NFL Draft Prospect Caleb Williams Discusses Possibility of Playing in Chicago

Top prospect Caleb Williams sat down with ESPN's Pete Thamel to debunk the "one-man team" theory and clarify his position at the NFL Combine.

Caleb Williams is considered by most in the media and within the NFL to be the presumed top overall pick in April’s NFL Draft. However, there had been rumors of some discontent on the part of the USC quarterback.

Williams is determined to put those rumors to rest, and according to ESPN’s Pete Thamel, he’s ready to debunk the “one-man team” theory and show “who I am” at the NFL Combine.

Caleb Williams Debunks ‘One-Man Team’ Theory

Some in the media have made a mountain out of a molehill about Williams’ decision not to sign with an agent ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft. Williams is certainly not the first player to ever go this route, but to some within the industry, that decision can raise some red flags.

Williams is determined to prove those who think he’s a selfish player wrong.

“Everyone thinks I’m a one-man team,” Williams told Thamel. “That’s just not the case.”

Williams went on to say that while he’s not planning to work out at the NFL Combine — instead opting to do so on USC’s Pro Day on March 20 — he does plan to meet with the media in Indianapolis so they can hear from him directly.

“I want everyone to hear me and get a feel for who I am … so they’re not throwing things out there that are false or that isn’t coming from me,” Williams said.

The former Heisman winner is looking forward to an opportunity for the media to “[be] able to see who I am as a person and my heart and love for football and winning games.”

Caleb Williams Clarifies Thoughts on Chicago

A report came out a few months ago that Williams would be disappointed to play for the Chicago Bears, but he took the time to clarify his position to ESPN.

“If I get drafted by the Bears, I’ll be excited,” Williams said. “They have a talented team, a talented offense and defense. For anyone to be in that situation, I think they’d be excited.”

The Bears have a decision to make about their quarterback situation. While Williams is the likely No. 1 overall pick, it may not be Chicago that runs his name to the podium.

General Manager Ryan Poles has the option to roll with four-year veteran and former first-round pick Justin Fields and trade the No. 1 pick for the second consecutive year.

In that scenario, Williams would play for another team, perhaps his hometown Washington Commanders and former coach Kliff Kingsbury.

It’d be really cool because it’s so familiar,” Williams told ESPN of the possibility of playing in the D.C. area. “There’s a time and place for everything. My job and my hobby is being at the facility or on the field or watching film. Or relaxing and prepping for the next day or game.”

While Williams won’t work out or go through medical testing at the NFL Combine, he will meet with teams and is excited to have his “first date” with the Bears.

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Williams will be scrutinized no matter where he goes in the draft, as is the reality of being a top quarterback. Regardless, he’s eager to erase any doubts about his commitment or character.

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