Caleb Williams’ Draft Profile | USC, QB Scouting Report

    USC QB Caleb Williams appears as a magician in his best moments, and he has the 2024 NFL Draft scouting report to win over NFL teams in April.

    USC QB Caleb Williams is the favorite to go first overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. What is it that makes Williams such a coveted QB prospect, and does he have the tools to contend with modern NFL quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes?

    Caleb Williams Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’1″
    • Weight: 215 pounds
    • Position: Quarterback
    • School: USC
    • Current Year: Junior

    By now, everyone knows Williams’ story. He was a five-star recruit out of Gonzaga High School in Washington, D.C., who joined up with Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma.

    As a true freshman, Williams first introduced himself to the nation in perhaps the most dramatic way possible — leading Oklahoma to a Red River Rivalry win over Texas with 300 total yards and three total touchdowns off the bench.

    Already, there was a feeling that, with Williams, the world was watching greatness. And he proved that feeling right over the next two years.

    In 2022, Williams followed Riley to the USC Trojans and won the Heisman Trophy after completing 333 of 500 attempts for 4,537 yards, 42 touchdowns, and five interceptions while also running for 382 yards and 10 scores.

    In 2023, though the Trojans fell to 7-5, Williams showed off his magic once again, throwing for 3,633 yards, 30 touchdowns, and just five interceptions.

    A three-interception first half in a loss to Notre Dame reminded us that Williams is human. But outside of that game, Williams was electric in 2023, and he remains a franchise QB in waiting. His scouting report shows why.

    Caleb Williams Scouting Report


    • Has hyper-elite composite arm talent, with 90th-percentile arm strength and elasticity.
    • Rips passes with laser-like velocity into the short, intermediate, and deep ranges.
    • Can rifle throws into rapidly closing windows and effortlessly layer velocity and touch.
    • Can torque his hips and generate elite velocity off-platform, even when rolling left.
    • Has all-encompassing angle freedom and can elongate throwing windows with elasticity.
    • Near-generational creator with incredible sense, spatial awareness, agility, and control.
    • Effortless off-platform throwing ability makes him a constant danger as a passer.
    • Instinctively finds mechanical congruence on release, which yields great areal accuracy.
    • Senses pressure well and knows how to manage the pocket and set up optimal spacing.
    • Sound decision maker on RPOs and a reliable, high-discretion conductor of the offense.
    • Flashes ideal composure and poise with little fat on pocket depth and can climb lanes.
    • Natural field processor who can adequately anticipate breaks on short hitches and curls.
    • Off-script assassin with rare leverage processing and advantage ID as a moving passer.
    • Has shown he can progress left to right and quickly shift forward from read to read.
    • Fearless competitor who combines uncommon feel with competitiveness and resolve.


    • Has great frame density for his size but is around average stature for a QB.
    • Is more smooth than explosive as an athlete and isn’t quite an elite pure run threat.
    • Sometimes fails to anticipate windows over the middle, leaving opportunities untested.
    • Occasionally experiences delays between his diagnosis and trigger on second reads.
    • Hesitation, missed initial reads, and big-game hunting can invite unnecessary chaos.
    • Falls to arm arrogance when pressured at times, aiming to force ill-advised passes.
    • Adrenaline of high-pressure moments can cause lapses in situational awareness.
    • Occasionally drifts too far back when faced with interior pressure, boxing himself in.
    • Footwork can be a bit undisciplined, at times causing fluctuations in situational precision.
    • Can experience lapses in ball security when attempting to create under pressure.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    Williams grades out as a top-five prospect and a legitimate QB1 contender in the 2024 NFL Draft. He’s a blue-chip QB talent, who along with North Carolina’s Drake Maye is very much worthy of the No. 1 overall pick. He could be a franchise-changing presence.

    At 6’1″, 215 pounds, Williams is one of the most prolific, natural creators to hit the NFL Draft circuit over the past decade. At times, he resembles a magician with his ability to control the field and make something out of nothing.

    Not only is Williams a fluid athlete with impressive change of direction, play strength, and functional speed, but he has uncommon instincts as a creator in space, and his effortless off-platform throwing ability makes him a two-phase threat from snap to whistle.

    Williams creates at a level rarely seen, but he also has the traits to win as a passer, both from within and outside the pocket. He’s a good processor who has great leverage IQ and pressure sense. And unlike many creators, he doesn’t bail from the pocket to a fault. He knows how to manage his spacing and manipulate throwing windows under center.

    Williams’ combination of creation ability and hyper-elite arm talent is his most marketable trait, and contrary to a prevalent belief, Williams doesn’t force passes or invite risk by nature.

    As a passer, he’s actually fairly measured, with good discretion and risk propensity. He directs the RPO game well and takes calculated risks.

    However, some of Williams’ negative tendencies — some of which contribute to him holding the ball too long — can naturally bring about situations where risk is elevated. Williams is a natural at navigating those situations, but even he isn’t averse to arm arrogance and ill-advised throws.

    Williams can still be more consistent at identifying and triggering on early opportunities in the short range. And while he has shown he can anticipate middle-of-field windows before, he can still be more consistent in that regard. As an NFL processor and anticipator, he may need a slight acclimation period working out of USC’s spread attack.

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    That said, even if USC’s offense forced Williams to work vertically and hold the ball at times, the necessary processing building blocks are visible on tape. He’s an ultimate competitor who gives everything he has.

    Overall, Williams’ accuracy, discretion, control, and RPO utility give him a relatively high operational floor. His unique creative propensity allows him to withstand adversity, and he undoubtedly has the arm velocity, elasticity, and free-platform throwing ability to elevate an offense and help an NFL team contend.

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