Davante Adams Reveals the Packers’ Contract Offer That Drove Him to Las Vegas: ‘South of $20 Million’

Davante Adams appeared on the I Am Athlete podcast, revealing what the Packers offered him to stay in Green Bay (which prompted him to leave).

Davante Adams has been a consistent headline in the media lately due to rumors brewing about issues with the Las Vegas Raiders front office. These rumors directly circulate around Adams possibly being unhappy with his new team (and new quarterback) as he heads into his second season with the Raiders.

Adams attempted to shed more light on this topic by appearing on the Brandon Marshall-led podcast, “I Am Athlete.” Adams’ statements on his first season with the Raiders were fascinating. However, he also revealed some very eyebrow-raising news about his contract negotiations with his former team, the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers and Their Lowball Offer to Davante Adams

Adams discussed his dilemma heading into the 2021 season with the Packers. The 2021 season was the final season of his last contract, and he was earning $12.687 million. Adams stated that he went to the Packers front office after 2020 looking for a new contract. He had a successful 2020 campaign, posting 1,374 receiving yards with a career-high 18 touchdowns.

Based on what I had done, you (the Packers front office) want to see another year of this before I get paid?”

Adams believed, based on another successful season, that he had proved to the Packers that he was due a more significant contract. The star receiver pointed out that his current $12 million salary in 2021 was less than the franchise tag.

Adams revealed that when they went to the negotiating table, the Packers made him a less-than-appealing offer for a player of his caliber. Brandon Marshall asked if the “numbers” weren’t right and then asked for the “ballpark” figure on the offer.

“South of $20 (million).”

Adams’ response was shocking, considering that the Packers and Raiders would both end up offering him $28 million in 2022. At that time, however, the damage was already done. It would be safe to assume Adams turned down the “south of $20 million” offer due to the pay scale his fellow wide receivers were earning.

In 2021, the top five highest-paid wide receivers were as follows:

  1. Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins: $27.3 million
  2. Falcons WR Julio Jones: $22 million
  3. Chargers WR Keenan Allen: $20 million
  4. Cowboys WR Amari Cooper: $20 million
  5. Saints WR Michael Thomas: $19.3 million

In 2021, Adams had a fantastic season and accumulated more yards, receptions, and touchdowns than all of the receivers that were paid more than him in that top-five category.

Adams Would Still Be a Packer If…

The interview revealed that Adams could still be a Packer if things had played out differently. If the Packers made Adams a legitimate contract extension offer comparable to the other highest-paid receivers in the league prior to the 2021 season, he would have stayed.

“I would’ve been in green bay for sure.”

However, Adams confirmed that the uncertainty surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ unknown future in Green Bay played a factor. Rodgers ended up playing another season with the Packers, but as of 2023 is going to be playing for the New York Jets.

Adams has confirmed in other interviews that the Packers offered him more money than the Raiders did at the conclusion of the 2021 season. The star receiver made it clear that, because of the way negotiations went prior to 2021, he had already made his mind up to go play for the Raiders.

Contract negotiations are not always pleasant. It probably doesn’t help Packers fans sleep at night knowing they could have kept Davante Adams if the Packers had paid him before a move to the Raiders was even a thought.

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