How Dallas Cowboys LB Micah Parsons Is Making His Teammates Better

Dallas Cowboys rookie DeMarvion Overshown is ready to take his play to the next level. What advice has star Micah Parsons given him?

Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarvion Overshown has been one of the most impressive rookies during training camp.

He talked about his preparation for Saturday’s preseason game and what aspects around him are helping him grow as a player. 

DeMarvion Overshown’s Confidence Boost at Practice

Overshown has used training camp as a time to grow and get better, saying that if he felt like something needed work from the day before, he uses the following day as an opportunity to fix those things up.

On Saturday, he had an interception on the last play of practice. He says it’s a play he had been telling himself would happen.

“I’ve been saying all my career that, you know, I’m one of those guys that any play can be a play where you know I’m looking to change the game,” said Overshown.

As for what this confidence boost will do for him going forward, Overshown said, “I feel like the gates are finally open now, and it’s a flood coming up.”

Overshown is part of a strong rookie class for the Cowboys, bringing a new level of competition, even for the veterans.

“I feel like we definitely been putting a push on guys in front of us to say that we here too, and we are trying to get on the field and anything to make this thing better, that’s what we’re gonna do,” said Overshown. 

Micah Parsons’ Mentorship

Overshown has been taking advice from Micah Parsons in order to grow even more, saying that Parsons has taken him under his wing.

He has watched how Parsons moves in practice and takes any knowledge and critiques he receives.

The rookie called Parsons a guy that players at all levels look up to and want to be like, so getting feedback from Parsons makes Overshown smile.  

He says some of Parsons’ advice included, “Let loose, play how you know you play. The guy that they drafted. Just go out there and be yourself; you ain’t got to do too much. Just go out there and play football.”

Overshown says this advice allows him to stay calm in the box and play how he plays.

Overshown’s His Transition to Linebacker

Overshown played his first two seasons as a safety at the University of Texas but moved to linebacker in 2020.

He says he is learning something new at the position daily, and the best of his game has yet to come. 

He also added that the mentorship from Parsons and the other veterans on the team is helping him take that next step.

“Now that I’m at this level and I’m getting knowledge from some of the best guys in this business, I can definitely feel my game already taking that next step,” said Overshown. 

Overshown’s Goal for the Preseason

Overshown is a player who can use the preseason to skyrocket to the next level and is ready for that competition. He says watching the Hall of Fame Game last week was tough because he wanted to be on the field already.

“It’s fun out here competing with our teammates, but when you get to go out there and do it together against somebody else — that’s why we all play this game,” said Overshown.

He says he will be focused on his read-and-reaction time during Saturday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The rookie wants to use the game to expand his vision to see the whole formation in front of him, use his hands more, and play slower in the box so he doesn’t run out of plays.

“It’s a game for me; it ain’t a preseason [game]. This is football to me,” said Overshown.

Overshown Talks About His Special Teams Involvement

Not only will playing time help boost Overshown closer to a final roster spot, but his work on special teams will too.

He says he has been working with special teams coordinator John Fassel to become a “four-core special teams guy.”

Overshown sees special teams as a game changer and something he takes pride in being part of.

“I definitely feel like I show my toughness, my grit, my will to work and do whatever it takes to get on the field. So I’ve got to continue stacking those bricks and getting even better at it,” said Overshown.

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