freely redirect laterally in phase.
  • Well-leveraged pass protector with great balance, knee bend, and elbow load.
  • Has the strength to re-anchor on second efforts and keep opponents within his frame.
  • Patient and disciplined pass blocker who manages his depth well, always staying square.
  • Clean pass sets define his tape and yield impressive control with power application.
  • Can modulate his footwork and minimize rushing angles with elite corrective athleticism.
  • Able to chop EDGEs inside hand to corral them outside, then anchor with his length.
  • Can shock rushers with initial punches, then gather with independent hands.
  • Has shown he has the flexibility and lower-body strength to anchor and absorb power.
  • Has great baseline physicality and will fulfill his assignments while unleashing force.


  • Length, while solid, may not be proportionally elite.
  • Non-elite length slightly detracts from maximum power and torque capacity.
  • A tall frame sometimes prevents him from getting underneath stunners and locking out.
  • Doesn’t have elite grip strength as a moving blocker and can improve at sustaining.
  • Lacks elite hip flexibility and can’t always swivel at gaps without sacrificing leverage.
  • Sometimes gets tunnel vision on stunts and fails to pass off rushers, exposing paths.
  • Sometimes extends without recalibrating his base and shortens the corner for rushers.
  • On occasion, widens his hands too far and exposes himself to bull rushes.
  • Tends to plant his feet too early when extending, rendering him flat-footed.
  • Euro-steps can erode his balance and cause him to slip, widening his base too far.
  • At times, turns upfield prematurely as a pulling blocker and leaves ends unblocked.
  • Snap timing can improve, as he’s sometimes late off the line in both phases.
  • Has just one full season of starting experience and only on the right side.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Guyton grades out as a top-75 prospect on my 2024 NFL Draft board. He’s worthy of Day 2 capital and could be an impact NFL starter if given time to further his development and keep honing his skills.

Guyton only has one full year of starting experience at right tackle, and that does show at times. Elements like pad level, hand usage, recovery footwork, and synergy all need further improvement. But for a high school DT with three years of collegiate playing experience at tackle, Guyton shows immense promise.

While Guyton is raw in some areas, his pass sets are surprisingly clean for his experience level. He has great knee bend, elbow load, and balance when matching rushers vertically, and his elite athleticism allows him to recover ground and erase rushing lanes wherever they appear.

Additionally, with his length, Guyton has near-elite raw power capacity, which he can use to slab defenders in the run game and shock them in pass protection with fast, heavy punches. There’s already some independent hand usage on tape, and while his timing and precision can improve, he’s visibly trending up.

The next order of business for Guyton, beyond continuing his technical development, is improving his eyes for the game at tackle. He’s still fairly green when it comes to processing and handling stunts, and his angle awareness as a run blocker is also inconsistent.

There’s also the issue of Guyton’s positional flexibility. For an OT so early in his development, a move from the right side to the left might not be ideal. Thus, Guyton is preferable for teams that have a specific need on the right side of the line.

Ideally, Guyton doesn’t start on Day 1 while he’s still learning the more minute details of tackle play, but he’s already given evaluators plenty of optimism for his development. With a year or two of additional growth, he has the upside to be an impact starting RT, with a superb pass-blocking feel and versatility in the run game.

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