Could Miami Dolphins Make a Play for Jonathan Taylor?

Jonathan Taylor makes more sense than Dalvin Cook for the Miami Dolphins in some ways. But in the biggest way, he makes even less.

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: A dynamic running back is suddenly available via trade, and the Miami Dolphins are among the teams interested. Dalvin Cook openly campaigned to come to Miami, only to end up in New York. So why should it be any different now that Jonathan Taylor is on the market?

Is Jonathan Taylor a Real Option for Miami Dolphins?

The short answer?

Taylor — who wants out of Indianapolis after failing to get a new contract from the Colts — is younger.


Cook just turned 28 and has carried the ball 1,282 times in six NFL seasons.

Taylor won’t even turn 25 until January and has just 756 carries in his career.

In other words, he’s still in his prime and will be for some time.

And he’s just two years removed from leading the league in rushing yards (1,811) and rushing touchdowns (18).

If you’re going to pay for a running back, this is the one to pay for. Which is why the Dolphins are, according to the Miami Herald, at least entertaining the idea.

But as was the case with Cook, there are as many minuses as there are pluses.

They’re just different minuses.

While Taylor has a brighter future than Cook (who ultimately signed a one-year, $7 million deal with the Jets as a free agent), he also would come at a substantially higher price.

First, there’s the trade compensation: A first-round pick (or compensation that adds up to it).

The Dolphins just did that to acquire Tyreek Hill and Bradley Chubb.

“Mike hasn’t had a first-round pick selection yet,” Dolphins GM Chris Grier said draft weekend in April.

McDaniel’s response?

“I’ll be ready Year 3.”

Certainly, the chance of acquiring yet another marquee player could change his mind, but it has to make sense financially.

And a long-term contract that Spotrac estimates would run $13 million annually (a figure that seems high to us)?

Christian Wilkins might turn his hold-in into a full-fledged holdout. Or he could pull a Taylor and demand to be traded to someone who will pay what he deserves.

Plus, there’s this:

The Dolphins already have too many running backs.

They’re going to cut one — either Myles Gaskin or Salvon Ahmed, presumably — who is an NFL-caliber back.

“I’m very happy with our running back group,” McDaniel said last week. “There’s been a ton of development since camp started for already talented guys that I very much believe in. So overall, I’m really pumped with the running back group.

“As far as other team’s transactions, really, I haven’t even paid that much attention other than to what is today? Today is practice. The 16th of August. And I’m very happy with the crew that we’re going to compete with and pumped to compete against this unit too.”

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